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05-05-2009, 18:13
This is my first list for this game.

Legolas [200]
Elldan [35]
Elrohir [35]

Wood Elf x3 - Longbows, Captain [185]
Wood Elf x3 - Longbows, Captain [185]
Wood Elf x3 - Captain [120]
High Elf Regiment x4 - Captain [270]
High Elf Archer Regiment x2 - Captain [170]
High Elf Archer Regiment x2 - Captain [170]
Ent [125]

The Wood Elves, Elrohir and Elladan I don't actually own yet. I also own Arwen and Haldir, in case they might fit in better.

The Ent is there for two reasons. One, I wanted a Monster and two, I really like the model. Since I have about half Wood Elves, I thought it kinda fit in.

Other things I am eyeballing for purchase are Elf Spearmen to use for a Cohort or Rivendell Guard. Of course, I'll be picking up the new Galadrim when they are released as well.


05-05-2009, 19:02
I think that is looks rather good, though High Elves are expensive I still think that you should keep your formation to three companies minimum.

I have seen allot of small formation whittle down pretty fast compared to those with three companies. Remember that the last company are destroyed when it gets down below five models.

I would remove the last formation and buff up the other High Elf archer regiment you have to three. I would use the point left from the last one to add longbows to all my formations. Unless you put shields on the elves they really are not worth the effort of having Glaives only. That is only one attack extra in melee, compared to several more attacks each turn firing those bows. You should avoid melee for as long as you can, that is particular important for elves since they are so expensive.

I also probably would not put a captain in all my formations. I might also put a Hornblower in one or two formations that i use too maneuver on the flanks to move in behind the enemy forces, such as the High Elf archer formations.
The wood elves might do without captains and used more as static archer support, you could have an Epic Hero move there if they need to move away in a hurry.

I have not played the elves myself, but I have viewed a couple of games where they performed both good and bad. The worse time I saw them was a guy who simply sprinted them forward into combat, elves basically lost in turn two...

05-05-2009, 20:12
I'd love all my Wood elves to have Longbows, but the box only comes with 8 with bows. I guess I could mix them with the other types, but I'm not sure how picky people are about it.

I'm looking into making the changes you suggested.


05-05-2009, 20:40
It should be easy enough to add some bows on the back on enough woodelves so you can at least fill up the first rank with models carrying a bow.
A small metall wire and some greenstuff and you should have done that in a couple of minutes for each model. :)

The rules tells us that we should not be so picky about the equipment in a company as long as a majority of them carry the correct equipment.

06-05-2009, 12:38
Are Wood Elves really even necessary? I was thinking of dropping them and getting more High Elves.

06-05-2009, 13:28
Well they do have different uses really. The Wood Elves has their enchanted cloaks and are cheaper, their archery are as deadly as that of the High Elves. I would place the Wood Elves on a hill far back (if you have one) and simply fire away as much as possible. I think a combination is better than just using High Elves. But that is just an estimate from me, I think you need to get an opinion from a real elf player on that.

General Veers
06-05-2009, 13:56
As an elf player I think Wood Elves are a great counter to Haradrim Archers. You can shoot them but they can't shoot you. Works against the Uruk-Hai Crossbows too.

And trust me, you don't want Haradrim Archers or Uruk-Hai shooting at you!

Just keep them from being charged, as D3 means even Orcs can win combat against you. And I mean Orcs without any Epic heroes in it.

06-05-2009, 18:42
I prefere to use high elf archers over wood elves, just keep a hero with a decent figh/courage value in a near-by formation and when your archers are about to get charged send your hero into them and you got a got fighing force that can still shoot. I like using thrandiul for this as he can call guided arrows, then natures wrath and epic shoot if he needs to.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
11-05-2009, 01:41
Am I the only one that is bothered bythe fact that Elladan and Elrohir suck in WotR and they were awesome in SBG?

11-05-2009, 06:46
Or stranger yet that Cirdan are so weak considering that he probably are the oldest Elf in all of Middle Earth?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
12-05-2009, 14:22
Or stranger yet that Cirdan are so weak considering that he probably are the oldest Elf in all of Middle Earth?

lol tis true. Thats why, thankfully, we have common sense to give them `appropriate`stats :P Sometimes I wonder what those GW people are thinking :confused::p

05-06-2009, 23:13
Or stranger yet that Cirdan are so weak considering that he probably are the oldest Elf in all of Middle Earth?

I'm not sure I understand this statement? Is it to say that Cirdan is weak in the game, and should not be? Because I play with Cirdan and I find him to be quite good. Inexpensive caster, with a special rule and epic defense. He's got access to the Spells of Command, which are great. All and all he's just a better version of a Stormcaller, which most lists don't use anyway. He's an inexpensive way to get magic into your formation.

11-06-2009, 06:48
I agree with Shonailo. Cirdan is definitely a great idea if you are looking for an inexpensive leader or spellcaster. Look at it this way - Cirdan has the exact same stats as an elven stormcaller, save for the fact that he has spells of command not wilderness. This is not a huge problem and he has his special rule...and all for 25pts less!

Definitely better...