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06-05-2009, 15:42
Ok so I just got my Lizardmen Codex and I havn't fought with them yet. In all honesty I am probably one of the worst WFB players you'll ever know - :D -and I despratly need help!

My friend will be playing High Elves and I know for a fact that he'll be going one or two units of spearmen and one or two units of archers. I know he'll bring between one and three Bolt Throwers. He'll have Swordmasters, and Pheonix guard for sure and possibly a chariot or two. His Lord will be for some good fighter on a horse, or foot in a unit. He'll bring two or three hero mages with a lord mage.

I don't know what to bring and I've never fought High Elves with Lizardmen before. :S

Help? :D

06-05-2009, 16:39
First take the basic:
2x blocks of spear saurus warriors 18 strong (rank them 6 wide)
2x units of skirmish skinks 10 strong.
Also an E.T.O.G. is also reccommended
Then were do you want to go from their. Heavy magic, Heavy mobility, Heavy Close comabty. You decide.

Now get some terradons and send these guys after the bolt throwers, add in a charcter with a terradon and that could be very helpful. Let the spearmen Charge you, so that you get the most attacks in (he's going to be striking first anyway.) The swordmasters are going to be very tough to beat as they get an an insaine amount of attacks in. You may need to beat them through combat resolution. he will probably bring in a dragon with one of his hero mages, also the lord mage is going to be either lvl 4, or techilis. A good counter to this is to take a slann with an engine, + a skink scroll caddy. his pheonix gaurd are all about Combat res, so you will need to flank charge them with something. Make sure what ever it is though is unit str 5.

06-05-2009, 18:38
dont engage swordmasters. they should be shot to peices by skink skirmishers, or a salamander/razordons. toughness 3 and a weak armor save means they die quickly to any shooting, and lizardmen are surprisingly good at shooting.

terradons will be good for hunting bolt thrower crew, and dropping rocks on swordmasters wouldnt hurt either. or even his archers(though i wouldnt be too concerned with them).

looking at numbers i would think saurus warriors with spears would beat pheonix gaurd, but if someone could pull the numbers on that combat, assuming a Helf charge, that would be cool to see.