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06-05-2005, 02:44
I was wandering what could you tell me about the mistirius race known as the old ones in 40K contacts. If we assume the same OO in FB are the same at 40K, then would they look like frongs, like the Lizrdmen Sallan do? What caused them to disappear and how come the Eldar are the only race that apperantly have clear memories about them even thou they seposable created all of the 40K races expect of the Nacrotir and Nids?

06-05-2005, 23:46
Wow, you should really run a spellcheck. Anyway, OOs were the same for 40k and Fantasy, but GW is trying to move those two universes apart nowadays.
The OOs were reptilian and created the Slaan after their image, so I guess they look somewhat alike, but not exactly the same.
No one is sure how exactly they disappeared, but I guess it was some combination of wearyness after their war with the C'tan (which they barely survived) and the changes in the warp which was rather peaceful before the war but now turned dangerous. And since they were a highly psychic species, this had a huge effect of them.
Well, most species that were created by them were destroyed by the Necrontyr. Eldar and Orks survived but the Orks never appreciated history like the Eldar did. Later races only had minimal contact with their creators and were abandoned when the OOs disappeared. All other races that might have remembered them lost that memory over time. After all, millions of years have passed since they roamed the galaxy.

Khaine's Messenger
07-05-2005, 00:18
"The Old Ones" is a euphemism for Space Marine dreadnoughts. Because they're generally either "long in the fang" or "bald in the head" in addition to being "in a life support sarcophagus."

Of course, the "Old Ones" as they're more commonly thought of are the Ancient Slann, who were the caretakers and cultivators of the Milky Way before the Necrontyr got royally ticked off at the Ancient Slann and used their own arcane mastery of science to wage war. The Slann still exist in one form or another, and old background suggests that visitors often get the feeling that they are being "measured" or "tested" in some way when they come into contact with them, as if the Slann still remember some of their glory days even in their dilapitated and deathly state. Whether they actually believe themselves to still be cultivators or not (as the Slann Mage Priests of FB) is unknown, however.

07-05-2005, 01:10
I thought the slann were the old ones servants and the necrons were the C'tan's servants?

07-05-2005, 12:35
necrons were originally a race of <something in here> who lived on a world close to a very bad sun, basically this environment leaked radiation onto them and it didn't agree with them too much.

they became jelous of the eldar who lived long lives free of this disese. so they broke out in war against the eldar and were later approached by the C'Tan who had a way to ensure they lived forever and could defeat their enemies. this was ofcourse by turning them into necrons. while they did live forever, they lost all rational thought and became the pawns in the C'Tans plan.

as for the Slann, they were the great creators, they originally even made the eldar and nurtured them in the ways of the warp and psychic ability, etc.