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23-12-2005, 12:00
The foundation for my army is basically a Strigoi who isn't completely insane. He has loyal followers. The Lord himself travels in a black coach, low key - until it is time for battle. Probably nomadic and has constant dealings with other races. The cult leader/Necromancer (using DE assassin that's standing straight as the model), does all negotiations/relations with other races. The Lt. will be a Wightlord (still undecided, but I might be using a Tomb Prince to show that my Lord has been around and for quite some time). Followers worship the Strigoi like a god who'll restore their nation, so they will most likely be Strigany. Here lies the problem. I have to find suitable ways to include Striganies. I am reluctant to use any appendix list so I have to stick with the standard list. Only thing I can see used as Strigany are ghouls. I suppose I can make them with 2 poisoned weapons to represent the attacks. How will I represent their toughness though? I will also use DOW lists to add more alive elements to the list. Maybe some form of crossbows to represent more Striganies. I am also contemplating using Ogres as hired mercs.

So far, the "best" thing I can come up with ghouls used as Strigany followers is that the Strigoi lord basically "blesses" them with some kind of minor vampire kiss which grants them poisoned attacks and the extra toughness. If I do this, I can simply use unarmed with claws, or keep with the 2 hand weapon idea and paint them as minor vampires.

I just want to try something different from the generic insane, bestial Strigoi. My Strigoi is rather together in thought when not in battle, robed with hood over his entire body to stay, as I said before, lowkey to the public.

Any suggestions welcomed.

23-12-2005, 14:51
Buy and convert the Mordheim Stagecoach before the idiots at GW retire the model...

23-12-2005, 15:41
Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but with the T4 question - why not simply have it that these guys fight on out of respect/duty for their lord?
Some sort of "inner circle" of followers?
Sounds corny, but strigany (based on romanies) would be quite a tough bunch in the first place, and have a strong honour code.
I'd definitely go with hand weapons, though. Who knows what foul ichors the Necromancer spends his "downtime" concocting? ;)
The fear could easily be expalined away as "their reputation precedes them", and lends wait to the T4 justification.

Ogres could be explained away easily; many ogres find "peaceful" employ as bodyguards and convoy security, so the sight of caravans flanked by ogres would perhaps be unusual, but not unheard of. (Perhaps Ironguts with giant axes as a "logging" crew?)

As for other DoW, romanies were traditionally low-tech in their means, and generally favoured strength and resilience over skill.
As such, bows and thrown weapons over crossbows/pistols, hand weapons, shields and great weapons over pikes/spears and the likes.

You could also have duellists as acolytes to the inner circle gangs...

Erm.. erm... yeah. Think that's it for now. Will have another browse of lists and the like.

Use the carnival of chaos caravan for the black coach. Strigany wouldn't bother making something as impressive as the black coach - a box on wheels would therefore suffice.

23-12-2005, 21:17
Thanks Superbeast, that was seriously a lot of help. Gave me a lot of ideas.
Now I have to find suitable models to use as Strigany. I suppose the one that immediately pops up are the free company. However, they just don't instill fear. I guess if I paint them in "unholy" color, that'll help.

24-12-2005, 00:47
I would also suggest using DoW units as Strigany. Duelist, crossbowmen, and Marauders all would work nicely. The only problem is that they all compete for your rare slots.

As for models, Free Company militia from the Empire would be your easiest option. You can use Greenstuff to model on cloaks and robes on some models, depending on how confident you are with that stuff. I've not much experience with using it myself.

you could also look into use Mordhiem Carnival of Chaos, Cult of the Possessed brothers, and even the Sisters of Sigmar models.

Your best option would probably be to look into other companies for models, if you don't mind using non-GW stuff. I know Reaper makes a line of nuns with various weapons, and with a little work and a propper paint job, they could look quite sinister.

24-12-2005, 01:22
Well....you could use maurauders of chaos models for the strigany, they are pretty big and buff, lending to the tougness 4 and fear

24-12-2005, 03:39
You can use Necromunda guys as your cultist type "ghouls". The ones that look like cult people, fairly sinister with the right color scheme. I think they are Cawdor, I don't play the game myself so I'm not positive.

25-12-2005, 11:56
A 'Proxy-Ghoul'-Strigany obviously has T4 because of his toughened leather jerkin, and poisonous daggers are quite the latest fashion amongst gypsies.
As for causing fear - if little old men with magic wands can cause fear, big and butch gypsies with poisonous daggers can do so as well. ;)

25-12-2005, 22:13
A 'Proxy-Ghoul'-Strigany obviously has T4 because of his toughened leather jerkin, and poisonous daggers are quite the latest fashion amongst gypsies.
As for causing fear - if little old men with magic wands can cause fear, big and butch gypsies with poisonous daggers can do so as well. ;)

Hahah.. I think I'm still going to give their skin a blueish-white tint to give an unnnatural visage.

Thanks for all the input so far guys.

25-12-2005, 23:30
The Strigany also have that kind of fortune teller type vibe too...You could always say they concoct some kind of drugs that they then coat their weapons with and another kind they take to boost their resiliance (ala kin to the Mordheim Mandrake Root I believe...Which kicked ass btw :P)

As for the fear causing, they would have been sneaky types, you could say they poisoned the opposing forces water supply before the battle making the army susceptible to the most slighty scary thing.

Just a thought,

Mad Makz
27-12-2005, 23:24
I would use DOW for the regular Strigany followers, and Ghouls as 'blessed' Strigany who share in the Lords bloodfeasts or some such.

The way you describe the army sort of reminds me of the Genestealer cults in 40k, the Strigoi lord being the Patriach, the necromancer a Magus, and the Ghouls are like Hybrids.

So that's one direction, use the Ghouls as deformed/'blessed' Strigany, and DOW as regular Strigany. I think it works better than trying to make regular human type models as Ghouls.

Alternatively, if you want a more human look for the Ghouls, Carnival masks etc could represent their fear causing nature, and as other's have suggest poison could be represented by poison daggers.

28-12-2005, 09:45
You are correct sir. That's what I had in mind. I just didn't want to use 40k examples because I know some people dislike any mention of it.

However, I didn't think that out about the hybrid comparison. I think that would be a great idea.

Now to look for ideas.