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11-05-2009, 15:48

I am thinking of selling my dwarf army, Its been sitting for a while and I dont think I will ever actually get round to finishing it. I started painting bits and bobs of it but lost interest.

I have never sold a full army before. Would I be better off splitting it down or selling as one? Maybe I should look to trade it instead?

Ebay or Bartertown?

Any help or advice would be great. Off the top of my head I have:

20 Warriors (Skull Pass)
20 Warriors w/gt weapons (6th ed multi part plastic)
20 Slayers
10 Hand Gunners (Skull Pass)
10 hand Gunners (Skull Pass)
20 Miners (Skull Pass)
18 Iron Breakers (Black Tree Design)
1 Organ Gun (Black Tree Design)
1 Gyrocopter (Black Tree Design)
10 Quarrellers (6th ed multi part plastic)
10 Quarrellers (6th ed multi part plastic)
3 Cannons and crew (Skull Pass)
1 Metal Lord

plus various other bitz and bobs (20 or so dwarfs and characters I havent actually fitted in).

I also have, but am not sure if I intend to include, the ltd ed 30th anniversary White dwarf (the one being carried by Bugman and Gotrek) and the Gotrek & Felix minis (the original ones, not the overscaled ones).

Not exactly the most expensive army ever but advice would be appreciated. What do you think?

11-05-2009, 17:35
You have a couple of options depending on the state of the models.

If they arent painted (say bare plastic/metal, or undercoated) then I'd take the time to split the models up and list them separately on eBay.

A well painted army can get a premium but gaming standard, you can probably get slightly more as a whole than selling them separately.

You could try bartertown, or alternatively, why not head in to the trading forums here on Warseer? Either ask for offers, price it up, or have a think about what you might like in exchange...

11-05-2009, 18:04
well I will buy gotrek & felix and the white dwarf model from ya lol :p