View Full Version : fleeing from a charge with warmachine crew

06-05-2005, 06:49
Hey the question is as in the title can a warmachine crew voluntarily flee from a charge, it seems to say so in the main rule book but some people have been trying to convince me that it has been changed in one of the cronicles.

06-05-2005, 07:22
The flee reaction is still allowable.

What your friends were talking about involved CC and whether or not the crew could pursue. There have been some FAQ on that point. It was not referring to the charge reaction

Major Defense
06-05-2005, 16:59
Correct!! I found out just today by looking in here...


...that if the war machine is the closest model being charged then you measure the charge distance to the model of the war machine, not the defensive like the crew takes up. If you make the charge then the war machine's crew rank up in front of it, which moves the line charged back a little. I played a few games thinking that the charging unit only has to reach the line that I would create by ranking up. Yes, I am an idiot.