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09-05-2009, 22:06
The minute I laid my eyes on the Warmaster figs I became strangely obsessed. I quickly went out and started an Empire army. I’ve always loved the Averland color scheme and figured the yellow and black would look great in the massed ranks of a Warmaster game.

I was surprised by how much detail the figures contained but found then really a fun challenge to paint. My first completed unit is the bread and butter of any Empire army, a regiment of halberdiers.

I'd also lie to write a little background for each unit in order to give the army a nice background story.

Haperzein’s Line Breakers: The “Line Breakers” are a regiment of state troops with a distinguished history. First raised over 50 years ago in response to an orc incursion through the Black Fire pass the regiment won renown at the decisive battle of Grenzstadt. Led by their colonel, Kohl Haperzein, the regiment used their halberds to devastating effect and broke the orc battle line at a critical juncture, allowing an order of knights to sweep in and through the orc army back on its heels. The regiment is currently commanded by Kohl Haperzein’s son, Konrad and is stationed between Heideck and Grenzstadt patrolling the old dwarf road.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome and tune in for plenty more to come.


12-05-2009, 01:06
Nice looking troops D. Warmaster rewards a nice bold scheme and your Averlanders deliver. Keep up the good work and prosletize the goodness that is 10mm toy soldiers!

Rolo Ramone
12-05-2009, 16:46
Men, those look great. Keep posting, I want to see more!!!

13-05-2009, 23:29
The army of Averland continues to march. Next up is a unit of handgunners. The details on these little guys continue to amaze me.

Lengenfeld Foot: As the call to arms rang out across the province the merchants of Lengenfeld took it upon themselves to raise a regiment of infantry for the army of Averland. Not to be out done by their counter parts in Averheim and Wuppertal the merchant’s guild equipped their men with imported hand guns from the city of Nuln. The merchants wished the officers of the new regiment much luck in the coming campaigns and expressed their gratitude with a lavish feast at the guildhall. The rank and file (mostly unemployed layabouts) was issued and extra ration of grog (heavily watered down).

Up next is a unit of knights.


Rolo Ramone
17-05-2009, 17:38
I like your army, but the pictures are not the best. Maybe if you put a white sheet behind the models, we can see better the colors. I like warmaster miniatures, go on!

20-05-2009, 23:59
Thanks for the tip, I’ve never been the best at taking pics of my figs. I believe these are a better representation of my halberdiers. I used a little more sunlight and a nice solid white background.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

21-05-2009, 00:17
Up next is a unit on Imperial Knights. These figs were a lot of fun to work on; there is a ton of detail on these guys.

The Averland Heavy Horse: The Averland Heavy Horse has long been a place of refuge for the younger sons of Averland’s nobility. Many a second son, bereft of an inheritance has sought his fame and fortune in the ranks of this respected order. The Heavy Horse received the emperor’s commendations at the battle of Brakesguard, where their valiant rear guard action allowed the imperial army to disengage from a potentially disastrous envelopment from a numerically superior force of raving north men. The order was almost completely wiped out during this action, with only Sir Joachim Nalpen escaping with the orders colors.

The artillery train is taking shape now, four canons coming your way.


23-05-2009, 16:38
Just a small update this weekend. I’ve started on the artillery for the army, four cannons and their crews. I painted the trains with scorched brown and then used graveyard earth for the wood grain effect. The guns were painted bronze and then washed with watered down chaos black.

Rolo Ramone
24-05-2009, 15:44
Nice pictures! I really like how your army is going. The more pictures I see of warmaster, more I want to have my one Warmaster Army.

24-05-2009, 15:48
Lovely stuff. always good to see a Warmaster log - could we have more WIP shots?

The whole army should look fantastic - nice one :D

28-05-2009, 23:55
Averland Artillery Train: The Count of Averland spared no expense in equipping his artillery train, purchasing heavy guns from only the most renowned cannon foundries in Nuln. In addition, he sent picked men to train in that famous city with the best artillery men in the Empire. Each Averlander gunner has taken an oath to Sigmar to send their shots strait and true into the ranks of the enemy. However, every ranker knows to duck his head when he hears the guns of Averland roar.


The boyz
29-05-2009, 14:11
Looking good so far Davout, nice start to your plog. Its always good to see some more Warmaster stuff on here.

14-06-2009, 22:23
I've painted up the next unit for the Army of Averland, I present the Averheim Night Watch.

With the dangers of the Old World increasing by the day each province of the Empire has been called upon to raise additional troops for its own defense, and to march to war when the Emperor calls. In order to fill the need for more bodies in the ranks the city of Averheim turned to an established organization within its walls, the Town Watch. Recruited mainly from the cities night watchmen (but with a significant number of bar bouncers and adventurers tossed into the mix) the regiment is eager to employee their well practiced head bashing skills on the enemies of Sigmar.


14-06-2009, 22:38
Cool looking models - I want to say thank you for opening this thread, as I can see close shots of the models (gw's photos aren't the best). Keep up the good work, I love your army ! :)

14-06-2009, 23:00
They're looking good :) I really like Averlanders.

