View Full Version : [WotR] How much terrain?

15-05-2009, 07:20
I was just wondering, on a standard 4x6 foot board, how much terrain are you using and what kind of defensible values are you giving them?

The last game I played we had a large ruined castle 12"x12" at size 3, 2 hills, a wood at size 2 and a wood at size 1. Does this seem fairly standard in the qty of terrain?

15-05-2009, 07:50

A ruined castle at 12*12 inches at capacity three, that should be at least capacity six to nine.

We run any defensible flat object (such as a Wood) at 6" by 6" to be about capacity three. A large wood at 12" by 12" would be at least capacity six, if not even more.

I would say that you calculate the size by putting infantry trays in them and see how many of them can be comfortably put in there without any of them touching each other. If it is a building you should add at least one or two capacity since you also might have several levels to put troops at.

Otherwise we use roughly the number and size of terrain that are suggested in the rules. We usually set it up according to how it is done i WFB. That rule works rather good.