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12-05-2009, 19:45
Would franchising be a viable method to cut down in costs for their retail stores?

Templar Ben
12-05-2009, 19:55
I got that the poll was closed.

No it is not a viable option. It is a game store that must sell one product line.

It is not like McDonald's where you are buying into a franchise where you have strong support from the corporate office to include advertising, extremely low cost supply, no other direct outlets to compete (only McDonald's sells the Big Mac for instance) and assistance in store placement and training.

12-05-2009, 21:40
you wouldnt make enough money on GW products alone to survive. You would need to have other product lines in there in which cae it is no longer a franchise but just an indie store

12-05-2009, 21:45
Sorry, I can't the poll to work.

A GW franchise store would be run differently than the GW stores we now today.