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09-05-2009, 12:13
Grey Seer: Tenebrous cloak, screaming bell, 1 dispell scroll
Plague priest: Liber bubonicus, flail (Goes in clanrats)
Warplock engineer: stuff, 1 dispell scrolls, storm deamon
Assassin, Skavenbrew (Goes in clanrats)

29 clanrats, standard bearer, champion, musician, spears, warpfrire-thrower
2x10 night runners
30 clanrats, banner, musician
25 slaves

20 plague monks with banner of hatred, banner, musician and champion
20 plague monks with banner, musician, champion
2 rat ogres
9 tunnelers. Poisoned hand weapons


Around 2250. Thoughts?

09-05-2009, 15:38
I think you need more clarant units, 2 is not enough even with the plague monks.
I would't reconmend a assasin, I cant see him doing anything that an extra clarant unit could do.
Your night runner units are too big, 6 max and the gutter runners are definately too big. Drop them down to 5 at the most.
Many people will say get rid of the rat ogres, certanly they arent the most cost effective but if used to guard flanks they can do something worthwhile.
If you did all that you could probably afford another two more clarant units which is definately needed.

09-05-2009, 15:48
I too would lower the number of Night RUnners... I'd go for 6 nR and say 7 Tunnelers...

I also agree on dropping the Assassin,and getting more Clanrats, or even slaves, for a boost in numbers.

Other than that, as you're running a PM heavy list, it looks fine to me.

10-05-2009, 02:25
Not a bad idea, here's some advice:

You are seriously limiting your charge reaction and baiting strategies with your character choices: Taking two big units of plague monks means there's two units who can't flee and can be baited into bad positions.
By giving one clanrat unit a frenzied leader and the other one the Skavenbrew, means you're risking having four uncontrollable units in your army. Add to this the immune to psychology rule from the bell and it means that your rats are sitting ducks against all hard-hitting units.

-Having an assassin is nice, having one with the skavenbrew is a big gamble. I'd consider giving him the Warpstone Stars and sending him scouting. He usually makes his worth back by killing big things, chasing off warmachine crews and generally being annoying.

-The liber bubonicus priest could do with a warpstone token to help his casting; 8+ on 2 dice is difficult to achieve and you'll want to make good use of the few chances you'll get to actually cast the spell. I personally prefer the Warpstone Amulet/Plague Censer combination, but the extra dispel die and spell might prove useful.

-Get the Warpstone Charm somewhere in the list! I'd suggest giving it to the engineer, since he has no protective gear and is likely to fry himself with a token,warp-lightning or miscast. It's a great piece of equipment and will ensure you get some spells off without worrying about miscasts ending the phase.

-Screaming Bell: I don't like it as it renders my seer unable to evade combat through skitterleap. Its effects are usually too random to incorporate into your plan, meaning that you'll be ringing the bell and hoping for something that will help you. However, it's a nice centrepiece for the army and considerably boosts your magic phase. If your opponent catches the bell unit, it's almost always game over for the rats, so plan ahead accordingly.

-Plague Monk-heavy list without Plague censers? These guys are great and they give opponents something to worry about apart from your magic. Since you've got a spare Rare slot, I'd consider getting a unit of 7.

-Tunnelers: I agree with the others, you have to make these smaller. Even a unit of 3 will take out warmachines, 5 is the maximum I'd get as it's possible they'll never show up or will do so too late to be of use.

-Warpfire thrower: If you know how to protect this, fine; bear in mind that it's easy points for your opponents though.

-Night runners: No problem here, perhaps smaller units but you'll be needing those for redirection and charge-blocking purposes.

-I'd get another unit of slaves if I were you, this will bulk your force up a bit and give you another throwaway unit.

-Banner of hatred: Be careful with this, screen the plague monks at all times unless you want them picking daisies in a forest , moving towards some skirmishers! ;)