15-06-2009, 02:13
I agree Ancre, GW's pics of their warmaster line are less detailed then they could be. The models are actually a ton of fun to paint, all the details gives the stands a lot of personality.

So far the knights and the cannons have had the most detail.

Lord Dan
15-06-2009, 04:51
Funny... your wasmaster army has the same number of cannons as many 2000 point tournament warhammer armies!

Great work.

15-06-2009, 08:42
I agree Ancre, GW's pics of their warmaster line are less detailed then they could be. The models are actually a ton of fun to paint, all the details gives the stands a lot of personality.

So far the knights and the cannons have had the most detail.

Haha yes, they discouraged me at first, and with your thread I am more seriously considering getting one warmaster army :) They really should make better pictures - but it's not like GW is really supporting specialist games after all ...

Say, what's coming up next ? Me curious :D

15-06-2009, 23:40
Up next is my mercenary brigade, two regiments of spearmen (Bret men at arms, will count as Halberdiers) and a regiment of crossbowmen. They are going to have a different scheme then the Averlander units. It will be a nice break to paint something other then black and yellow. I’m busy now cleaning off the flash and getting them primed.

18-06-2009, 08:35
Oooh, Warmaster goodness!

Very nice stuff, Empire probably would be my first choice if I played Warmaster (I think there are about two people in my country who play the game and they are about four hours away from my area).

I really think that you should post a size comparison picture with some Warmaster minis right next to 28mm scale minis so people see how small the Warmaster ones really are.

Good luck with your log!

18-06-2009, 19:39
Cool, I have a warmaster Empire army too (as well as dark elves and undead). Currently the stuff that's painted is in Talebheim colours though, so I need to switch it over to Averland. I used to have a Talebheim Warhammer army, so that's why, but now I have an Averland Warhammer army. Even if I never play warmaster again, which would be a shame, these guys make great counters for map campaigns.

27-06-2009, 17:35
The Steam tank Averland’s Fury was constructed over two hundred and fifty years ago by an engineer who presented the (barely understood) plans for the tank (written down while listening to the drunken ramblings of a dwarf from Karak Angazhar) to the Count of Averland. Over the centuries the Fury has been lovingly maintained by a series of court engineers and has accompanied the army of Averland to many battles. The tanks performance has been spotty at best, and at times the rattletrap tank has been downright dangerous to its crew and those soldiers standing near by.

Averland’s Fury is currently being maintained by the engineer Albert Openstein. In battle he can be seen standing out of the turret, the shuddering, clanking, and hissing machine rolling forward below him. Openstein knows that, despite some teething problems, the Fury can be counted on by the army of Averland to bring death to the enemies of the Empire.


12-07-2009, 00:43
The army of Averland has always relied on mercenary soldiers to fill its ranks and provide special troops not normally found within the province. Continuing this tradition, the Count of Averland has contracted with Sergio Manusci of Tilea, an infamous soldier of fortune and adventurer. Manusci’s soldiers are hard desperate men, for to join the Free Company a man must sign his life away. The only way out of the Free Company is death. Any individual who deserts is hunted down and killed by his own comrades. This rule ensures that Manusci’s men are loyal only to him.

Having just ended a contract with the lords of Bretonia, Manusci has replenished his ranks with poor peasants and marched for Averland. He brings with him two regiments of spearmen and a regiment of crossbowmen. Averland’s generals look on the mercenaries with suspicion, but the Count knows that Manusci will kill those enemies whom he is paid to kill, the trick will be making him stop.


Cpt. Drill
12-07-2009, 02:50
Wow man!

I love the army but possibly I love the fluff even more! I have really enjoyed reading through the entries for each unit... I cant wait for some character to show up... It makes me regret doing skaven a little, partly because there are so many units it will be kind of hard to really keep track of units each own backgrounds and also I cant really thing up eight different cool ideas for clanrat backgrounds not to mention twenty units of ratswarms!

Keep up the good work... I will be watching...

...but not in a creepy way.

Its always nice to see a warmaster log, my fouvrourite game that is really under apreciated.

28-07-2009, 00:28
The second regiment in my mercenary brigade:

Sergio Manusci rewards his veterans by taking them out of the mane battle line and training them as crossbowmen. Instead of grappling face to face with whatever enemies they have been paid to fight these hardened killers instead get to stand (a little ways) back and rain bolts down on their foes.

In addition to their preferred place in battle these men act as Manusci’s enforcers. As no man is ever allowed to leave the Free Company desertion is punished by death. Any man who does dare to flee is relentlessly hunted down by teams Manusci’s veterans and executed when captured. The actions of Manusci’s crossbow men both off and on the battlefield has earned them an appropriate nickname, “The Hunters”.


07-09-2009, 23:11
Wow, have you ever had that unit that you just could not finish, well these spear men were it for me. These guys represent the second spear regiment in Sergio Manusci's Free Company. I tried adding a decal to the flag, which turned out ok.

I've also added pics of the entire Free Company, so now it's back to painting the yellow and black.



