View Full Version : 2k tomb kings for against lizardmen

elessar 2
10-05-2009, 16:08
Hello everyone,

I will be playing a battle against my friend's lizardmen soon, and I really want to stand a chance.

I was thinking about something along the following lines:

Tomb King with crook and flail of radiance, light armour and shield
Liche priest (hierophant) with golden ankrha
Liche priest with hieratic jar and cloak of the dunes
Liche priest with 2 dispel scrolls

16 skeleton warriors
16 skeleton warriors
16 skeleton warriors

tomb scorpion
tomb scorpion
6 ushabti
24 tomb guard, full command and with banner of the undying legion

I don't know if this will work, so therefore, I ask you for help.

If you want to change things, please keep in mind that I do not have too many things than this, but I do have the following (or am planning on buying this before the match) :
7 chariots (1 of which can be used for the king)
3 liche priests on horses
screaming skull catapult
8 skeletal horsemen (can still be made light or heavy)
casket of souls
maybe khalida

Many, many, many thanks in advance,