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Nu Fenix
04-05-2009, 16:17
I was thinking how Fortunes and Fates don't get much discussion on the forum. Whilst certain ones get mentioned, and are almost always first pick for some [Counterspell], many are largely ignored.

So. I've brought it on myself to go over them all, and give my own thoughts and opinions on them. As always, I don't expect everyone to agree, and I encourage people to explain why they disagree and give their own counterpoint.

Currently, most people are playing games of 2000 points or less, and so can only take a maximum of one F&F, which can make it difficult picking which to use. As games go beyond that, and allow two or more then certain ones may be more or less useful.

I will start with Fates since I'm an Evil player, and have spent more time reading them and working out which ones I would use. I will also presume that you are playing Good versus Evil, though few choices will change if you are doing Evil versus Evil.

Morgul Blades
The most expensive of the Fates, and one that can seem easy to ignore both for its price and its one-use only nature. Now I have used this once so far, and whilst I built a specific combo to maximise its use, I was impressed. I could have taken a Ringwraith or several companies for the same price, but I think I wouldn't have been so devastating in combat.
If you were to try it out, I would only use it on a unit of 6+ companies, just to make sure you can survive anything so dangerous that you are willing to pay so much to hit on a fixed 4+. I would recommend using it once in a game, just to see what you think of it. You may not use it again, but I think it's one of those that you will always wonder about the effectiveness of until you get round to using it.

Dark Shrine
I am not impressed with this at all.
First, the range is far too small at only three inches. If it were doubled to six inches, then I might start to contemplate using it. Yes it has the same range as the objective in the High Ground objective, so it can intimidate the enemy, but that is only one objective out of three, and the overall effectiveness is reduced in the other two objectives.
Secondly, reducing the Fight of the enemy by 1 isn't all that great in my mind. With many formations belonging to Good having a higher Fight than Evil, giving them one less attack for such a high price seems excessive.
Thirdly, it is just too expensive! When I compare this to Watcher in the Shadows, I feel that they didn't compare them to one another in terms of price and use.
I would stay away from this, as there are several better Fates to take.

Dwarfbane Weapons
If you are playing a casual game and know you will be playing against a Dwarf army, then you might think about taking this. But with a tournament or all-comers list, there is no reason to pick this.
Now, gaining the Bane ability is quite useful to increase you To Hit rolls by 1, but Evil has access to units with Two-Handed Weapons in all of its lists. And you could buy many more companies for the same price, which can possibly do more damage, whilst taking a lot more back.
However, there is one kind of formation that I would use this with - Artillery. Having the ability to Hit on a 2+ from range is very powerful, and Bane does not state combat only. Since Dwarfs are low movement, you would have plenty of time to keep shooting them, and allow your likely inferior troops to have a greater advantage against them.
I would put this on my 'try once' list if you combine it with Artillery in a game of 2000+ points. Anything less, and the points would be better on more companies instead.

Greed for Glory
If your opponent has a formation they are trying to keep safely out of combat, perhaps due to having an important Epic Hero who doesn't have Epic Strike that they are worried about being killed in a Duel, then this will force them to try and charge you.
However, I would rather try to get my formations into the right position to charge them, and use some of my other formations to delay anything that could counter-charge in the flank.
Overall, I would pass this for something more useful.

Cursed Armour of Udun
Now this one will get used a fair bit. I can see it being used on monsters by those who are afraid of it being killed off.
Personally, I would use it on Defence 7 infantry. The reason is, most models in the game are Strength 3. At Defence 7 they Hit on a 6, whereas against Defence 8 they hit on a 6/4, so they are being hit half as often, which can keep many more models alive. In a similar, though not as great difference, is against Strength 1 shooting, which changes from a 6/4 to 6/5, giving you more models alive.
If you prefer a defensive army, then this would be a good pick. If you are more aggressive or controlling, then this should be lower on your choice of Fates.