19-09-2009, 22:11
I'm trying to update this log a little more often, so here is a WIP shot of my next unit, the War Altar of Averland. I'm going for a stone look mounted on a wood cart. I'm planning on having the individual guards in red with white along the rim of their cloaks. It will be the largest individual model in the army and I think it will stand out nicely.

The boyz
20-09-2009, 13:47
Excellent stuff Davout. Those mercenaries look very nice. I like the background for them as well, very characterfull.

26-09-2009, 17:28
Another WIP update, still working on the War Altar and this week I finished up the guards.

03-10-2009, 23:42
No soldier in the Empire marches to war without spiritual guidance, and the Army of Averland is no exception. The Lector of the province, Mattias Prien is a fire-breathing preacher who insists on riding to war with the men of Averland. His passionate sermons can be heard down the battle line as his powerful voice booms out from the pulpit set atop the War Altar of Averland. Even the most cynical of old sweats have quailed under his stern gaze and the greenest of regiments have advanced against the most impossible of odds at a mere gesture from his hand.

The War Altar itself is built from the remains of an old cathedral destroyed hundreds of years ago, topped by a gilded and blessed statue of a griffin. The War Altar is often the largest object on the battle field and the sight of its inspiring form rolling purposely towards the enemies of the Empire fills the soldiers of Averland with feelings of righteousness. The Army of Averland is truly blessed to possess such a powerful icon and counts itself lucky to have its spiritual welfare watched over by the Lector Prien.


04-10-2009, 08:50
wow this is looking really good, do you happen to play any games of warmaster?

09-10-2009, 02:57
Another small update here. I based the war altar on a piece of plasticard and went for a "on the road look".

Also, kormas, I have yet to play a game of warmaster, though I am excited to give it a go. The rules look fun and I bet two warmaster armies on the table would look fantastic.


09-10-2009, 16:26
Looking good. :)

12-10-2009, 12:53
Colourful models somehow looks so fine in Warmaster. Your army will be nice once completed. :)

30-10-2009, 21:36
The Averland Fusiliers are a state regiment of swordsmen founded to fill the need for a unit of expert light infantry able to flank and harass the enemy’s main body. The men who serve in the Fusiliers practice with sword, buckler, and pistol constantly. Do to their heavy training schedule the Fusiliers are exempt from the more mundane duties that state troops undertake in peacetime such as gate guarding and highway patrol. This has lead to many soldiers in the Army of Averland to give the Fusiliers derogatory nicknames such as “lay about boys” and “prancing paraders”. However, such talk is hushed when the distinctive white plumes of the regiments members come in to view, for no soldier of Averland is quicker with a sword or more accurate with a pistol then a Fusilier.


01-11-2009, 21:39
I've begun to work on the Generals and Hero's blister, a great pack of models with tons of fun figs to paint.

Here are two of the mounted heros. I've painted one to represent a member of the Reiksguard and one to represent a knight from Middenland.

13-11-2009, 20:56
The politics of the Empire are incredibly complex, and no provincial army marches to war without representatives of the Emperor and other Elector counts in its train. Sir Albert von Frakelmeir of the Reiksguard represents the Emperor. His service record is outstanding (on paper) and his reputation in the salons of Altdorf is that of a brilliant wit and a fantastic dancer. The fact that his time with the Army of Averland will represent his first actual military campaign is seen as only a minor problem at court, though his lack of experience is seen as a bit more of a problem by the line officers of Averland. Despite his utter lack of experience in the practical arts of way Sir Frakelmeir believes that the book he purchased in an Altdorf shop detailing the campaigns of Magnus the Pious will see him through any of the stickier situations in which he finds himself. He plans on reading it (or at least having someone give him the gist) as soon as the army settles down and stops this business of constantly marching from here, to there and points in between.

Jörg Adler has joined the Army of Averland at the behest of the Count of Middenland. His official mission is to observe the military prowess of a potential rival and report his findings back to the court of the White Wolf. However, Adler eagerly accepted the assignment to distant Averland for reasons of his own, reasons that he has been unable to confess to even his closest friends. Adler hears voices, voices that have increasingly appealed to his darker, more violent nature. These voices have grown so loud in his mind that he often finds himself barely able to contain the urge to rend and maim any one close to him. Adler desires nothing more then to let the voices finally take control, to let them guide his mighty war hammer in great bloody swings. He just hopes that he’ll find his release against the enemies of the Empire and not on the loyal soldiers of Averland.


13-11-2009, 20:59
Barron Oskar von Kliest is one of the great hero’s of Averland. As a scion of a great landowning family he could have chosen the leisurely life of a country squire, instead he chose the life of a warrior, joining the Averland Heavy Horse at the age of 15. Over the last thirty years he has participated in almost every major battle fought by the Army of Averland and has lead units of every size from cavalry scouting parties to brigades of infantry and cavalry. In the end the Barron is a soldier’s soldier; and his presence on the field or along the line of march can always be determined by the cheers of the men who watch his stern figure ride by.

Sir Parsifal Steinlig is famous up and down the length of Averland as a great tournament champion. It is said that he is unbeatable in the joust and that his swordsmanship is unmatched in one on one matches. He has pledged his skills to the Army of Averland and has said that he is excited to meat new foes with which to challenge himself.


