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23-12-2005, 12:38
after watching Narnia at the movie theater, I inadvertly told to my wiife that it would be cool to be able to convert an WFH into either army, and instead of hearing the common ranting that I already have too many armies, you spend a lot of money in your toys....she turn and agree with me (I think she loved the movie ) and even venture to inquire if GW has centaurs, fauns minotaurs, polar bears and the like.
So seizing the opportunity I think I will start one with her blessing (sort of) I was thinking for the "good army of Narnia" to use WE. Converting either riders of kournos or glade riders to count as centaurs and scouts or eternal guard as fauns, dryads as dryads maybe orion as the lion.
for the "evil side" I ws thinking maybe chaos and have a good juggy as a polar bear, the orcs and cyclops as chaos marauders, have beast of khaos and maybe even chaos dwarves.
let me know

23-12-2005, 13:13
I think Beastmen would be perfect for the evil side. They already have minotaurs.. furies for harpes, giants, trolls.. the list goes on.

Cpt. Drill
23-12-2005, 14:47
I was also speculating about what to use... the evil side would be nice and easy because chaos allows you to do anything! I would want to have beastmen in vairous forms to be the grunts...

I am not sure what unit you would have as the narnia dwarfs.. but I would definatly want to use the LotR dwarf range as the archers look exactly the same!

Commissar von Toussaint
23-12-2005, 17:02
I had the exact same thought.

So much so, that I started making up my own rules (which I'll put up here once things are nailed down a little).

In the meantime, try Reaper for Centaur models:


By the way, GW used to have stats for Centaurs. I found them in the Battle Book for 5th ed.

I've said before that in terms of a game, I like 6th ed. better and I've never really looked back.

But now that I'm putting together my own rules, I'm using 5th as my model because it has a lot more variety.

Good luck and let me know what you find.

23-12-2005, 18:58
I had the same idea while watching the movie (which I'm surprised I didn't think of earlier, with CoN being my favorite fantasy series since I was a kid).

I agree with the choice of Wood Elves for the Good Army. I was thinking of using the stats for Orion as Aslan, with a suitable lion miniature to represent him. Going off of the movie, I figured you could use the rules for Warhawk riders as the "Gryphon Airforce".

Peter would be a WE Lord on a Great Stag (modeled as a Unicorn), with the other children as heros. Perhaps Lucy as the BSB?

Chaos army is the obvious (and I'd say the best) choice for the White Witch's Army. I was thinking of using the Kislev allied rules, and fielding the Tsarina as the Witch herself (if that's possible; I haven't looked at the Kislev rules in forever).

All that being said, I'm already working on a Chaos army, and I'm already planning a "normal" WE army, so I doubt if I will do anything with either of these ideas, so I'm glad somebody else had the same plan.... Instead I'm thinking of adapting the Lord of the Rings rules for a Chronicles of Narnia Strategy Battle game. And don't forget to post pics when you get started.:)

23-12-2005, 19:24
It wouldn't be possible to have tsarina herself but her model would make a great chaos lord(tzeench)/ sorceror

24-12-2005, 00:52
unfortunately the kislevites still hate chaos so they cant be fielded together , thanks everyone for the great ideas I was thinking a mayor conversion on the sabertusk to represents aslan, I dont remember correctly but I think WE can field unicrosns for their heroes.
So with some many great ideas I have to choose between the white withc army of aslan army
and I'll post any picts as sson as I start the proyect....

24-12-2005, 01:01
(Go for the white witch, she has turkish Delight!)

24-12-2005, 02:16
I dont remember correctly but I think WE can field unicrosns for their heroes.
Unfortunately, only Mages can ride Unicorns, and only if you upgrade them to Glamourweave Kindred. A regular Hero or Lord can ride a Great Stag (which I figure would be easily replaced with a Unicorn model, without most people batting an eyelash), but only if you make them a Wildrider Kindred. Otherwise it's a normal Elven Steed or a Great Eagle for 'em.

The other thought I had was to use the Treeman's rules for Rumblebuffin the Giant and Treekin for "normal" Trees. Dryads = Dryads (or Nymphs or what not).

And I'd recommend using an alternative Lion miniature (or a toy Lion) for Aslan, but that's based on my awful opinion of the Sabretusk minis. Reaper's got a couple of decent ones: Lion 1 (http://reapermini.com/gallery/2700s/2776_G), Lion 2 (http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=2402&cat=53&page=2)

24-12-2005, 04:34
Sounds like a cool idea and should be fun to convert also.

24-12-2005, 05:17
Peter just rode a normal horse, so you don't need the great stag. Centuars should be easy enough, especially with the wild rider models. For fuans, take beastmen legs and empire bodies good luck. Make the evil army tzeentch as the white witch could both use martial and magical attacks.

24-12-2005, 05:56
Peter just rode a normal horse, so you don't need the great stag.
If you're going to base the army on the movie, then he was on a Unicorn. If you're basing it on the book, then it doesn't matter - Lewis doesn't describe him on a steed of any kind until the end of the book (when they're all on normal horses).

24-12-2005, 13:04
I was thinking to create the army based on the film rather than the book..

25-12-2005, 00:09
I had exactly the same idea. I was going to use a minotaur lord thing as the big black furred leader. an exalted of tzeentch in a chaos chariot pulled by two Ursun models (the minotaur was going to be my general for the higher leadership, the white witch was the leader but the minotaur thing was the general).
Minotaurs, chaos ogres, Yhetees as chaos trolls for the ice theme. Lots of beastmen. i was going to use units of Sabretusks as hounds, the chaos beasthounds from mordheim and other things. And a couple of the nice new giants.

Probably need 2.5k minimum though.

I was really interested in doing this and then i did the math on cost......oh well there goes another forgotten army.

26-12-2005, 03:45
Having just watched the movie I have to whole heartedly agree to this concept, its genious.

Although, it should be noted this army would be epic sized, maybe 6000 pts+ per side. So it would probably be best to theme it around certain "contingents" of 2000 pts led by specific characters from the movie, then buy enough models to switch out certain units and charcters but still keep the central theme. For example the minotaur could lead one 2k army while the witch another, Aslan another, then the Centaur general and Peter etc. This would be realistic because, lets face, it your probably never going to play a 5000 pt game anytime soon.

I also think the witch should be a lord of tzeentch, considering her power and Leadership in the movie and the fact she eventually leads, what are in essence, Lords of change in the later books I think. Which makes a chaos army even more desirable. Also dwarves could be done by taking dogs of war Dwarves as a rare choice or just using standard chaos warriors with shields in their place as a rough guestimate.

Konrad_Curze II
27-12-2005, 00:00
though the idea of a chariot being pulled by polar bears is a very cool idea (now where did i put by tsar model....)