Tainted Palantir
Increasing your chance to win Priority rolls, and thus decide if you want to go first or second each turn is very useful. I wouldn't take it until I can have a second or even third Fate, just because I feel it is 25 points too much. The next price band down, and yes, this would be a lot better and likely see more use. But at present, there are other choices I would take in 2000 point and less games.

Banner of Barad-dur
There are two reasons why I would never take this.
The first is that I don't think very highly of Banners, and an Army Banner is best used in an army with lots of them, to maximise its ability. Otherwise, you may only get an extra formation to have a free Heroic Charge, when you would want at least two formations to have a free Heroic Charge,m if not more.
The second is Gothmog. For the price of him, getting all of his abilities, including being an Army Banner is crazy good! I would be amazed to see a Mordor army pay for an Army Banner instead of taking Gothmog.
If you do not care about the theme of your army and making it built around the correct Age and time within the War of the Ring, then take Gothmog every time. If you do, you have to ask yourself do you have enough Banners to make it useful? If not, then pass.

Faltering Nerve
This is handy for when you need to either force an enemy Hero to burn an extra Might point, or make a Hero waste their only remaining Might point. Granted it doesn't work on the roll of a 1, but if that happens then they were destined to be mighty.
The biggest comparison to this will be The Dwimmerlaik, who has a similar ability as a constant effect on all enemy Heroes within 12", albeit on a 4+ instead. So, if you are not using The Dwimmerlaik, then this may be one to think about. If you are, you are less likely to want this, and pick something else.

Sigil of the Fallen Kings
A suitably Evil Fate, by giving a formation a Strength boost, in exchange for the risk of killing your own men.
In a similar logic to Cursed Armour, I would use this on certain models based on their Strength score, with my first pick being Uruk-hai. Due to so much Defence being an odd number, it will raise you a level on the To Hit chart, and if combined with Two-Handed Weapons [Mordor], can greatly increase their potential damage.
So, if you have an even Strength score, this is something I would pick if you are an aggressive player who doesn't care about losing models.

The Crown of Carn Dum
Now whereas killing your own models is fine with me, that doesn't apply when it could kill off your own heroes. Now taking that into account, I do feel there are certain uses for this.
Now this can be used on any Evil Hero, it doesn't specify they must be Epic, which means it can also be used on Monstrous Heroes. Now, I would only use it if the monster is Very Hard to Kill or even better, Extremely Hard to Kill, as even if you do hit yourself, you will still need to take some more punishment before being killed off.
If you are willing to risk it, with a one in six chance, you could also use it on a Resistance 3 Epic Hero, and string out their Might use even further, as it is used on every Might spent, not just the first like Hero of Legend. The idea of calling three Epic actions with Amdur, only to roll high enough to regain all three Might points is scary indeed!
One day I will likely try it out, only to watch my leader explode after the first use of Might.

There Will be no Dawn
This is rare for a Fate in that it only gets better as the game increases in size. Ideally it will be used with an army that causes Terror, casts Spells of Dismay, or if your enemy can do the same back.
If you are playing an Angmar list with plenty of spirits, then this is likely to be your first pick for a Fate, and a good runner-up if not.
If you are playing a Terror/Dismay army, then put this on your 'maybe' list, and should definitely try it out at least once.

Evil Reputation
Now whilst three out of five Evil armies can take a Terror causing hero, I would rather take an ally then pay to make one of my Heroes cause Terror. Having the added effect to force a re-roll on a successful Terror test if the Hero already causes Terror just doesn't seem that useful either.
I would pass on this and pick something else.

Tormented Steeds
Similar to Sigil of Fallen Kings, except that in exchange for being only usable on cavalry, you don't kill your own men for failing.
I would apply the same number crunching to it by using it on Strength 4 cavalry, which with the exception of Easterling Kataphrakts, are quite fragile and likely to die.
You would be better improving your infantry instead of your cavalry, even though you might end up killing some of your own men.