13-11-2009, 21:01
Two wizards of great renown, Varius Delfig and Lapin Klopthar, accompany the Army of Averland. Delfig has fought with the armies of the Empire for twenty-three years and is a battle scared veteran. However, his reputation has not prevented scandalous rumors flying around the colleges of magic insinuating that he has begun to delve into the darker corners of his craft in order to maintain the powers that have been slowly fading with age. Delfig sees the offer to march with the Army of Averland as a way to salvage his good name and as a convenient way to escape the prying eyes of the Witch Hunters. The lords of Averland count themselves lucky to have hired such a noteworthy battle wizard and are quick to ignore the rumors swirling about Delfig like the fumes from an alchemical furnace.

Lapin Klopthar is a recent graduate of the colleges of magic and is marching with an army of the Empire for the first time. He has brought along his extensive personnel library, trusting that any problem can be solved with a quick reference check.

21-11-2009, 16:00
A quick WIP shot of my next Halberdier regiment, the Guilder's Legion.

16-05-2010, 21:58
Alright, the Army of Averland returns! I set my warmaster army aside for a few months to complete a long overdue Space Marine army, and to start the ultimate project...the raising of my first child. Despite all my new distractions the call of 10mm figs remains strong and I hope to complete many new regiments over the summer. First off the work bench is a unit of halberdiers, the Guilder's Legion.

Secret societies are everywhere in the Empire and Averland is no exception. Founded by a shadowy merchant guild known only as The Association, the Guilder’s Legion is this secretive organizations most visible tool in influencing events across the province of Averland. Normally employed as caravan guards who escort The Association’s sealed wagons across the province and the Empire it is rare to see the regiment gathered together as a unit. The men who lead the Army of Averland can only guess at The Association’s motives for placing the entire Legion under their command and only time will tell what agenda has been advanced through this unorthodox move. For the time being the Legion is being billeted away from the main body of the army, lest they spread subversion among the rank and file.


18-05-2010, 01:21
Just a quick WIP post for the next unit in the Army of Averland, Pistoliers. I did not think that I would enjoy painting these models. In reality they've been a lot of fun (and quick).

18-05-2010, 02:09
Nice to see a return of your Warmaster army! Another solid unit of halberdiers, and a fun backstory to boot! I enjoyed painting my pistoliers as well, they went together fast but were a pain to photograph. I like the blue thrown in for fun, a nice change of pace in your army. Any chance at an army shot in the future?

29-05-2010, 14:29
Up next is a unit of pistoliers. I actually enjoyed painting the horse component of these figs. Despite their size the horses really give the unit a sense of movement. I am also trying something different with the bases. Previously I have just been flocking the plastic stand and just painting the metal base green. I've never liked the way this looked so I decided to add flock to both the plastic stand and the base. I think it looks a little better.

The Streissen Cavaliers are one of many local militia units that exist throughout the province of Averland, and like many of these small town regiments, the unit is more of a drinking club then an effective fighting force. Called to active duty by the Count of Averland, the rich dandies who make up both the rank and file and officer corps have primarily concerned themselves with carousing and making merry. Drilling is seen as dull and unnecessary work by these young men who will boast of their skill with pistol and blade to any one within earshot. Of course this barroom boasting has yet to be tested, but it is hoped that the young men of Streissen will perform when the time comes…if they can get over their collective hangovers.


05-06-2010, 19:33
Up next on the painting table is another unit of Halberdiers. Here are a couple of quick WIP shots taking a stand from start to finish. My one complaint with the Warmaster figs is the amount of flash, and as you can see from the pic there is quite a bit of it on every model.

08-06-2010, 12:21
A final WIP for this unit. This is the finished stand, both ranks fully painted with the flock added to the base.

08-06-2010, 14:06
Great to see that you're still hanging in there! The idea with the two-coloured feathers is pretty nifty, I'll steal it some day if you don't mind. ;)

09-06-2010, 00:34
The plumes are one of the things I really like about the Empire figs. You can add a lot of individual unit personality to each regiment just by changing the color and style of the uniforms and plumes.

Contrast this to an army like Skaven where everything is just a variation of brown.

09-06-2010, 19:35
I second Sigur, it's great to see you continue ! I like warmaster logs ! Your army is sweet and I like the little stories you write for your units :)

26-06-2010, 00:45
These guys took awhile to finish up, the demands of work and my new little girl really cut into my hobby time:)

Despite the time it took I really like the ways these guys turned out. I thought the red would be overpowering but I think it works and the unit really stands out without breaking from the Averland theme.

The Scarlet Guards are one of the oldest state regiments in the Army of Averland. The regiment’s distinctive red coats are a familiar sight on the streets of Averheim, as they are most often employed by the Count to guard the palace and important municipal buildings around the city. Despite their long presence on the rolls of the Army, the Scarlet Guards do not have a distinguished history. The Counts of Averland have often held them back from the main press of battle, not wishing to waste their most loyal troops in fruitless charges and last stands. Yet, in these desperate times even the Count’s favorites can expect to see action. The Scarlet Guards loyalty to the ruling house of Averland in unquestioned, there fighting ability is another matter.


