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07-05-2009, 15:03
Do Glavies add +1 F to Captains, or just rank and file troops?

If Captains do get the bonus, does it apply when they duel (or are dueled)?

Is the +1F in effect for determining Fight skill dice For and Against in melee, or just For?


Nu Fenix
07-05-2009, 15:12
The weapon bonus does not apply to a Duel - It is mentioned in the last paragraph of the dueling rules. I don't have my book on hand so I cannot give you the exact page unfortunately.

The +1 Fight is used when attacking and defending, and will apply after the Captain's Fight value when attacking with your Command Company.

Pikes work the same way, just for the sake of completion.

07-05-2009, 15:42
Thanks for the speedy response.

This came up in a game last night and one of the guys playing thought he had read Glavies did not benefit Captains ... much to my dismay.

08-05-2009, 20:32
From what I have seen:

Glaives would benefit a captain in normal unit fighting. So if your captain was fight 7, he would be fight 8 for purposes of conferring that fight value to his company.

However, Glaives definitely do not apply to duels (see the last paragraph on the right on page 67).

10-05-2009, 08:24
Glaives, man, glaives...



Glavies sound like pretty flowers. Anyway, how are the Elves faring for you?


10-05-2009, 10:09
Wow, that seriously bothered you enough to post? Is it more of an OCD-thing or an insecurity thing? :D

Wourd it bother you if I spelled lots with bad engalish?

Or do I have to be more subtale?

11-05-2009, 00:14
Wow, that seriously bothered you enough to post? Is it more of an OCD-thing or an insecurity thing? :D

Wourd it bother you if I spelled lots with bad engalish?

Or do I have to be more subtale?

Haha, nice try. Not taking the bait.

Now come on, how are the Elves faring for you? That's what I'm actually interested in...


11-05-2009, 00:37
Tuesday I'm allying with a Gondor force to fight Isenguard at 2000 points (so 1000 of my HE).

This will be the first time I'm able to try out "Inner Glory", and the first time I will be able to field Glorfindel, so I'll report back Tuesday night/Wednesday day with a battle report.

P.S. Does Warseer allow images to be embedded? If so, I'll try to take some photos (though the armies are still mostly primer).

P.P.S. No making fun of my painting, though. I'm not going to be winning any trophies ;)

11-05-2009, 08:36
I think it does although I've never used images yet. Make sure they're being hosted off site.

Glorfindel is an absolute beast but he's gonna chew up a lot of points so make sure your Gondor ally is taking plenty of large blocks of infantry/cavalry to balance the list!

Good luck!


13-05-2009, 03:43
OK, I forgot the camera ... so skip that.

My Isenguard opponent no-showed, so I allied with Gondor to face the Rohan.

[The rest of this post is IMO, IME, YMMV, and so forth]

Things learned:

- Defensible terrain greatly reduces the effectiveness of archers. IMO, 2x the number of dice shooting is worth more than +2 defense.

- Captains in Archery formations are nice, but far from necessary (it is doubtful they are more useful than another company).

- Hornblowers are also nice, but unnecessary.

- High Elf Captains are fine duelists against all but the toughest Heroes.

- 4 companies of Glaive wielding High Elf regiments with a Captain and the Inner Glory fortune are a match for 8 companies of Rohan cavalry with King Theo & Captain. (as long as you charge first) :eek:

- Glorfindel along the edge of the board is cheesy. Move to the flank of Cav, use Light of the Valar to reduce courage, use Panic Beast to drive the Cav off the board and out of the game.
I doubt I'll do this again out of respect for my opponents, as this tactic would aggravate me greatly.

- I gave Glorfindel charge dice as a monster, not a flyer (+1 instead of the +6) since it seems to need some FAQ'ing. He is still horribly disruptive to the enemy line. While his ability to actually destroy the enemy is somewhat limited (especially since I wasn't facing anything he "Banes"), he is nigh impossible for a single formation to deal with [Terror, always being in the flank or rear, resilience of 2, & Very Hard to Kill!]. My opponent fled from him rather than divert two formations to deal with him.

- Inner Glory is easily worth double it's cost.

From watching the other two players ...

- Boromir is ridiculously useful for the points.

- Rohan needs a decent infantry presence to tie down the enemy. The Cav are too vulnerable on their own.

- The priority roll for Heroic actions is more important than the priority roll for the turn when that much Cav is on the board.

- Rangers of Gondor are awesome.

- Thrown weapons are far, far more effective than bows.

- Questions about how some Epics interact with Terror arose. Specifically, those that effect the Fight Score.

The Elven attack was mighty. They suffered greatly when on the defensive.
Overall, they gave better than the got (tonight anyway).

I'm playing again tomorrow with a very similar force (though this time against some Orcses). I'll post again then.

14-05-2009, 11:19
Sounds great but how did you use Panic Beast with Glorfindel? He only has the spells of Command and PB is a Wilderness spell...


14-05-2009, 13:17
Sorry the text is unclear, I used Arwen for the Panic Beast spells (in the archer stand).

2nd game, Rohan & HE vs. Mordor.

Can't take too much away from this one ... horrible dice rolling makes it hard to judge almost anything clearly. {The magnitude of chance in WotR often reminds me of Blood Bowl.}