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06-05-2009, 00:36
i would like feedback on the following proposal to re-instal kings in our gaming group

one captain or chieftain hero in the army can be upgraded to a king for 50pts(?)
As a King, he gains
1) +1 courage
2) the special rule Inspiring Leader (same race) and
3) his formation becomes legendary, thus allowing him to be the army's general.

Nu Fenix
06-05-2009, 00:46
So in effect, you pay 100 points for a normal Hero that has an additional Courage and Inspiring Leader.

You might also want to compare your pricing to the Fortune Hero of the Hour, which costs 75 points for +1 Fight and +1 Courage. For 1 less Fight and 25 points less, you gain an ability and could make potentially a Rare formation become Legendary, as way to ease the Decree of Rarity. The math doesn't add up.

Whereas you could use an existing Epic Hero or Legendary Formation, and say that instead of that being Arathorn, it's King Bob? If you pay the points, and tell your opponent, there shouldn't be an issue with you using a generic King of Men/Dwarf in place of someone else.

06-05-2009, 01:42
we play alot of multiplayer games, and rarely know who we will team up with

this was an attempt to prevent duplications of legendary or epic heroes

06-05-2009, 06:43
Well you could also look at some of the Epic Heroes and say you pay too much... look at Faramir or Isildur for example.
Faramir get +1 Fight and Courage, Inspiring leader including several epic actions and four might. All for +40p over a regular captain. Isildur gains somewhat less, but also cost five points less.

So I really think 100p for such a figure would be OK. The fortune Hero or the Hour is something you gain in addition to the current levels and that should be worth more than the initial increase in fight and courage. If you put that fortune on a regular captain you are pretty much wasting your points spent. Put it on Aragorn or Boromir and you get a very nice payoff.

Nu Fenix
06-05-2009, 10:52
Except Hero of the Hour cannot go on either an Epic Hero nor a Hero leading a Legendary Formation Jorgen.

06-05-2009, 11:43
Well, that I didn't know, I just assumed that it did... anyway I have not read all the Fates and Fortunes so that's just me being ignorant. :)

Anyway, I still think that 100p for such a king model would be appropriate when you compare with other legendary and epic heroes. I could even go lower... Isildiur has +2 fight, +2 courage, 3 Might, Epic strike and inspiring leader for only 85 points. So instead you could just take him (his profile) in a Gondor (or any good army for that matter) army. Point to your king model and tell him that is Isildur but you call him King of the People. You could even use the Isildur model if you like or not, should not make much of a difference anyway in friendly games.

I really feel that the game would benefit some from more generic heroes and epic heroes in addition to the ones who are named from the books.