Balefire Arrows
The first of the cheapest Fates, I'm not a fan of this, but only down to my dislike towards shooting. However, I know many others [almost everyone!] disagrees with my opinion towards shooting, and as such this could have great merit.
Being able to make your enemy be driven back from a single casualty, or go D6" instead when they lose a company, allows you to slow down the enemy advances, and even force them out of charge range to give you more control over the battlefield.
Now, based on the wording I cannot decide if it could be combined with artillery. I feel it can be, but there may be some who say it says missile weapons, and the crew aren't armed with missile weapons.
I would combine this with Artillery, Crossbows as they are more likely to cause a casualty, or a large formation with bows to rely on weight of numbers.

Black-hearted Trees
At first it seems impressive, as most boards will have some woodland on the board that may be occupied by the enemy, and will cause Strength 10 Hits against them. The problem is, it doesn't cause many, so unless it is a monster standing in the trees, it won't kill enough to make it worth while.
Once again, another Fate I would pass on, as even for the same price there is much better.

Curse of Morgoth
Once per game you can truly ruin the plans of your opponent, such as making them fail a charge/Terror test, losing a Heroic Duel, or failing to kill a Hard to Kill [or better] monster, amongst other uses.
If you have the points spare and can't decide which Fate to take, this is one of the best choices you can make.

Tokens of Terror
I feel this is under-priced for what you get. Being able to make any of your formations cause Terror is very handy, as it can delay a charge, or grant you extra dice when charging, all for a low price.
If you aren't using Terror causing Heroes, or don't have enough of them and they have better places to be, this could also be a very good choice.

Haunted Wasteland
This completely relies on the terrain you play on. If you have difficulty terrain that you know your opponent will move through, ideally with cavalry or monsters, then this could ruin their plans.
But, if you only have defensible terrain, then you will fell like you have wasted 25 points that could have gone on other choices.
Even with the right terrain, there are better choices for the same price.

In contrast to Haunted Wasteland, there will almost always be some form of defensible terrain on the table, making this viable. In addition, it can alter the plans of the enemy, as that lovely ruin [for example] they were planning to put a formation in may now be too big to fit in, or the reduced Defence boost might not be enough to change your To Hit.
If you play on a defensive board, this could be a wise choice to take.

Watcher in the Shadows
When compared to Dark Shrine, I feel some critical communication went missing. I would much rather reduce the Courage of the enemy then their Fight, especially since Evil has more that relies on your opponent's Courage.
It also has a greater range then Dark Shrine, making it more likely to be used.
I would use the same argument as I did with There Will be no Dawn - If that Fate seems useful to you, then this one may also be worth thinking about.

So, there you have my opinion on all of the Fates.

Hopefully it has given you all plenty to think about, and once again, please give any counterpoints if you disagree with what I have wrote.

Nu Fenix
04-05-2009, 16:18

Currently I only own Evil, and the only Fortune I have first hand experience with is Counterspell, so all of this is based on theory and interpretation. As such, expect mistakes to be made, or certain uses overlooked.

My initial impression when seeing this was "How much?!". It can allow you to prevent an Epic Hero from dying once, as long as you have a friendly formation within range. The downside is you have no Might, and only Resilience 1, so avoid being killed off again.
I would be amazed to see this in less then 3000 points, as you could buy a decent Epic Hero, or a couple of cheap ones for the same price. Unless your Hero is THAT good you must keep them alive, and ideally have a Counsellor, Epic Renewal or Desperate Heroics to put Might back into the revived Hero, give this a pass.

Indomitable Defiance
Another extremely high priced Fortune, this one I feel is more useful then Athelas for the same price. Being able to turn the tide of a fight by winning instead of losing, could completely switch the battle around. If you are playing a scenario where you must stay in position, or try and make the enemy panic [ideally multiple combat], then this might be useful. But once again, it is a lot of points, which could have been used to buy more men and actually win the fight in the first place.