27-06-2010, 15:35
Just some WIP shots for the next unit, the volley gun.

29-06-2010, 21:10
Glad to see this thread back, love warmaster armies & this may inspire me to work on mine some more, keep up the good work. Would also love to see a full army shot at some point.

30-06-2010, 02:24
Another couple of WIP shots of the volley guns. These two pieces painted up nice and fast and I've started on the crews. Depending on the babies mood I may be able to finish this unit this upcoming weekend.

Also in response to multiple requests I will try and get an army shot. I'm about half way through the Army of Averland and it's starting to look pretty cool.

30-06-2010, 11:23
Those volley guns look really cool !

I second the army shot too ! I would like that :)

03-07-2010, 18:58
Many in the Old World see this time of war and upheaval as a period of regression. In the hollowed halls of the Empire’s great learning institutions the educated elite weep for the knowledge lost to the flames of war and the young minds sacrificed on the altar of battle. Yet inventive souls relishes these times of conflict, and the patronage bestowed upon them by the great houses of the Empire. To them the demands of the armies for new and devastating weapons is a gift, a chance to push the boundaries of what is mechanically possible (or advisable) to new limits.

On to this stage stepped Munachello Strozzapreti; engineer, alchemist, philosopher, and general man about town. Hearing of his reputation the Count of Averland retained Strozzapreti’s services and commissioned him to build a machine that will deal death to the enemies of Sigmar. Strozzapreti worked diligently and spent the Count’s gold lavishly. Failure after failure was discarded (along with the remains of many of his unfortunate assistants) behind his workshop. After months of trail and error a working prototype was constructed that exploded less often then its predecessors. A demonstration was held for the Count during which no one was killed by Strozzapreti’s machine. Success was declared and an order was placed for as many of the Mobile Rotating Volley Cannon’s as could be built. Two so far have been delivered to the Army of Averland and men have been hastily trained to crew these marvelous machines. It gives the men of Averland a sense of pride to see these guns roll past, for they know in their hearts that they are on the forefront of technical innovation and that the ingenuity of man will always triumph over the barbarity of the enemy.


03-07-2010, 19:11
And now the requested army shot.

Still in need of paint:

4 Halberd regiments
3 Skirmisher regiments
2 Hand Gun regiments
3 cross bow regiments
2 Pistolier regiments
1 knight regiment


16-07-2010, 20:17
It's been a hectic couple of weeks with the family but I've managed to complete another stand. Here are a couple of WIP shots for my next unit of cross bow men. It seems like forever sense I've painted the typical yellow and black scheme.

28-07-2010, 00:39
Averland is a place of law and order (in theory, if not always in practice). Organizations like the town watches and road wardens ensure that the people of Averland can go about their lives, and more importantly, their business in peace. These organizations also provide a ready source of manpower in times of crisis, and the Aver River Boat Patrol is no exception. Formed to monitor and police the commerce traveling up and down the River Aver the Boat Patrol’s main duty is to collect the Count’s tolls and prevent smugglers from reaching the markets with black market goods. Do to the fact that much of the work is done at night the members of the Patrol all have excellent eyesight and are skilled with the crossbow. In desperate need of troops to fill the ranks of his army the Count of Averland has extended an invitation (conscripted) to the Boat Patrol to form a regiment of crossbowmen. To the Count’s surprise the members of the Boat Patrol were eager to join the Army of Averland. The Count is of course unaware that river traffic has slowed of late, and that the extortion practiced by the Boat Patrol on the unhappy watermen of the Aver has taken a sharp downturn as a result. The members of the Patrol are excited to march to greener pastures, where they hope the opportunities to loot the local population will be more fruitful, and slightly easier on dry land.






28-07-2010, 03:20
Now that I've joined the 21 century and can imbed pics in the post here are the final shots of the Boat Patrol.




08-08-2010, 20:01
Just a quick WIP of the next unit. I'm trying for more of a militia look with these skirmishers, hence the browns and no set uniform.


09-08-2010, 17:46
Wow, this is really cool. Love the full army shot. You've used very pleasing color combinations.

17-08-2010, 01:20
These skirmishers were a bit of a departure in that they didn't have a set uniform. I was trying for a “militia” look, hence all the browns and the random splashes of color. The unit was actually easy to paint and the unit finished up quicker then usual. They were also a real pain to photograph, it took forever to find the right light that wouldn’t wash out the color scheme. I now present the The Merfeld Town Militia.

The residents of Merfeld realized long ago that a citizen of the Empire must first look to himself for defense. Seventy-five years ago the town was ransacked by a roving band of goblins driven out of the mountains. Calls for aid went unanswered and by the time state troops arrived the damage had been done. From that point onward Merfeld has maintained a standing body of citizen soldiers for home defense.

Unfortunately, and much to the towns anger the militia has been mobilized for the Army of Averland, leaving the town unprotected and it’s leading craftsmen and merchants marching to risky war beyond the horizon. Time will tell if the men of Merfeld fight for the Empire with the same vigor for which they fight for hearth and home.




