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14-05-2009, 21:02
I have been testing a lightcav+exalted setup and it proved to be very effective:
Exalted, Khorne Jugger, flail, shield, bsb +crown of everlasting conquest
Horsemen #7 standard, musician
(Note that this setup was made for low points battles (1250) and was tested in such circumstances. )

Easy to get rear and flank charges with him, and has a static combat res of 2-3 (two standards and a likly outnumber with us 16) plus the occasional flank or rear cr bonus. Flank and rear charges helps avoid the anoying rule of having to challange.

Despite the fragile nature of the horsemen they usually dont get shot to pieces becouse (A) they are fast (B) they advance on the side limiting the firepower the enemy is able to focus on them (C) my knights and ogres are more tempting targets. They fare moderately against magic the MR(1) of the jugger helps (most people try to avoid MR troops with their magic) and usually most spells the enemy prepared are meant against knights (for example spirit of the forge doesnít do much damage against them). T Frenzy may be a problem, but the free reform helps you out most of the cases.

Important to note:
You can choose a flee reaction with them. The frenzy provides the immune to psyhology rule that prevents you from fleeing but, you loose that when the ITP character joins a unit that is not ITP.
The character moves as fast cavalry when with the unit, the only thing he doesnít get is the shooting rules for fast cav. The whole unit movest M7, becouse of the jugger.
If the enemy character isnít in base with one of your minis then he cant accept challanges (usually resulting in case of flank and rear charges that noone can accept your challange and you are free to bash the heads of rank-and-file troops :-) ).

My problem isnít wether they are good or not, I know theyíre good :-). What I need your help with is how to make them more viable in 2k games, how to get the maximum out of the idea? I have some ideas but Iím interested in your input.

They are the weakpoint, killing them gives the enemy CR. Flails would help them kill a few models and getting less attacks back, but I never used this weapon on them before and the price is and issue at 7-8#. Are flails worth it without frenzy? Does that single attack with +2S make a differnce?
Also a champion will be needed in case I cant get a flank or rear charge to take the challange from the hero. But the price is going up becouse Iíll need one more horsemen to compensate for him not being rank-and-file anymore.
Marks are good question, slaanesh seesms the best, but being immune to fear and rerolling panic on LD 8 doesnít make it a must.

The hero:
Im not happy with the crown of everlasting conquest, although it did save the hero one time. Any advice is appreciated.
Also the M7 slows down the unit a bit, so a demonic mount build could be faster (probably the only case a demonic mount is worth it :-)). An enchanted shield would take the armor save back to 1+ but I would loose the flail, and only have 35 points for a magic weapon. Or keep the crown and the flail and pray for no fire attacks.
Rod of torment and bloodcurdling roar could help him get rid of the potential bait that tries to lure him to frenzy-charge, but im not sure if it would work.
Skipping the frenzy (&khorne) would make them more reliable. Making him tzeench, demonic mount, flail, armor of morrslieb can be just as though to kill without magic attacks, but the loss of two attacks takes a lot out of his hitting power.

Magic banner:
As a BSB, he could skip the magic items to get a magic banner. Banner of the gods and the +1 banner look the most appealing, but the +1 banner works very well on my knights and banner of the gods is way to expensive for a unit I expect to win and will be probably too far away to give stubborn to my other units. Terror can be fun though :-).

Im, not a fan of the warshrine, but the bonuses could realy make this setup shine. I would need a favor of the gods on the exalted to make it worth but becouse of its role and speed I probably only got one or two rolls before Im out of range.

14-05-2009, 22:20
- Horsemen:
Well, Flails and the Mark of Khorne means that Horsemen hit just as hard as a unit of Knights. They cannot take any punishment back, but they do throw out a damn nice amount of damage.

Also, consider the fact that they must charge anyway, not giving the unit MoK, whilst slightly cheaper, means your combat effectiveness is lower, whilst you still suffer the drawbacks of Frenzy.

MoK on the Horsemen boosts your fighting capability without any extra penalty.

- Hero:
Personally, Chaos Heroes don't need a great deal of Magic Items.
At most I'd give him a Talisman of Protection or Collar of Khorne if he's Tzeentch, but for Khorne, they don't need much. Perhaps a simple Sword of Battle for an extra attack.

If you're gunning for the side of a unit, or to bash Rank and File heads, the extra attack helps him chew even more up.
Also, if you throw in a Unit Champion, you can give him at least 1 turn of free reign to smack a unit up.

- Banner:
Don't put your BSB in such a fragile unit, in my opinion.
If you do, make sure you will not lose it to Fear/Terror or Panic - stay with MoK or take MoS on the unit.

15-05-2009, 00:37
Drop the exalted, buy two more units of horsemen. Give them all mark of khorne. Drop the standards from the horsemen. Done.

16-05-2009, 10:36
I've tried slaaneshi exalted on steed of s. in horseman unit, and he was ace.
"Look out sir" while beeing in a unit and on his own, with flail and roar, able to wreac havoc, he won movement phase for me [it was 1500 game] against lizzies.
I use jagger exalted as well, but as a bsb in a unit of warhounds, just for waroooof "ward save" against shooting, with a warbanner and flail this hero is a real monster.
I'm tempted by the idea of another exalted , demonic mount to match M8 of horseman, so it would be 2 exalteds one on steed of slaanesh and one on demonic mount.