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Grand Warlord
23-12-2005, 02:23
Granted I have only played 1 game ... with my Gondor bowman fending off the Cave Troll ... thank the lord for failed courage.

Anyway I do have some questions...

I was reading in the latest couple of White Dwarfs about armies of upwards 20+ models but my local Gamestore Owner friend said that you can't have anymore than 20 ... could someone explain?

Also ... are you allowed to pick 2 'heroes' out of your basic troops? He also mentioned something about a Lieutenant and seargant models. I dont have anything to really look at off hand, its all at the gamestore, but I figured all the LotR Vets out there could help me.

It seems really interested and easy to play just wondering if im going to see more 15 model lists over the big groups, which appeal to me much much more..

thanks for the help.

23-12-2005, 07:48
Usually, the number of figures per scenario is specified in the actual scenario. But for points match games, where the UK GT standard is 600 points, there is a cap to the maximum number of figures. It is 50 figures.

There is also a cap on the number of trolls (2), and of course, the cap on 1 of each named character. Otherwise, you get to use what you want.

I don't know how the US events are run, but I guess that it is pretty much the same.

23-12-2005, 08:34
And just to add to Pertinax's comment hello you have made the right choice

23-12-2005, 12:15
your talking about battle companies arent you, rather than the actual scenarios/tournaments? in a battle company you start with a small force, one of which will be a luietenant and two sergeants the rest are normal warriors.

these 3 start gaining experiance like heros without being promoted first.

its all in wd 311/312 well most of it is, but as normal these days GW missed some stuff out it said was in.