17-08-2010, 01:21
Some final shot of the finished unit.




17-08-2010, 01:28
Nicely painted, I really think your basing is letting you down though.
I base at smaller scales using a textured pumice you can pick up at most art stores. Mix in with some dark brown paint and it blends the base of the fig into the base with little effort :) Just a drybrush and some static grass and all's done.

17-08-2010, 03:38
Thanks for the tip freebooter, I agree with you about the bases, they could be better. Basing has never been my strong suit.

Do you have a brand name on that pumice?


17-08-2010, 06:09
Er... Nope sorry.
I'm all out currently so I don't have anything to hand to check.
I just went into my local art store and asked for a textured mix, they pointed me in the right direction.

Here's an example of the Valejo pumice of a similar make though.

17-08-2010, 10:20
I missed so much updates of this thread ! It's great to see your warmaster army growing like this.

18-08-2010, 18:13
Nice skirmishers! I like the earth tones, they pull these guys out from your regular stae troops nicely. I think I'll end up doing something simliar with mine as well.

21-08-2010, 22:23
A WIP shot of my next unit. The knight's plumes really allow for a dramatic paint scheme.



01-09-2010, 04:42
Another couple of quick WIP shots for my unit of knights. I've tried to upgrade the basing, trying to make the models blend in a little more with the actual bases.





03-09-2010, 17:54
I'm agreeing with freebooter, the only thing that isn't good is the basing.

While it works, what keeps popping out to me is that you can see the unit bases above the larger bases. It detracts from the great painting of the units.

Only ways I can think of to fix the look is either to smooth them out with filler putty or recess the bases before mounting. And with the putty, it's normally cheaper than greenstuff and works perfectly for that sort of thing.

11-09-2010, 20:22
The Black Fire Hospitalers are a venerable knightly order whose duty it is to guard the Black Fire pass and keep this critical road open to merchants and armies alike. The Hospitalers began their existence several hundred years ago when a number of priests of Sigmar opened a hospital for needy travelers in the pass. Unfortunately for the naïve clerics the hospital was soon attacked by a roving band of orcs and goblins. Only the timely intervention of a unit of Averland Mountain Guard saved the priests and their patients from complete destruction. The priests realized that their charitable intentions were no proof against attack from the foul denizens of the mountains and they soon began to arm themselves and learn the ways of mountain warfare from the veteran Mountain Guard and Bergsjager soldiers. Over time the simple hospital and its charitable priests turned into a small, but powerful knightly order.

Today the Black Fire Hospitalers maintain the original hospital (much expanded) and keep and defend small way stations throughout the pass. Each knight is a veteran warrior experienced both on foot and in the saddle. In recognition of the help they received from the men of Averland long ago the Hospitalers regularly send knights to fight along side the Army of Averland.







22-10-2010, 17:02
It's been some time sense the last update, baby, work and moving to a new apartment will do that to a man's hobby time. The family is ll settled in now in our larger, brighter and nicer apartment, and I even have a little work area to call my own (when my wife isn't using the space). I've managed to bang out another regiment of halberdiers, the The Wissenland Borders .

Raised to repel the bandit attacks from across the Upper Reik River the Wissenland Borders have become one of the most professional regiments in the Army of Averland. The towns and merchants along the frontier have come to rely on the Borders as caravan guards, road wardens, and border police. The men of the regiment are used to operating in small groups and the sergeants and junior officers have developed a good sense of judgment and are capable of making quick independent decisions.







07-11-2010, 16:58
The Army of Averland keeps trucking along. Up next is a WIP shot, this is my first stand for the next unit of hand gunners.



20-11-2010, 20:21
The handgun is still mistrusted by the more traditional commanders of the Army of Averland. They see it as more of a toy, a way to scare primitive enemies and overawe simple peasants with load bangs and bright flashes. The less then illustrious history of the Averland Musketeers has done little to improve the weapons reputation. All to often the men of the Musketeers will stand to deliver a volley and the result will be a series of exploded barrels and maimed soldiers. The slow process of reloading means that more then once the regiment has been overrun by a cavalry charge and driven from the field. However, the men of the regiment are convinced that the handgun is the weapon of the future and are willing to sacrifice a finger or a hand or two to be on the forefront of military technology.







11-12-2010, 20:54
In an attempt to add some variety to the Army of Averland I started painting up a regiment from Ostland. Little did I understand what a pain painting white would be.

I have been basing my warmaster figs with a dark grey (almost block) primer as I have found that this is forgiving of mistakes.


Unfortunately trying to get the white to go over the dark primer coat smoothly has been a problem. The figs ended up looking pretty messy and the white just looks streaky in the worst kind of way.



So I decided to remove the primer from one strip and try with a lighter shade of grey to see how the white takes.


I'll try and do a side by side comparison between the light grey and dark grey.

11-12-2010, 22:39
It's a shame your project log don't receive more attention ! Your miniatures looks great, and the littles stories are entertaining too. Good luck with that army !