Seat of Ancient Power
The Good version of Dark Shrine, and my attitude is the same - For the price you pay, I expect more. An overpriced option, that sits at the bottom of the list for me.

Orcbane Weapons
The first of the two Banes that Good can buy, I think that if you know you are playing against an Orc army, this is more useful then Dwarfbane. The reason for this is that because of how many of them there will be, killing off more of them is not a bad thing at all.
I would use this on a formation which can both shoot and fight, to increase the deaths from shooting, and then killing them once they engage in combat. So examples would be, but not limited to Minas Tirith Archers, Royal Knights, Galadhrim Knights and Dwarf Rangers.
If you can combine with Lances or Two-Handed Weapons for +2 To Hit, you can cause considerable damage to any formations of Orcs they meet.
Due to the price involved however, I wouldn't use this in less then 2000 point games, as otherwise you will be diverting too many points away from the necessary men on the board.

Steeds of Pure Blood
Now increasing the Movement of a formation is never a bad thing. Having more tactical flexibility on the battlefield could make the difference between winning and losing, filling in gaps in your army, and just blitzing across the table.
For Men, who mostly have Movement 10 cavalry, this may be worth thinking about, as it can make one formation considerably faster. But for cavalry which is Movement 12, it definitely isn't worth taking.
My only concern is, is the extra movement given worth the price of this Fortune? That I will leave open to discussion.

Trollbane Weapons
The second Bane available to Good, and one that is more and less useful then Orcbane. The reason being, Trolls are tough brutes who need heavy focus to deal with. The problem is, how many Trolls would your opponent need to use to make this worth while?
Now granted, one Mordor or Isengard Troll is the same price, but I wouldn't think "They have one Troll, so I shall take Trollbane." as the formation with Trollbane might not end up hitting them.
For the price, depending on your army, I would take some Artillery for the same price, and just hit them from afar. If they are not viable, just more companies and with through attrition.

Fate Smiles Upon You
The Good version of Curse of Morgoth, except that it is used on your own dice roll and not on your opponent's. The problem I have with it is that it costs more, and does the same thing that a point of Might does. So, unless you are influencing a roll without a Hero involved, or need to save a Might point for something else, I just don't see this being good value.
Take another Hero to improve your dice rolls if you are worried about failing.

Galadhrim Longbows
Improving your Shoot value to get an extra dice per company in a formation sounds good on first impression. But as I thought more about it, I was trying to imagine how many companies in a formation get to shoot. For the same price you could buy at least one more company of shooting, perhaps a second depending on the formation. So unless they are at maximum size, would you rather get an extra dice for each company that has LOS, or buy another company or two for 1-16 more shots?
I feel if a job can be replicated with more men, unless you are short on models, get more men.

Hero of the Hour
Simply put, for the the combined price of this and a normal Hero, you could buy an Epic Hero instead, who is likely to be better, or at least more useful.

Mithril Coat
If you have a gaming environment where duelling is popular, then increasing the Resilience of your leader or important hero is very handy, and could make the difference between them being alive and dead. An extreme example would be Dain or Grimbeorn with Resilience 5 - They would not go down without a serious fight.
So, the use of this depends on your gaming group. Lots of dueling? Take it. No-one duels? Ignore it.

Untainted Palantir
I have the same attitude to this as I do with the Tainted Palantir for Evil - If it was cheaper, I would like it.

Banner of the Free Peoples
Another equal with Evil, except we lack out own version of Gothmog. So if you use a lot of Banners, then take it. If you are using The Royal Standard of Rohan or The Banner of the King, then you may want to take it purely for theme. I can see it being most use to cavalry forces, to make sure you pull off the charge when you don't have priority.

Desperate Heroics
As we all know, Might is good, and it runs out far too quickly, especially if you have an Epic Hero with one or more useful abilities. Being able to sacrifice all of the Might on one Hero, such as a Captain, and fully recharging another Hero, such as Boromir, Gimli, Eomer or Gil-galad, is very good value.
This should be high on the list of used Fortunes, as it can give you more Might then you spent, and has the flexibility of picking which Hero sacrifices their Might for any other Hero within range.

