View Full Version : Daemons of Slannesh

Cats Laughing
11-05-2009, 23:23
Ok, so I don't have the DoC book right now (local store sold out), but I've got a pile of daemons sitting around since... can't remember (pre 2004 anyway)

I have :
2 Keepers
36 Daemonettes w/2x full command
12 Steeds (with daemonette riders) w/2x full command
6 Fiends
Maybe a Daemon Prince of some sort (I think they're called Heralds now)

How many points can I field?
I realize that I won't be able to field both Keepers until I pick up another core unit(or two), but with what I have now, can I field 2000pts? 2250pts?

12-05-2009, 01:15
I count 1620 without the 2nd keeper or the Prince and with no upgrades whatsoever on the keeper you do take.

Cats Laughing
12-05-2009, 01:27
Thank you
I guess I might need more daemons (unless I can spend that much on upgrades