01-01-2011, 20:39
I'm really regretting going with the white and black scheme for these guys. White is just such a pain. The stands don't look to bad from a distance but up close the white just looks all streaky. Hopefully the regiment as a whole will look decent. Some more WIP shots of the first two strips. One was painted with the light gray primer and the other with the dark gray. I striped down the rest of the stands and re-sprayed them with the light gray, which makes things slightly better.





22-01-2011, 20:57
Between the holidays and the fact that white sucks these guys just took forever to paint up. I pushed through on Friday and am pretty happy with the results.

Some years ago a great raid came out of the Northern Wastes and swept through upper Ostland raising villages and decimating the regiments sent to stop the carnage. Such men that survived the wreck of their homes and the destruction of their units looked about and realized that their lives and homes were gone, never to return. Many of these men banded together, and with typical Ostland stubbornness, vowed vengeance on all those who would work similar havoc on the homes and lives of the good people of the Empire.

As the rumors of war spread north one such band, known only as the Ostland Reavers, marched south. Dark tales proceeded their journey, stories of villages held at knife point till supplies were delivered and merchants murdered upon the road. It has also been said that men who have mistaken these journeymen soldiers for mercenaries have regretted their decision. The Ostlander’s take great offense at the idea that they fight for so base a reason as money. These men fight for vengeance, pure and simple. Despite these stories the generals of the Army of Averland have welcomed these hard bitten veterans, knowing that men who have nothing left to lose will fight as if they care nothing for their lives.







22-01-2011, 21:02
Nine regiments left to paint. One last push. Here is an army shot.


24-01-2011, 12:46
Always fun to see a full army shot! One counter wide is pretty respectable in Warmaster! Can't wait to see your next unit.

08-05-2011, 01:14
The Army of Averland is back! I took a break to paint up a squad for my long neglected Vostroyan project and to move (again).

I’ve got eight regiments left to paint before this army is completed. This log has seen four housing moves, a job change, and the birth of my first kid.

Any way, on to the painting.

The Hochsleben Hunt

The Hunt has been in existence for centuries and its members spend most of their time chasing hounds over the lush Averland countryside. Patriotic feelings have gripped many of the younger members of the Hunt and they have formed a regiment of pistoliers. There are of course no questions as to their skills as riders and marksmen. However many of the commanders of the Army of Averland feel that they can not be trusted to go galloping off against orders or better judgment.







13-05-2011, 15:47
A quick WIP shot of my next unit of hand gunners. Trying to get these guys finished by May 21.



28-05-2011, 20:25
The Forge and Anvil Regiment is composed of blacksmiths and metal workers recruited from throughout Averland. A recruit must provide their own weapon, many of which are made by the recruits themselves, or their families. Each handgun is unique and expertly handcrafted and it is said that the regiment is equipped with the finest black powder weapons in the Army of Averland. There is only one problem; because each piece is different supplying a consistent flow of ammunition can be difficult.

These guys are the final handgun regiment I needed to paint up. Seven regiments left.





18-06-2011, 16:06
I've tried filling in the bases more so the individual strips don't stand out as much.

The Pfungzig Fencers are a university fencing club that suddenly found themselves conscripted into the Army of Averland. These somewhat bookish youngsters received word one afternoon that they were two hours late to the local muster and that if they didn’t assemble on the double they would all be executed for desertion. The officers of the regiment brag that the fencing skills learned in the gymnasium will be put to good use on future battle fields, however the dazed and bewildered looks on the faces of the rank and file don’t convey the same confidence.






19-06-2011, 00:59
Looking good Davout! Your units continue at a high standard and I always enjoy reading your backstory for each regiment.
How have they faired on the tabletop to date?

19-06-2011, 02:14
Still haven't played a game. I'm waiting to finish up the entire army (7 regiments left!) before playing.

Come to think of, any one playing Warmaster in Colorado?

01-07-2011, 16:28
Plugging away here. I can see the end of this project approaching in the not to distant future.

Here's another WIP of my next regiment. Trying to fill in the bases so the individual strips don't stand out as much.




22-07-2011, 20:51
Comprised of trackers, hunters, poachers and veteran mountain men the Bergsjäger form part of the permanent garrison of the Black Fire Pass. Excellent shots and expert hunters, the men of the Bergsjäger typically spend their time clearing the high passes of all manner of hazards, from orcs and goblins to other nameless things that stalk vulnerable travelers and caravans moving through the mountains.

In these troubled times the Count of Averland has been forced to call many of these veterans down from the mountains to serve in the Army of Averland. Unused to fighting in the line of battle, these ever practical soldiers have supplemented their usual green and brown garb with black and yellow plumes to ease identification during the heat of battle. Many have even gone so far as to done pieces of armor such has helmets and mail, a practice rarely seen in the mountains.





29-07-2011, 17:19
Cruising ahead trying to put the final touches on the Army of Averland. I've got the second to last regiment of Halberdiers on the table. Going for a less uniform look with these guys.



