View Full Version : Just how cheesy is this army list from 1-10?

04-05-2009, 14:04
Hi there, I will be attending a small tournament this Saturday, a so called leet touurnament with 1337 points. Now the last 2 Tournaments Ive been to Ive fielded Beasts of Chaos and fared quite poorly, so the next few tournaments I will be fielding Empire. The reason why I have a Stank in here is because I am not so much familiar with it and I am planning to field a Stank and AL on war altar at the ETC, I usually use quite casual lists and have disliked cheesy lists but as a guy tired of seeing balanced lists like mine come at the bottom Ive decided to join the winnerparty of cheese.

So basically this is the list I am going for at this tournament, do you think I should go trough with it or cut something? like the tank?

Warrior Priest: Benedickt Stern, Great Weapon, Armour of meteoric Iron, Icon of Magnus, total: 144
22 Swordsmen, Full command, total: 157
Detachment: 8 Milita free company, total: 40
10 Handgunners, Marksman with Hochland long rifle, total: 105
Detachment: 5 Militia free company, total: 25
14 Flagelants, Prophet of doom, total: 150
5 Reiksguard Knights, total: 115
5 Outriders, Outrider champion with hochland long rifle, total: 126
1 Great Cannon, total: 100
1 Mortar, total: 75
1 Conqueror Steam Tank, total: 300
Army total: 1337
PD: 2
DD: 3
59 Infantry, (49 CC, 10 Shooting), 10 Cavalry, (5 CC, 5 Shooting), 2 War machines and a TANK!

04-05-2009, 15:10
At this size I think it's pretty tough to have a cheesy empire list if it isn't a gunline.

I just think the hochland long rifle on the outrider is a waste.

04-05-2009, 16:01
You could buy a lot more troops without the stank, but I suppose it's good for taking the opponents attention.

I would recommend more flagellants, as with 14 you will only get 1 rank bonus. 16 or 17 will give you two full ranks plus some fodder. If you come up against undead/daemons (which you will at a tournament) then you'll need that extra CR.

04-05-2009, 17:38
The only reason I can see this as a chessy list is because of the steam tank, but even then it looks like your going for the TVI approach eg solid battle line (I do agree with you about cheesy lists, im shocked Im even agreeing to the stank)
I would much prefer to play this than a gunline though.
The agree with Sirbone about the flagellants and I would try and find a way to get those swordsmen upto 25 inc warrior priest. Remove the HLR and outrider champ & the free company detatchment for the points needed.
Good luck & a very strange points total.

Lord Asuryan
04-05-2009, 18:53
I've seen much, much worse. just look at the current guy whos building the cookie-cutter dameon list and yelling 'I'm original+genius!'

serious advice though,
I think the outriders=bad idea. pistoliers are better-they seem like less of a threat, are less of a threat, but survive longer and do more damage because of it. also, the mortar isn't particularly great, If your going for a 'cheesy' empire list (at this point, I'm of the opinion that there is no such thing, given the Daemon/VC lists floating around.) I'd take another great cannon instead.
overall a pretty solid list, not particularly cheesy at all, except for Stank (which pales beside GD's)

if you really want a hard empire list (boring, but max chances of winning) a gunline is king. hochland rifles on everything, snipe heralds/vampires from their protective units. I don't recommoned this, though, if you want to have any fun at all/get good comp scores (I've seen this army get given a 1/10 for comp from an ubercheese dameon player, who then whined when his army got a 3! so relative cheese is no protection.)

04-05-2009, 18:57
Ok thanks guys, no I wasnt going for cheese, or gunline, I was just thinking the list was a bit OTT for such a small points game, but I think I will be going for BoC instead.