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12-05-2009, 20:28
Can someone give me any O&Gs tactics this ismy army (will be in update)

-Big Boss Dagskar with Great Weapon
-NazBad Wartfinger
-Slugdrool the Troll
-Black Orc Big Boss
-10 Black Orcs with double handed weapons
-2 units of Night Goblins (20 goblins in each) with spears and shields
-1 unit of Night Goblins( 20 goblins) with Short Bows
-1 unit of Forest GoblinSpider Riders( 10 Spiders with Riders ) with Spears and Shields
-1 Boar Chariot
-1 unit of Orc Warroirs (19 Orcs) with Spears and Shields
-3 Night Goblins Fanatics
-1 unit of Black Orcs

and could maybe someone give me the points for this army thanks

Da GoBBo
14-05-2009, 19:57
This army counts 977 points as fielded here, but I havn't added points for Nazbad Wartfinger (what is that? :)) and your last black orc unit. Am I correct in thinking you don't have an armybook? Get one, its nice anyway and that way you get to know al lot more about your army.

About tactics.
Put your general with the orcs. Keep your troll close to your general and the chariot as well. These three should be the core of your army. You have a lot of goblins and it's been a while since I played them. You can use them on the flanks because they are very capable of keeping units busy and eventually veer them away from your bulk if need be. Place them so that you can still send your fanatics inwards as well. Your black orcs will autowaagh!, which means they will run a lot faster ones a battle when the waaagh is called so you can position them to the flanks as well. There they can help the goblins if need be or assist your orcs when they locked a unit. I'd place your archers in the center, spread them out and shoot like crazy. It doesn't matter if they get squashed. You could also equip them with nets, treat the bows as a bonus and have them asist the orcs, though you must be carefull because they do make for easy victorypoints. Spiders are meant to sweep the woods of anything anoying and assist you blocks later on.

So, did I miss anything?

14-05-2009, 20:04
check the orks and goblins tactic page maybe?
edit: I'm such a nice guy here is the link

15-05-2009, 15:51
There's also Avian's excellent O&G tactica. (http://folk.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/avian/subpage.php?s=index_greenskin_tactics)

15-05-2009, 22:50
basically get the book and take a few beginners days at a gw store. thats your best bet for getting into this.