View Full Version : [SBG] Theodred

10-05-2009, 07:28
Is he worth it?
I have the mounted version of him and I'm unsure about whether to take him. Nice stats, but the lack of fate is a killer (I won't talk about whether he should have it or not). For 5 points more, one could get Eomer, who has 2 fate points but less will.

What do you think? He seems quite a risky proposition, especially as a 'main' hero. Then again, he does have some wounds and might points to help him avoid those situations in the first place...
I'd like to use him, but Eomer just seems a lot more reliable.

The Marshel
10-05-2009, 08:32
how many points are you playing. He is essentially eomer with differant heroic stats. the fate is a major issue, but can esilly field two heroes at their point cost. So why not take both?

however, eomer is beter. A wraith is a common sight in an evil army, and to be frank even 3 will is hardly enough to avoid a wraith. the extra will does not justify the fate for him, and generally you'll find eomer more usefull. Use him for theme or with someone mighty or or just as mighty i'd say.