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13-05-2009, 18:27
Hey guys I have not been on here in some time but since this the only place I found people intrested in WotR I was hoping to get some advice. I am part of a campaign where I am leading the Eastern Allaince, (I some how got promoted to leading a band of reformed Easterlings and a bunch of Elves. Talk bout lore meaning nothing) Anywho here is what I am at so far.

1250 Erebor Force

Epic Heroes
General: Gimli 175 points

Common Formations
Dwarf Warrior Kinband; 6 Companies, Shields 240 points
Dwarf Archer Kinband; 4 Companies 140 points
Dwarf Ranger Kinband; 3 Companies, 2 Handed Weapons 120 points
Dwarf Ranger Kinband; 3 Companies, 2 Handed Weapons 120 points

Rare Formations
Khazad Guard Kinband; Banner Bearer, 3 Companies 185 points
Vault Warden; 2 Companies 140 points

At the moment my force comes to 1120 points. So I have some lee way for expansion. Ok now to explain why this odd force and how it came to being. The Vault Wardens and Warrior Kinband are my Anvil. They sure as hell can take a beating but the Vault Warden I have never used so its a risky business for me. The Archers because they have served me well regardless of what has happened. Always one of my last units to be alive.

Now my shock/counter force. Dwarf Rangers. For a common formation they can perform an insanely powerful job as I have learned. 10 S3 attacks then a charge where most opponents die on 5s normally leaves most units reeling and then for the hell of it have prob the best devestation unit dwarves have to add onto it with their S5 2H weapons of doom....yeah most people wave bye bye.
So with 130 points left what should I invest in? Perhaps Balin and a 25 point fate? More troops? Some Warengines? So can anyone give insight please on where I should go next. Depending on the respounce I may post up my Fallen Realms list so its fits into the fluff of our allaince.

13-05-2009, 18:49
My biggest worry is your lack of might at the moment. You only have Gimli and he'll only affect one formation.

13-05-2009, 18:50
I know hence why I am glad I have that 130 room to play with. My army matches alot of people in size some how so perhaps Balin would be a wise investment giving me 7 Might?

14-05-2009, 11:29
Or a few champions.

14-05-2009, 18:02
I would invest in Durin's guard and Floi

Durin's guard gets TONS of special rules and you get all that extra might.

Floi is great with his ability to disable 1 enemy ability per turn this can really alter how your opponent plays

I agree with Emissary - Champions are very nice. If you take 2 of them you can effectively hold a flank with little support.

EDIT: ack! just reread Renewal and it only does might - funny I could swear it rez'd dead guys