View Full Version : Hi, anyone bought the new 30 years war infantry from warlord games?

06-05-2009, 23:17
Im wondering how good they'd be to represent a warhammer army, i checked the frames in their website but only saw 1 model out of 13 with chestplate.

Also how many musketeers and pikemen come out of each box of 40? how many frames are in the box? having 13 men per frame i cant guess how are they given to make the total of 40!

07-05-2009, 07:59
Well looking at the pictures there seems to be 8 musket/frame 4 pikes/frame and you can get separate metal pikes for more. I'd guess its 3 basic frames and 1 command frame, giving really 42 figures. But not having them myself thats all i can work out from the pictures I've seen on their website.

07-05-2009, 08:34
My understanding is also that they contain three basic sprues (13 models each) and one command sprue (3 models). So combining the extra arms from the command sprue with the extra bodies from basic sprue would give you 6 command models, 12 pikemen and 24 musketeers.

Also, on another forum somebody posted a comparison of the Warlord musketeer versus various GW Empire figures:


Edit: here is a pic of the command sprue


It should provide you with enough bits for 2 musicians (drummer and fifer), 2 standard bearers (add a paper flag for the other) and for 2 or more officers. Alternatively, the bits for making officers could also be used for making DoW duelists / Empire free company.