Inner Glory
When combined with an army that has one or more Terror causing formations, which isn't limited to just Elves, this can shift the balance of power. If combined with a Hero that has Epic Strike, or is naturally Fight 10, it will hurt your opponent badly. Even better if used against a Monstrous Hero that you can duel for an almost automatic win, such as a Balrog, Dragon or Sauron, for example.
Unless you have an army where it won't be used, this should also be a top pick for Fortunes.

Song of Elbereth
The counterpoint to Inner Glory, except it works on any Courage test, and not just Terror. So you could use it to pass a Terror Test, At the Double, or even shrug off Visions of Woe, amongst other uses.
I feel that Good has access to high levels of Courage due to its Heroes and Inspiring Leaders, and so whilst this may be useful, there is much better out there.

The Blessing of Galadriel
As mentioned earlier, Might is good, so starting off the game with a random amount extra isn't bad at all. My problem with it is, I can get a better increase of Might with Desperate Heroics, and as such wouldn't bother with Blessing of Galadriel.

Wise Counsel
There are bound to be games where you wished to have Priority for that one critical turn, only to fail the roll. Now you can choose who has Priority once, and generally there will only be one turn you absolutely must make sure it goes the way you want.
If the Untainted Palantir cost this much, then I think they would compete with each other, with increased chance versus guaranteed on-off of winning Priority. But with their prices, I think Wise Counsel is a strong contender.
What helps is that no matter how big the game gets, this doesn't lose its potency - Something to think about.

Ancient Lore
There are certain abilities that will cause problems, or that your opponent will rely on. So being able to turn off one power once in the game is pretty good.
Unfortunately, we have another example where a Hero does the same thing, and for a good price. The Dwarf Hero Floi Stonehand can do the same thing each turn, and for only 40 points more then a normal captain.
If theme isn't an issue for you, and you want to control the abilities of your opponent, then take Floi. If theme is an issue, then this may be of use, depending on your opponent's army.

Pretty much the first pick for Good, and to be frank, I find it boring.
Yes it is cheap.
Yes it is useful.
But there are many other Fortunes to pick, and I would know after typing out all of this!
If you are currently playing only casual games, and have used Counterspell until now, stop it! You know it works, so try something else out. By sticking with the same things over and over, it prevents you from learning new things, and can make the game stagnant. Turning up and telling your Mordor opponent that your six company strong formation of Knights of Dol Amroth are carrying Orcbane Weapons will surprise them, hopefully impress them, and likely force them to change their battle plans.

Forgotten Fortifications
Improving the Defence bonus to a building or ruin can make any unit that goes within almost unmoveable. All I would say is, since it is done before sides are picked, be careful to not give it ton your opponent. If you pick a neutral building, and have Ambushers appear within which often have a low Defence, may become a troublesome thorn in their side that they cannot shift.

So there we have it, my thoughts on Fortunes for Good.

Now whilst there was my rant within Counterspell, I hope it sinks in and makes people try out something different. But it applies to any army that uses the same one or two F&F over and over again.
Try something new, you might just like it ;)

04-05-2009, 16:42
Few observations:

Tormented Steeds: This is redicuously good on a group of 9 wargriders with a ringwraith (usually the betrayer). They're fast, strike before infantry and have a S5. Plus it can affect their throwing spears.

The Crown of Cara Dum: I haven't used it yet, but if I was, I think I'd probably use it on Gothmog. With his overlord ability you could get some good mileage out of it. Plus I don't think it would hurt as much as if you lost a nazgul. I can't remember if you can't put it on a monsterous hero (I'm thinking no) and it would be more useful on them if you could.

There will be no Dawn: You've missed the part where it affects courage tests and not terror tests. Hence it affects things like at the double tests, rally from disordered tests, tests on the panic table and so on. When we used it it shut down a lot of their moving as well as affecting the terror tests. We also were successful in all of our at the double! rolls because of it.

