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21-12-2005, 19:16
This is my first warhammer roleplay and i am taking insparation from Captain marius' rp witch hunter, which is my fave rp ever. This will be a similar system, i have decided to use the same stats system and if marius has a problem with this then just tell me and ill remove it.

so the story:

Ruben Quinn has recently been promoted to the rank of Witch hunter and has been assigned a task. He must recover a kidnapped preist. He has journeyed to the town of mitsburg were teh preist was taken, a small town near teh bretonian boarder. it is belived he was kidnapped by beastmen. He is gathering a retinue of mercinaries and heading after his trail.

characters: i am looking for 5-8 characters for this.
you could be a
zealot/ flagelent
tracker/ guide

you may have 2 hand weapons or one two handed weapon and 1 one handed weapon = knives ect

here are the race starting statlines

Human m40 ws30 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70

Dwarf m30 ws40 bs30 s30 t40 w1 i20 a1 ld90

Elf m50 ws40 bs40 s30 t30 w1 i50 a1 ld90

Ogre m60 ws30 bs30 s40 t40 w3 i20 a3 ld70

if you wish to play an ogre thy count as 0-1

witch hunter Ruben quinn Human m40 ws45 bs30 s35 t35 w2 i35 a2 ld90
equipment: sword of might, shortsword

the witch hunter is more experienced so has better stats.

21-12-2005, 20:55
Is it possible to be a Magic User? Obviously I'd be pants in combat, but I was figuring something like an Exiled Wood Elf with an unnatural interest is death, so much that she was Exiled and then strived to learn all she could about it, much like the High Elves have.
Just asking, otherwise I'll have to think of something else wierd...
Ooo, could I be a Halfling Magic User?! Pick me! Pick me!

21-12-2005, 21:07
yeah sure, as long as its not too powerfull, use the human statline for a halfling, ill send you a pm.

22-12-2005, 08:36
I was asking for something wierd, ;)
I also take it an Elf's out of the question... bugger... :p

Anyway, I'll have a Character up by tomorrow. I hope.

22-12-2005, 20:41
If elves are not ok I will come up with something else but if its ok I will make a shadow warrior Character. I will be on and off until the 27 so I will try to post a character asap

23-12-2005, 11:40
you can be elves, the elf statline is there :P

23-12-2005, 21:34
M52 WS37 BS41 S31 T29 W1 I56 A1 LD84 MCL1

Name - Sira Sinheart
Sex - Female Asrai
Age - 301 human years
Class - Magickess
Rank - Sell-Sword

Equipment - Sira's equipment is basic; she has a Glade Guardian's Longbow, with a quiver of a hundred Elven arrows. Sira also has a long black oak staff, with an amethist attached to the top of it.

Appearance - Sira wears a long black gown made of lace, without sleeves, and elbow length black lace gloves. She also wears soft silken shoes, and is obviously very accustomed to luxury, despite being an Asrai, however, the fact that she's willing to join Witch Hunter Ruben in his mission means she's not overly offended at trampling around in the mud. Her hair is waist length and free flowing, pure blonde, her eyes are jade green, while her skin is a pale tanned colour.

History - Sira always had a fondness of death in the Drakwald, which her clan found unElfish. She was cast out at the coming of age, at 75, she was all alone in the Drakwald, having been left with naught but her bow and three quivers of arrows. For the most part, she sold herself as a concubine to Death Mages, and while they slept, she secretly stole into their Magick Books and read, learning the Lore of Death, for her earlier knowledge amoung Asrai was more than enough to evade the clumsy made strings of Magick to alert the sleepers to her presence on their items. For the last two hundred years she's worked like this, getting to where she is now with Magical Abilities.

Leech Of Life - Sira (name of Character) lets out a burst of purple light at the enemy, which wraps around them and dances of them, stealing their energy, before flying back to Sira and passing that energy on.

Steal The Light - Sira manipulates the air around us and turns day into night, creating a rough 20' bubble around her, making everyone blind, unless they can either see in the dark like an Elf or Dwarf, or have some Magical Protection, meaning they see as normal.

Unholy Blast - Sira summons up an orb made of darkness, before shooting it off into the enemy, causing panicking troops, pain, agony, and injury, and generally making Sira's enemies disorganised long enough for the rest of the party to kill them.

All but Leech of Life drain Sira's energy, as Leech of Life brings the enemies' energy back to her, strengthening her again.

Altered the Stats to make them more Mage like...

24-12-2005, 13:24
aproved, stats seem fair.

24-12-2005, 17:35
Ok great! I will have a character posted for you within the next day or two!

29-12-2005, 09:10
Name: Laudren Shadowstar
Race: High Elf
Age: 310 human years
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: dark brown
Class: Shadow Warrior
m50 ws40 bs40 s30 t30 w1 i50 a1 ld90

Gear:Ithilmar Sword and dagger, ithilmar chainmail armor, dark blue cloak, traviling gear(bedroll ect..)Elven Longbow with 50 arrows.

Laudren was born in the old world. He was raised within his fathers warband taught all the ways of the shadow elves. He learned how to blend with the shadows and hunt down thier mortal enemies the druci. He was tought the uses of many weapons but like his father he took to the sword and bow quickest. All was good for Laudren until his warband was ambushed by the foul druci. he was the only surviver of the attack. he took his fathers weapons and armor what he could carry from the ohers and gave them a funeral befiting a mighty elven warrior as he could. after that he has become a bounty hunter so he can make enough money to sail the his fathers homeland.