View Full Version : 1000 Lahmian army

Dame Auferious
12-05-2009, 17:28
Trying a new army here... I'm big on armies that let me take a female character as the general (if you haven't noticed) and I'm finding myself a little dissapointed in the conversion potential for female High Elves other than mages. So, I decided to pick another army, that has badass chicks in charge already - Vampire Counts!
Lahmian vampires have always been my favourite, and I envision a Lahmian army featuring a solid core of elite troops supported by hordes and hordes of shambling goons. With that in mind I set out to create my first Vampire Counts army.

L&H (150)
Vampiress; Dark Acolyte, Scepter de Noirot

Core (200)
25 Zombies

25 Zombies


10 Skeletons; Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer

10 Skeletons; Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer

Special (645)
10 Grave Guard; Seneschal, Musician, Standard, Great Weapons

10 Grave Guard; Seneschal, Musician, Standard, Great Weapons

10 Black Knights; Hell Knight, Musician, Standard, Banner of the Barrows

The gist of the list is for my sexy level 2-D3 + 9-summoning Lahmia vampiress to start churning out zombies like no tomorrow, for flanking, march denial, combat resolution wins and, well, good 'ole cannon fodder. I was thinking of either sticking her at the back out of harm's way, or in a unit of skeletons (if I took them instead of 50 zombies... leaning toward the 50 zombies personally).
The Grave Guard and Black Knights make up the primary hitting power in the list, the hammer to the zombie horde's anvil. I figure the zombies can speedbump things for at least a turn or two (if the unit is big enough), giving the Grave Guard or Black Knights the time to hit them in the flanks or rear and put those wight swords to work.

Few questions, though:
- My Vampiress is a level 2 wizard. Now I know Invocation is known automatically, and that I get 2 spells for being a level 2 wizard. But does Invocation count as one of these, or do I still get to roll for my 2 normally?

- Would it be better to put the Grave Guard into one unit of 20, or two units of 10?

- 50 Zombies or 20 Skeletons?

C&C highly appreciated.