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04-05-2009, 06:57
Being fairly new to the LotR SBG I'm not entirely certain what a "normal" game size is. Most lists seem to be 500 points, but AFAIK the GT lists are 700 and the doubles are 400 each.

So I've done up a 500 point list to be on the safe side. My favourite part of the books are the Grey Company, so they are the army I knew I wanted to do. But I've decided on a younger Aragorn (since the human woodchipper that Aragorn is in the game doesnt appeal to me so much). I'm using Faramir's rules to represent the younger Aragorn.

The list:

Strider (Faramir) with bow - 75

Halbarad - 65

The Twins - 140

4 Rangers of the North (with spears) - 104

14 Rangers of Arnor (4 with spears) - 116

500 points exactly.

Is this list competative at all?

Please be brutal guys. :o)

04-05-2009, 09:09
Not bad. the only problem is that Faramir is not Strider and was actually near death at the time Aragorn arrived with the gray company. However he can wok into the faction. It works quite well too here.
Oh and as for the points thing. Most armys are 500 as it's an about avarage army but most people have and army of 700 as that is what is used in tornoments. Dobbles goes to 400 each as it means the points don't get to over the top.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
06-05-2009, 02:19
I dont think that you will get many posts these days with war of the Ring and all. I think if you actually used the Aragorn model with Faramir's point cost and stats it would pass for the Grey Company in Aragorns youth in the times when Aragorn fought with the rangers and such to avenge his father's death. If you can find that scenario from the old white dwarf play it. I liked it :D

The Marshel
07-05-2009, 06:56
Faramir is not Strider .

he is using the faramir profile to represent aragoen, saves points.

For average army sizes, it tends to range from 300 to 800. Its best not to have set in stone army for this reason, drawing up list as needed is easy enough and if you have the models for an 80 point force, you have the models for any force smaller then 800. Persoanally i prefer the 750 mark, 800 gives some good flexibility. 500 is an easy point for new players or if you have just started with a new army. 300 is a good little muck around battle.

Theme wise your list is great, but its far from competative

at 500 points you've managed just 22 warriors, two of which do not carry bows. this is simply to small to be seriously competative. As a grey company list, with just 20 shots you'll have difficulty shooting down enough foes to ensure sucess in combat. On top of that, a swarmy force can pack in 16 bows which will criple your advantage of having 100% bows making life harder then it should be. One thing you need to keep in mind with sbg is that heroes dont win battles on their own. Warriors are the real game winners. he biggest two values of a hero is might for heroic movements and a standfast

At 500 points the max miniture count is 50, you really need to get as close to it as possible. Reliance on heroes can be risky. at most, even boromir can only kill 6 foes a turn, this is a solid fact. no way around it. your heroes wont win the battle on their own.

an easy way to deid howmany heroes you need is to look at might. at 750 points i find having 6 might minimum is usefull and this can be achieve btween 3 heroes quite easily. 500, 4 is ueful, 3 is the usual min but you can get by with 2 no worries, so you can do wit just one hero (though ;d recomend 2 in most cases)

The captian level hero is yourbest friend. 3 attack killing machines will be targeted and killed off systematically, the 2 attack captain will recieve much less attention as he leads your warriors.

Here is a grey cmpany list. maintains a reasonable amout of theme.

6 Rangers of the North with spears
24 rangers of Arnor (12 with Spear)

a more respectable 32 means you can unload a much more supressing amount of fire power into the foe, which will be vital towards victory. the two heroes will provide you with all the might the grey company needs and both are very good fighters should you find your self fighting off more numbers then you hoped. 8 standfasts will keep you fighting on