Evil Reputation: I find this to be fantastic on Shelob and the winged witch king. It can lead to a swing of 5-6 extra hits or make it really hard to charge that hero in return, especially if you have the tainted nearby. In addition, it's pretty nice for duels against characters without epic strike (like elves). Doubling their chances to fail is always really nice. When you have shelob or the mounted witch king against one of those formations, you'll be up by 6-7 in the duel then get to hit a bunch regularly.

Tokens of Terror: The problem with this fate is that a nazgul in the group will give you the terror effect already. Plus the dismay spells can give the effect as well. I'd almost always rather have curse of morgoth over this fate.

Also, I'm curious to see if people are playing the good vs evil thing as you or your opponent. Our store has a few people that will usually play something like There will be no dawn as you get to reroll your courage tests and your opponent will have to reroll their passed ones even if it's 2 evil armies fighting. Some others are playing it literaly to where if it's 2 evil armies, both get to reroll their failed courage tests. Just curious.

Nu Fenix
04-05-2009, 17:10
Thanks for the reply Emissary, and I would like to reply back to your points.

Tormented Steeds - Do many people use nine companies of Warg Riders? Granted, if I did see nine of them with a Ringwraith, I couldn't think of a better choice then Tormented Steeds. I was thinking that with them being max Defence 5 they will be reasonably fragile, though with so many of them you could get away with it.

Crown of Carn Dum - I can't see why the Crown can't go on a monstrous Hero. They are still a Hero, and have all of the strengths and weaknesses associated with it. If it said Epic Hero, then yes, I wouldn't allow it, but at present I can't see a reason why it wouldn't be allowed under the rules.

There Will be no Dawn - Thanks for commenting how it is also useful for things like At the Double, as I was thinking how they would worry more about Terror/Dismay.

Evil Reputation - I hadn't thought about combining them with a monstrous Hero. As well as your examples, they would also do well on a Balrog [+10 dice :S] or a Dragon. I would also say, why would you see this as being allowed on the Shelob or Witch King on Fellbeast, but not the Crown?

Tokens of Terror - This is why I stated if they don't have Terror causing Heroes, as if someone is going for a thematic Isengard or Misty Mountain list, they wouldn't have a Nazgul to cause Terror or cast Terrifying Aura.

I see things which state Good and Evil as enemy and myself. If someone said they are also Evil and thus would get the benefit, I wouldn't want to play someone who takes it that literally.

04-05-2009, 17:32
We have a guy at our store that has been running 9 warg riders in 1000 points with the betrayer. It's proven to be really, really good. The defense isn't as big of an issue as the opponent only usually gets 1-2 shooting phases at them (especially with the darkness anti-shooting spell or transfix). Once they get into combat, cav bases are a little smaller then infantry bases plus cav gets to strike first. One other thing is even if they do get hit back well, they're still cav so you lose less models, so usually end up winning the casualty war. Plus they're really good for the earth-shattering charge or a heroic fight to do it twice. I run 9 bases of great weapon mordor orcs and the wargs are no more unwieldy then they are.

As for the crown, I just thought I remembered that it specifically stated it couldn't go on a monsterous hero, though I may be imagining it. If it could, then it's got a slightly better chance of wounding the hero (all monsterous bad heroes that I know are R2) but would less likely to kill the hero. Just a thought.

04-05-2009, 17:37
Also, I'm curious to see if any fortunes are being used other then counterspell. I haven't seen any other one used.

Nu Fenix
04-05-2009, 17:54
Mithril Coat states it cannot be used on a Monstrous Hero, and for good reason! That may be what you are thinking of.

As I type this I am in the middle of discussing Fortunes, so hopefully people will try out something other than Counterspell. Yes we know it works, so please people, try out something else!

