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13-05-2009, 15:41
I was just looking througth the tomb kings army list the other day when something struck me. Almost the entire Army list has plastics for it already with only another 4-6 to go in order to get the entire range into Plastic (assumming swarms go into a box set with a tomb scorpion). However there are numerouse problems with the current plastics. First of all there the old plastic vampire count skeletons with the weapon options and look appropiate to a western european rather Egyption feel. Secondly is the scale there are rather larger than the new vampire counts models. However this point can be ignored witht hte fact that the race are all 7'+ supermen. And lastly the old skeltons just don't cut it compared to the newer kits. So your thoughts. Should GW quickly bash out the last few kits needed in plastic or should the range get a complete overhaul?

Bingo the Fun Monkey
13-05-2009, 15:53
It'd be cool if their archers were right handed. Not that I have anything against lefties...just makes little sense.

13-05-2009, 15:56
TK plastic models are decent enough. I've no problem that they dont all wear egyptian clothes, maybe they fell off due to lack of flesh. The weirdest thing about all undead plastics is that the horses have tails

13-05-2009, 16:15
TK plastic models are decent enough. I've no problem that they dont all wear egyptian clothes, maybe they fell off due to lack of flesh. The weirdest thing about all undead plastics is that the horses have tails

Lol, I never thought of that.

13-05-2009, 17:19
Actually, i quite like the old skele models. They're chunky yes, but they look cool even so. The Tomb Guard models in particular actually look quite nice (even if they do look more Roman than Egyptian). The Ushabti, tomb scorpions and carrion birds are also not too bad.

However, i hate the horses with a passion. The actual chariots and horse riders aren't too bad, but again the mounts are awful.

Obviously bone giant is a terrible model and i'm not massively fond of the odd looking skull catapult.

The tomb kings and princes aren't bad either, but the liche priests are slightly odd.

Overall, its more fixing the atrocious horses and a couple of the big chunky metal models.

13-05-2009, 18:06
oh please give me a complete overhaul. TK are one of the few armies I am really interested in but haven't started yet due to the fact that I really can't get along with their skeletons

if they make new ones, sign me in
otherwise I'm afraid I have to wait another few years before they finally do this

but here's what I think will happen:
new bone giant, scorpion and tomb guard
-> replacing something metal with plastic
all the current plastic kits get ignored because "they look ok enough" (which in my opinion they don't - the only thing you could keep are the chariots, which are ok, but then you would still have the weird and underwhelming horses)

13-05-2009, 18:18
I think they will go for an overhaul. I think they will use the base VC skelly with an added sprue to make them look different. They can also use this added sprue for bows.

13-05-2009, 19:06
I said this on another thread. With the new Computer Technology, GW might have generic skeleton 3d models from the vampire count new skellies onto which they will add egyptian iconography, clothing etc. It'd be relatively quicker than re-making them completely and more worth it as those new skeletons look damn nice.

14-05-2009, 04:28
I think we won't see an overhaul.
Unlike VC where it was just one kit, this would mean replacing 3 seperate kits. I think we're more likely to see new plastic kits.

14-05-2009, 04:57
I would like a new plastic heavy cavalry kit with some new horsies.

Lord Of The Avatars
14-05-2009, 07:04
Yup they need new skeletal horses, the legs are too thick for bone, and themodels need redoing totally, perhaps making an actual skeleton like with just a ribcage,spine,skull,and you know the rest. But what im saying is for skeletons dont make them a block, have the ACTUAL skeleton!

14-05-2009, 08:44
Remodeling Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Horsemen would make a lot of sense from streamlining point of view, but unfortunately I don't see it happening. It's more likely that Tomb Kings are getting only 2 plastic kits, one of which is Tomb Guard and the other something else.

For the past four years, GW has been trying to streamline the plastic production by reducing the number of sprues (molds in this case) to build the models. For example, every plastic mount since Wood Elf release has been included in the same sprue with riders to reduce the number of casts needed to produce a unit. Empire Knightly Order regiment consists of 2 sprues of 4 knights, 8 sprues of horses, 8 sprues of horse heads and 2 sprues of shields. I don't know if they still include 2 sprues of Mordheim Middenheimer sprues as well. Compare this to Chaos Knight set which consists of exactly one sprue, that contains everything you need to build 5 Chaos Knights. (By sprue I mean something that comes out of casting machine as a whole and is broken apart by hand into smaller frames to fit in the package. Not sure if this is the correct them, as some people use it the other way around).

Skeleton horsemen suffer from the same "problem" as Empire Knightly orders. Currently the box is packed by gathering plastic from 3 different sources - skeleton horses, riders and TK accessory sprue are all cast separately. It would make a lot of sense if they were renewed similar to Pistoliers and Marauder horsemen. For those who are not familiar with the kits, they consist of two-fold sprue of three medium-sized frames. Two of the frames are identical and contain 2 complete models (including horses) while third is a command frame that contains one complete model and all the command bits. Chaos Knight and Cold One Knights are similar with the exception that all three frames are different allowing 5 different mount and rider sculpts.

Tomb Guard are likely to be treated similar to Black orcs, Flagellants, Grave Guard, Temple Guard and Goldswords - all of which are identical kits in design. All kits are made of two sprues of 5 models. The sprue is a two-fold sprue of 3 small frames, none of which are identical. Kits like this usually offer a bucketload of options and have a ridiculous amount of bits left over.

14-05-2009, 09:03
yes it would make a lot of sense to make new horsemen and reduce them to one spure. on the ohter hand they would still need to produce two out of the three plastic sets you mentioned: horses and TK bits
I guess they would have to continue producing the old horses for a loooong time since so many kits include them: TK horsemen, chariots, VC Knights, Black Coach... unless they replace all of them which might take some time they would still have to produce the horses anyway
and they seemed to have left out the possibility to redo cavallry a lot of times like in HE, Empire, Lizardmen and so on which all happily include the old "seperate horse" spures (Dragon Princes are even metal)

in short, I like the fact that GW tries to modernise cavallry as much as anything else but I do not count on them going for the TK one, at least not in the first wave

14-05-2009, 09:05
i actually like most of the current tomb king range (i play them myself), but i do think that rather than a quick fix they do need and overhaul to bring them in to line with the quality of most of the other races. the skeleton warriors themselves are quite fiddly to put together for those with big hands, having said that that's about the only problem i have with the range.

the ushabti are excellent, the bone giant i like very much, as long as you pin it you wont have a problem with it, having said this it could do with a few more weapons options as well as a bit more pose-ability (that's the only thing stopping me buying a second bone giant).

i'm a fan of the carrion, don't change them!!! and i like the scorpion but it could do with a tweak to make it a bit easier to put together (i myself had no problem, but i've heard nightmares :p ).

the screaming skull catapult and the tomb kings/princes and liche priests NEED an overhaul, they are poor models.

the book doesn't need to change, i love it the way it is, perhaps a bit of a magic boost but that's it!

if GW could do the above they might get me back buying their products from them instead of ebay.

14-05-2009, 13:02
Lol, I never thought of that.

I thought that was weird, too. It is right though: