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10-05-2009, 17:36
so ive chosen to play lizardmen, heres what id like for my list, can you guys tell me where to improve and such. ive never played a agme yet soplz tell me if i chose ****

i mainly play warriors of chaos, dark elves, and this lizardnmen player(a 8 year old kid), TK and VC

so heres my list, i liove slann so im gonnahave 1 in(actually model wise ive converted a krox into a priest type fellow, )


slann, higher age of conciousness, focus of mystery(law of metal), the focused rumination- divine plague of protection, 405 pts
lvl2 skink priest ,2 dispels150
lvl2 skink priest 2 dispels,150
saurus scar vet, light armur, shield, magic scemitar of +2A,cold one 163

15 saurus, spears, 180
15 saurus, spears, 180
10 skinks krox 105
10 skinks krox 105
10 skinks krox 105

16 temple guard 256
7 cold one cavalry(with saurus vet)245
stegadon 235

95 pts left
how owuld this fare, were all pretty begginer but i love the idea of superslann :D

10-05-2009, 17:57
well, first of all, i think you mean 10 skinks not skink skirmishers, as they cant take krox, i would drop 1 unit of skinks /w krox and give your priests 2 dispel scrolls each...

15-05-2009, 04:22
bump, could use help, do you think people will mind if i use a converted krox to be a priest as a slann, i love krox models

15-05-2009, 14:47
I wouldn't mind you running a krox as a slann as long as you let me know before the game. Don't expect to get away with it in a tournament, though.

Run 11 skinks in your skink/krox units so that you can start with 3 full ranks. I guess the two units that your priests will run in are fine.

Dispel scrolls are good to have but 4 of them may be overkill if your opponent shows up fairly light on magic. In other words you'll wish that you'd brought something else if you don't absolutely have to dispel 4 clutch spells. Lizardmen have pretty good magic defense, anyway, so you should be fine running with just a couple of scrolls even if they do show up magic heavy. Just make sure that you fit a diadem of power in somewhere. Putting the cloak of feathers on a skink priest is a neat trick. You can easily position him so that the slann can shoot magic missiles through him.

Consider making your slann a BSB. Get rid of the divine plaque of protection and give him the Sun Standard of Chotek or a war banner. The plaque of dominion is pretty cool, too. If you don't take the war banner on your slann then take it on the TG standard bearer. Cupped Hands of the Old Ones is something that I wouldn't leave home without. A power stone or a diadem of power would be good to take, too. Also, don't take so many of his powers. One is a given. Two is on the expensive side. Three is overpriced. I'd ditch higher state of consciousness.

15-05-2009, 15:16
with all the magic you have you dont need any dispell scrolls really. i dont have my book with me so i dont remember the names, but if the slann has the enemy discards 6's to cast spells, that will cut him down alot. id either drop all the scrolls, or maybe keep 1 if you really want.

7 is an odd size for cold ones(i assume 7 included the svet?). id drop them to be 6 total including any characters, as 7 wide is a bit harder to manuver for charges.

skink/krox units are great flankers, but having 3 of them is just to many. you already have a steg and cold ones for flanking as well. id drop 2 units of them and turn them into skirmishers to screen your rank and file troops from missle fire.

with the extra points, the saurus should be 18 total(6x3) with standards and probably musicians as well.

terradons would also help you alot with warmachine hunting, as you have a LOT of M4 things that are sitting ducks.