That or play more then 2000 points when you have a second Fortune ;)

04-05-2009, 19:27
Awesome writeup, Nu Fenix!! I really appreciate the effort. I haven't played a game of WOTR yet, and your posts will certainly help when I do.

moar barmu
12-05-2009, 00:54
Can you have two of the same fortune in your army, assuming you have an army of at least 2000 points.

Nu Fenix
12-05-2009, 11:13
I can't see anything that states they are unique, so I would say yes, you can duplicate.

What were you planning to take two or more copies of?

moar barmu
12-05-2009, 21:08
Counterspell. Im very new to the game, so I could be wrong, but does not Counterspell only affect one unit? Im planning a Dwarf army and am very worried abotu being hammered by magic, so I wanted to get as much anti-magic goodness as I could get. I also heard that Counterspell is not particular expensive either points wise. Also can I take two fortuens in a 2000 poitn army or must it be over 2000 points.

Nu Fenix
13-05-2009, 00:40
Yes, it is like passing a Will of Iron roll.

I would say that taking Counterspell is dull at the best of times, so taking two just seems like a complete waste, especially when at those sized games you could be taking much more useful things!

14-05-2009, 15:13
I used Inner Glory to great effect to take down a stone giant from 0 wound counters to dead in a game on Tuesday .... it took having Gimli and Legolas in the same company to pull it off but it worked a charm.

Watching a game today and saw a captain with one might left restore a fully depleted Boromir with desperate heroics ... Boromir then went on his 2nd rampage of the game.

There are deffinatly things worth taking, other than counterspell for good.

28-10-2009, 06:31
I exclusively used Inner Glory with my elves and it's totally broken. Has won me about a dozen games.

Being able to deny your opponent a critical charge or make his badass monster fight zero is ungodly powerful.

I saw Crown of Carn Dum on the misty mountains hero that can summon units of beasts and it was very powerful as well.

03-12-2009, 14:11
The Crwon of Carn Dum is the one item my evil armies take nearly every time.

Especially useful on Durburz, as he can just pass out heroic actions all day long to units within 24" of him (Misty Mountain Overlord).

Got druzhag summoning beasts behind your enemy? (mmmm spiders....) Give them a heroic move while your at it and really make them frown.

Very risky, but 16% chance of dying in any given turn is a fun chance I like to take. I have played several games however where he died immediately, but he is cheap enough to where his loss hurts but isnt as painful as say putting it on a dragon for example.

It never did occurred to me to place it on a monster until you mentioned it though. I don't know why.

But I will say that placing the crown on anything with less than 3 resilience is a waste as your assuring their doom with a hefty 33% chance everytime they use might. Since no monster in the game has 3 resilience, then I wouldnt hazard that risk.

08-12-2009, 01:34
Also, I'm curious to see if any fortunes are being used other then counterspell. I haven't seen any other one used.

I've certainly used Inner Glory before. It's a wonderful way to assure that your terror-causer (natural or spell-induced) will obliterate someone or something in the Fight phase in a key battle.

I'm about to face Elves with Misty Mountains and was getting all excited about bringing my Balrog. Sheesh, I forgot about this. First elf hero who comes along will kick his burning butt back into the pit. Yikes! Could counter with Evil Reputation and pray the elf misses his courage roll - not very likely, even on two shots, especially with Might available. Inner Glory is mean, mean, mean.

I haven't yet used Desperate Heroics but plan to the first big game I play with Boromir on the table.

Also, in a big-point game I think Wise Counsel would very much be worth it, and in a game where I know I'm playing defense Forgotten Fortifications would be awesome.

Can you have two of the same fortune in your army, assuming you have an army of at least 2000 points.

I wondered about this myself in a recent game, furiously looked everywhere I could in the rules, and found no indication of limitations. That said, for spirit of the game purposes I would normally avoid taking more than one of each. I recently played a big game with two separated forces (Gondorians here, Rohirrim there trying to come to their aid) each with their own lists. I gave both Counterspell and didn't think twice about it.