View Full Version : Ideas for a themed battle

The Red Scourge
12-05-2009, 11:25
In little more than a month, some old friends and I will get together for some fun. We've done some big allied battles before, but this time we'd like to do it a bit differently.

Since two of us collect VC, we've decided to do a vampire invasion vs. an allied army of High Elves and Empire. The rough idea is to have a big siege on an empire town, but first have a smaller battle, where the relief forces are ambushed by the undead. The first battle should then determine when the relief forces can enter the field in the final battle.

In the "big" siege we will be able to field around 5K on each side.

This is the concept, so do you guys have any thoughts on how to make the specific rules? :)

12-05-2009, 12:32
something like however long it takes the relief forces to win or lose the first battle (say 6 turns)... then they are held in reserve for half (3 turns). give them a plus for winning the first battle (say +2) so.. the arrive on turn 2. or after turn 1 or something.