02-09-2011, 19:39
In these times of trouble the Count of Averland knows that he can rely on his ever-loyal subjects to answer his call to service. The young men of the town of Bernloch have responded enthusiastically by forming a regiment of halberdiers and proclaiming that they shall not return until every foe is vanquished and the sacred soil of Averland is safe and secure. Ignoring the advice of their elders the eager sons of Bernloch have marched off to join the Army of Averland without uniforms, experienced officers, or even knowledge of which end of the halberd to stick into the enemy. Despite these obvious flaws the Bernloch Volunteers believe that adventure and inevitable victory awaits just around the next bend in the road.







16-09-2011, 20:25
Some WIP pics of the last cavalry regiment for the Army of Averland. Also a quick shot of what I have left to paint, just a few units left!





02-10-2011, 20:16
The final cavalry regiment for the Army of Averland.

Unlike the majority of light cavalry units in the Army of Averland the Light Horse are a long established regiment with a professional reputation. Promotion within the regiment has always been based on merit and even the noble (or rich) members of Averland’s gentry are unable to purchase a commission. The regiment specializes in scouting and hit and run flank attacks and has won renown on many battlefields.







04-11-2011, 20:28
Another regiment down, just a few more to go. This will be the final regiment of skirmishers. I don't have a name or a back story for these guys. I painted them up to resemble the empire studio army found in the warmaster rule book. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think blue and red are Altdorf colors.







07-11-2011, 02:08
A WIP shot of the last cross bow regiment. the end is in sight. I've got 4 stands left to paint before I can put this project to bed.




07-11-2011, 13:00
Wow! That's a really nice warmaster army. I play warmaster... in sweden :( sorry.

If I could make one suggestion, then I would say, highlight the banners just a tad more to make them stand out.

Any way awesome army! Can't believe you're gonna paint it all before playing, what if you don't like the game?

07-11-2011, 22:18
Thanks for the tip Echunia. I'm not to worried about liking the game as I've read through the rules and they lokk fun. Also, I have always been more of a painter than a player so the painted army in all it's coolness will be enough of a reward.

12-11-2011, 20:55
The Quarrels are perhaps the least prestigious regiment in the Army of Averland. The recruiters who roam the back streets of the province’s cities and the lonely farms of the countryside typically send the smallest, weakest eyed, and most drunk recruits to the Quarrel’s depot. Along with an inferior rank and file the officer corps is populated by men to either to poor to purchase a commission in a better regiment or of low birth, such as the sons of common tradesmen and farmers.

Despite always being seen as second rate the Quarrels have amassed an impressive record of battlefield achievements. It was the Quarrels alone who stood firm at the battle of Fenkblein. Acting as a rear guard, the regiment delivered volley after disciplined volley into the seething ranks of the enemy, stalling their advance long enough for the remainder of the army to reform along a better defensive position.

During the cleansing of the Cursed Wood on the outskirts of Bieswang the Quarrels proved most efficient at stalking and destroying the beast men herds which had plagued the road between Bieswang and Averheim. As the Army of Averland musters for war the Quarrels are confident that they will be placed in a position to once again prove their worth, all in the hope that perhaps after once again achieving the unexpected their regiment will receive the recognition it deserves.




Only one regiment left!

13-11-2011, 01:15
Looking good D! Nice looking army all the way down the line. Which unit did you save for last?

13-11-2011, 02:37
One more unit of Halberdiers. Mountain Guard to be exact. I can't wait to finish and lay out the army. That will be a cool post.

14-01-2012, 20:54
It's Done! The Army of Averland is now complete. Final regiment is painted and based. It feels good to put this project to bed. Now...does any one play warmaster in Colorado?

The Mountain Guard are the elite of the Army of Averland. The regiment is comprised of veterans from throughout the province. To be selected to join even the lowest ranks of the Mountain Guard is an honor and a privilege. The Guard’s primary task is keeping the road through the Blackfire pass open and free of all hazards. In times of great danger the Guard will send detachments to stiffen the field army.





A full army shot is on the way. I'm excited to see what the collection looks like completely laid out.

15-01-2012, 02:28

15-01-2012, 03:13
I cant wait to see the money shot at the end! Nice to have a project in the bag but I'll miss the updates that would remind me to work on my own Warmaster!

15-01-2012, 09:03
Can't wait to see the whole army together! Nice faces on the mountain guard.

15-01-2012, 13:21
It's been quite the project but a lot of fun. I haven't worked out exact numbers but I think total mode count works out to be somewhere around 730 tiny little men. I've got a Vampire Counts army purchased and sitting in the "to do" pile, but I think I'll let me eyes recover before I start in on another 10mm army project.

Finally here is the Army of Averland laid out in all its glory.

These pics would probably look better on a game table instead of flower print table cloth but I have to work with what the wife provides.







Grain Weevil
15-01-2012, 13:26
wow! Impressive look! Greate job, and congratulations!

16-01-2012, 09:19
Wow! Epic win, that army looks really great! Hope you find some one to play against! I'll be waiting for the VC : D

16-01-2012, 12:04
The army looks great on the field, suitably impressive! Things like this always help spur me on I want to throw a force that size on the table as well. I'll also second the public's interest in a VC log to come! ;)