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14-05-2009, 11:06
Right here goes with my first 2000 point list.


Royal guard
Malbeth and arvedui
5 companies

Warriors of arnor
4 companies
full command

Rangers of arnor
3 companies

Rangers of arnor
2 companies

Court of the dead king
5 companies
king of the dead

Riders of the dead
3 companies

the white council

Blessing of galadriel-50

That comes upto 1980 points,im not too sure whose going to have the blessing but i know i definatley want it.

Also not sure about the white council or to swap it out for the council of wizardry.

I was originally thinking about having gimli,legolas,aragorn,radghast in the big formation of royal guard.
my logic (if you can call it that) was as follows:

They are a big unit effectively with a 6+ invulnerable,which will give them a bit of resilience.

aragorn would provide the muscle,along with gimli

Radghast would give them path finder and extra charge movement

i originally thought of legolas so he could make them strike at the same time as cavalry,but i then reread Radghasts rules,but with his crippling shot,it would make them useful against monsters.

Im probably not going to go with the unit because it is a huge poins sink,and with all them characters,it would just have a bullseye over it.

Anyway back to the list,how do you think it would fair.


16-05-2009, 10:18
I think its a really nice, flavoursome list. I don't quite see the point of the second, smaller unit of rangers, and I'd be very wary of the Riders of the Dead. I think I'd want another solid block of infantry instead of those two choices, like the 4-strong unit of Arnor Warriors you already have.

If you stretch to it, i'd use the points from dropping those selections and buying a formation of three-strong Grey Company (if you can justify it - there are plenty of ways) with the Banner of the King. Then put Aragorn in here, and suddenly your low-Courage Arnor troops are all C6. Which is simply amazing.


16-05-2009, 13:01

i think i put them in there originally as a 3 company formation,but for some reason they were bumped down to a harrasment unit-nothing else,but i do see your point,i was thinking about using them as grey company or dunedain.

Im also thinking about swapping aragorn and faramir for elendil and more rangers or dunedain.

Also when i go above 2000 points im thinking about having a big formation of osgiliath veterans and counting them as Arnor veterans.