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14-05-2009, 11:54
Now I get to show my forbiddin love of the Balrog. I call him Squshy. I have Half the gobbo's and one Troll painted and I need a break.. so here is my army in progress (no pics - speed painting at its worst).

Epic Heroes:
Durburz, Goblin King
Druzhag the Beastcaller

Common Formations:
8 x Moria Goblins with Shields & Goblin Drum
2 x Moria Goblins with shortbows
2 x Moria Goblins with shortbows
2 x Moria Goblins with shortbows
4 x Warg Pack

Rare Formations:
Balrog (The Squishy)
Cave Troll
Cave Troll

I get this adding up to 1255 points... and I REALLY don't want to paint another 64 Moria Goblins if I can help it (by getting a second formation of 8 x Moria Goblins with shields & Goblin Drum).

Any other suggestions? Allies? Or should I really just bite the bullet and get another metric tonne of (plastic) Goblins?

Please help Squishy realise his dream of giving everyone a big hug on the battlefield.

15-05-2009, 17:25
I would field for combat either prowlers (no need to by the metal models just paint them as such) OR (and in my opinion better unit) Gundabad goblins. For the same point cost as shields or bows you get better defense, better fight, courage, AND special rules as icing on the cake.

I would field the bowmen as you have them 2-3 formations per regiment are good for maneuver and you should field 6-9 formation regiments of gundabad goblins. To fill in the remaining core after you fill in two groups of 6 gundabad I suggest spiders - don't get the expensive LOTR ones, but use the Warhammer goblin spider rider box. Not only do these look better, they are plastic, AND more for the money.

reason for giant spiders? They ROCK - you get poison attacks the highest movement in the game and on the charge you will cause a lot of pain. The goblins soak up the wounds and then mop up what isn't killed by spiders.

16-05-2009, 08:56
Hmm.. good ideas.. i'll have to rework the whole list for that (which shouldn't take long ;) )

I suppose i can use the gobbo's with shields as blackshields... spears as prowlers... just to get me started on this... will try a revamp later on ;)

Thanks for the tips so far Billpete!

16-05-2009, 15:59
That's how I run them. That allows you to use every model in the average box, which gives you an even mix of prowlers, gundabads, and archers.

16-05-2009, 19:31
plus the giant spider models sre sweet

16-05-2009, 19:56
I personally don't care for them. I'll be using WHFB Spider Rider models instead. My mounted Druzhag will also be riding one...