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22-12-2005, 10:49
I don't like the Tau vehicles, more specificly the Devilfish design, and its Hammerhead/Sky Ray offspring.

I like Battle Suits of all kinds (except for the Broadsides, which I converted), I like Fire Warriors, Pathfinders, Kroot, I can even live with Gun Drones.

But I don't like the Tau vehicles (although the Piranha is an exception, together with the other speeder thing if it ever became playable). They look... plumb. Ugliest vehicle in the GW range I think. But than again I'm more inclined towards the elegant Eldar designs (and want to start a Saim-Hann army when the new dex comes out).

Especially the cockpit. I think that's my problem, it just looks... aweful.

22-12-2005, 10:57
I agree with you on that one, I think Tau vehichles should have a very streamlined design, with very few bits sticking out.

Like a bar of soap :D

Chaos and Evil
22-12-2005, 10:58
So convert some vehicles for your Tau army out of Eldar vehicles?

22-12-2005, 10:59
Especially the cockpit. I think that's my problem, it just looks... aweful.
"Aweful" full of awe, awe-inspiring? ;)

I don't really see the point in your post. The design isn't going to change and you just seem to be complaining rather than asking for conversion suggestions or alternatives. If you don't like the Tau play Eldar.

22-12-2005, 11:04
I refrained from asking for tips because than I'm posting something for painting & terrain, and I'll probably never get around to using any of those tips any.
I'm just venting my emotions, and if anyone agrees, the more the merrier.

22-12-2005, 11:08
And lol, awful, took me sec to figure that one out.

Than again, you go around typing in Dutch, English, French, Spanish... and make less mistakes than me :D.

22-12-2005, 11:11
although i do not like the overall design of the devilfish chassis, i like` the styling and it translated well into the pirahna which i feel is more angular.

my major quibble with the devilfish is the fat **** end. either make it smaller or make the front bigger.

22-12-2005, 12:10
I think the Devilfish, with feet retracted, is the best looking vehicle in 40K. The Hammerhead is let down by the high profile of the turret.

My next favourite is the Land Raider, followed by the Chimera, Falcon, and Rhino varients all equal. Most of the light vehicles are pretty good, though both the Ork and Dark Eldar are showing their age now.

22-12-2005, 13:02
I love the Fish designs. Tau aren't supposed to be super elegant like Eldar vehicles, their vehicles are like today's modern fighting vehicles. The best thing about the Tau vehicle designs they dont look like anything else in the 40k universe, Orks and Imperial both share very blocky shapes, then their is the Eldar with their sleek vehicles, its one extreme to the other. I feel Tau vehicle design fits well in between the to.

22-12-2005, 14:16
I fully agree with KingNova. Tau design is meant to be chunky, just look at the battlesuits. Their design is basically like the Imperium's just alienated.

I've got a little Tau force and I'm quite fond of the vehicles.

22-12-2005, 14:20
I love them too. The only let-down is indeed the rubbish hammerhead turret.

de Selby
22-12-2005, 18:49
I prefer the fishes to the suits. Some of my favourite vehicles, actually.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
22-12-2005, 18:59
Personally, I too enjoy the organic curves of the Tau technology, to the point where I plan on every Battlesuit in my force to be the Forgeworld ones, with the swept head pieces and the funky arms.

As someone has mentioned (King Nova I think) the Tau vehicles have a practical, rather than design led shape, wholly fitting to the most up coming, and developing race in the Universe.

Imperial stuff looks blocky because, ultimately, it is antiquated. It probably hasn't even entered the minds of the Adeptus Mechanicus to consider more angled surfaces to deflect, rather than absorb, impact.

Eldar stuff all curvy because, like the designers, they are poncy.

Ork stuff is brutal, simply because it's meant to go fast and kill stuff. Not much point over designing.

But the Tau equipment has more though put into it, which I very much applaud!

22-12-2005, 19:14
You do not like Tau Fish? I love it, especially grilled and marinated in a butter sauce. I could do without their Beef though, to much of a Gamey taste.

22-12-2005, 19:47
I too love the Tau tank designs. Form and function, whereas the Eldar vehicles put form over function (to sexy results, though :p) and the Imperial is almost pure function. The Devilfish is probably one of my fav tank designs, simply because it is just so cool looking, though I do agree that the hammerhead's turret is a little wonky. I do like FW's other HH turrets though, especially the missile pod one.

Also, the Skyray's turret is pure sex. I just loves it, only hope that GW's version doesn't deviate too far from FW's one. But looking at the Piranha, that doesn't seem to be too big of an issue.

22-12-2005, 22:33
I love them! I want to marry them!

Okay, so maybe not marry them, but I wouldn't mind paying 10 points to be bonded to them.

22-12-2005, 22:58
I also like the Tau vehicles. Much more than the suits, really, which are sliiiiightly similar to the 'suits' worn in various anime universes. Check out the picture of the Tau crisis suit versus the Heavy Gear Kodiak in the middle of this page.

Did anyone see the Tau vehicle entered in a recent golden daemon? It was painted completely black, and it was the most awesome Tau vehicle I have seen.

23-12-2005, 02:58
Heavy Gear = Anime?


23-12-2005, 03:02
Well, I dunno, to be honest :D Rip-off anyway.

Ivan Stupidor
23-12-2005, 04:10
I love them! I want to marry them!

Okay, so maybe not marry them, but I wouldn't mind paying 10 points to be bonded to them.

Bah! Ten points? All you need is some superglue.

23-12-2005, 06:47
I defiantly like the more western designs of Heavy Gear and Battletech to more anime designs.

I want to get a Madcat in scale with the FW Titans and use it as a titan :D

23-12-2005, 16:21
Event Horizon made a vinyl kit, good luck finding it, though.

23-12-2005, 16:26
am I the only one that thinks this thread's title is really really funny?

Hideous Loon
23-12-2005, 22:50
No, you're not. methoderik has already made a joke about it.

24-12-2005, 15:26
Woops. Just ignore me then.

24-12-2005, 18:04
I dunno I am still making my mind up about them. They do look quite cool and organic but I am not sure about the fact that they have antigrav tech. It just seems a little to advanced and makes them far to similar to the Eldar ( who really should be the only masters of antigrav stuff). The Imperium is OK with the Landspeeder I suppose but the relativly young race of the Tau should not really get this kind of tech yet.