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08-05-2009, 13:17
Now many of you will know that last week I had a game and put it up on this very web site. Well this week we thought that what would happen if we Ubered all the troops. so we got this scenario. Here is who we have this week
(Oh and the condisions are the same as last week being the first to 25% of the men loses)


Aragorn (King) - Armoured Horse
Gandalf the white - Shadowfax
19 Knights of Minas Tirith - 18 Shield / 1 Banner
6 Rangers of Gondor
1 Avenger Bolt Thower - Siege Captain, Swift Reload(I always have that)


Dragon - Fly & Fire
Mumak - Rappaling Lines, Tusk Weapons, Beastmaster
The Dark marshal - Armoured Horse
5 Morgul Knights
4 Half Trolls - (All hand weapons)
7 Haradrim - Bows
(Note: Haradrima nd Half trolls started in the Howdah)

Turn 1
Both sides advance but the Good side's cavalry only advence 5" instead of 10" so the Mumak had to get close to the Avenger. Evil shooting was a waste of time as useual but the Rangers targeted the Beastmaster taking 2 wounds tho both where saved with fate.

Turn 2
Evil get prioroty and the Dragon lunges forward straight into Aragron hoping that his higher fight vlaue and strength will take him out quick. The Dark Marshal attepnts toTransfix Gandalf to stop him using Magic on the Mumak but fails. 3 of the Morgul knights change direction seeing that the Avenger was poorly proteceted and headed for an opening that was only guarded by 2 knights. Gandalf however get revenge on the Dark marshal by Blasting him straight of his horse. Tho it did no damage the Dark Marsahl wound't be able to get out the way of a Stampeding Mumak if it happened. Meanwhile on the west board edge 2 knights atempt to flank the force and attack the Dark marshal from behind and BOTH rolls 6's to jump the walls. Evil shooting proved very worth while killing half of the Rangers with the Rangers only taking another wound on the beast master in return. However the combat went bad for good as the Mumak won it's fight and killed a knight and wounded Gandalf who ofcourse saved it with Fate. While Aragon and the 2 knights where deafeted by the Dragon using a point of might in the prosses and thus got de mounted however as was Evil's luck that not a single one of the 8 dice rolled could kill a single modal.

Turn 3
With Evil wining prioroty this tun and a Dragon and Mumak staring at them Gandalf and Aragron called Heroic move as sonme how they both won them with Gandalf Charging the Mumak and trying to blast the Beastmaster in the prosses but failed and Aragron getting to his feet and pinning the Dragon in place.The Dark marshal Trys to Black Dart to open Banner Bearer but fails. Meainwhiloe the Haradrim snipe down 2 more Rangers but as a crewl twist of fate the last Ranger shots down the Beastmasters and kills him. The combat only went a little better s the Dragon won the combat again and killed 1 knight and wounded Aragron but atleast this time Gandalf won his combat against the Mumak tho it took a Banner and a point of might to do so. and thanks to his Trusted Sword he wounded the Mumak. The Dark Marshal stood there biting his nails (If he has any)

Turn 4
Good got prioraty and tankful for the Dark Marshal the mumka passed it's courage test. Gandalf trys and fails to immobilse the Dark Marshal and then charges the Mumka by himself (due to the knights being cowards). The Half Trolls finally scale down the Rappling lines t join in the fray tho having to wait 1 turn befor ethey could get into combat. The Dark marshal fails again to kill the lone Banner bearer with a black dart. Shoting was equal this time with the avenger finaly hitting 1 of the Haradrim (First evil casulaty) but the Haradrim kill the last ranger. The Dragon also used his last point of might to win his combat against Aragron and wound him twice and kill another knight. However Gandalf maged to win agains the Mumak and wound it again with Glamdrig.

Turn 5
Good player got prioroty again and to thire joy the Mumak goes on a Rampange Stamping over 2 Half Trolls, 2 Morgul knights and even the Dark marsahl him self tho 1 Knight was killed in the prosses. the Dragon resists Gandalf when he used immoblise howeve things only got worse for evil as the Howdah and 2 Haradrim where wounded by the Avenger. And Evil had to panic as Aragorn wion his combat with the Dragon and wouned 3 times as wells as a lance hitting him. Tho thankfully he passes all of his Courgae tests to stay around.

Turn 6
Evil got prioraty and both Aragron and Gandalf called a Heroic movement but thuis time with no one able to counter it. Gandalf even immoblises the Mumak by stopping the temp commander. The Avenger Targets the Mumak it's self and 1 bolt hits it's firm elephant **** wounding it. Aragorn also more or less seals the battle by killing the Dragon with another 3 wounds to it along with 2 more lances stickign into it's scales.

Turn 7
The Good player got priorty this turn and will the Evil force now broken things where in the bag however with only 1 man ont he ground left and everyone in the Mumak immune to courage everyone didn't flee. Gandalf again immoblised the Mumak and charging the last foot soilder who was a Half Troll but some how the Troll beat both knights an Gandalf in comabt and evil killing 1 knight forcing Good to be broken. the Avenger also took another few shots that the Mumak taking a Total of 4 wounds from it.

Turn 8
Evil got priorty but unfotuantly the Mumak paniced again meaning that Good was in control. Aragron, Gandalf and a few brake knights charged the Mumak wanting to kill it propally rahter than letting it run away. After everyone passed there courage tests everyone gets tuck in. The Half Troll flees however. it was a Lance, Gamldrig and anduril that finally put the Mumak down with all 6 haradrim within the Howdah falling to there deaths.

Good victory

Man of the Match
Fro good i think i would have to chose Gandalf as he kept that Mumak bizy for so long and thanks to the magic he kept it in place for 2 turns. not to mention wounding it about 3 times.
At first i was going to chose the Dragon as wounign aragron 3 times was not easy but i think i'm giving it to that Plucky Half Troll who for 3 turns fought against the odds and won and even killing someone every time. And also as he was the Only evil modla was wasn't killed(He fled)

Waste of Points
Has to go the the Siege Captain as not once did he use any might to alter shotting and was never in comat. i might as well taken a crewman instead.
Every other Half Troll. Why? because they all died the turn the left the howdah. 1 was killed by gandalf while the other 2 where made into a very fine red mush on the feet of the Mumak.

We there goes another scenario. I'm taking requests and hopefully i may be able to get pictures soon for them (tho i may have to subsute some men) I'm going to be doing 1 every week hopefully and next week i a an actual scenario one.
So check out next week when i'll be doing "The fall of the Necromancer"

25-05-2009, 22:09
Great rep more plz!

28-05-2009, 06:55
Right you are. I'm builting/painting a large 1000 point SBG army right now and i want to test run it as some point.

23-04-2013, 15:34
In a 1000pt force I would choose:

Warband 1:Mordor
Leader-The Dark Lord Sauron, with the one ring

Mordor Siege Bow

Warband 2: Mordor
Dragon, with tough hide and wings

9 Mordor Orcs, with shields