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15-05-2009, 12:27
Now if you remember last week I promised a battle report of the Fall of the Necromancer. Well here it is. Hopefully I can upload some pictures with it too (I hope it works).

I apologise for the pictures as I don’t have all the modals. I will place the modal name next to who they are supposed to be.


Gandalf the Gary
Saruman the White
Radagast the Brown
Cirdan (Wood Elf Warrior)
Glorfindel, Lord of the West (I'm using the unarmoured version)
Erestor (Galadhrim Warrior)
Galadriel, Lady of the Galadhrim
Celeborn - Fully armoured
Thranduil (Galadhrim Archer)


The Necromacer (Cave Troll)
5 Ringwraiths (Gothmog, Black Numenor, Orc captain, Moranon Orc captain and Mordor Urukhai)
4 Castellan's - All with Morgul Blades (2 are Goblins)
Troll Chieftain
Mordor Troll
4 Giant Spiders (2 are Wargs)

Turn 1
With good having priority they rolls for there reinforcements ad Elrond and Glorfindel arrived. Saruman manages to immobilise the Necromancer who doesn’t resist it in order to save will. 2 giant spiders also arrive viva the Mausoleum. With not shooting or no one able to even charge the turn is done.

Turn 2
Evil get priority and as such they could choice there reinforcements. Unfortunately they roll a 1 so only the Troll Chieftain arrives. Meanwhile the Necromancer fails to drain Gandalf’s Will. Legolas and Erestor also arrive and immediately try to wound the Necromancer but they fail. Meanwhile Glorfindel and Elrond dispatch both of the spiders.

Turn 3
With Evil gain priority again they are able to get Khamúl and a Castellan to arrive from the tower blocking of any attackers wanting to attack the Necromancer. The Necromancer continues to suck at magic as he fails to drain Saruman’s will this time. Thankfully for Evil good rolled a 2 on the reinforcements so Cirdan arrived who immediately cast Aura of Command. Erestor tries to charge the Castellan but fails his courage (Who says elves are brave). Meanwhile Elrond with the help of Glorfindel’s fight value beats the Troll Chieftain and wounds it twice with the chieftain failing its fate.

Turn 4
With Evil winning priority for a 3rd time in a row they roll and slapped there forehead as they rolled a 1 allowing only 1 Castellan to arrive. However Khamúl had better luck with his magic draining all of Khamúl will stopping him from using Natures wrath. The Necromancer also had a better time taking 1 wound from Saruman with a Chill soul. However the fate saved him. Meanwhile he charged his future servant. Good thankfully for Evil rolled a 1 as well meaning only Arwen arrived. However things went downhill as Legolas took aim and slayed the Troll Chieftain while it was in combat. Erestor fighting the Castellan he chicken out of charging last time managed to wound it with the Castellan force to use 2 points of will to keep himself alive. The Necromancer won against Saruman and wounded him however Saruman’s fate saved him from an instant kill.

Turn 5
With Good finally regaining priority Radagast and Celeborn arrived. However Erestor failed his courage test AGAIN. The last 2 spiders arrive to join the fray too this turn while Khamúl was gang raped by Gandalf, Arwen and Glorfindel. Khamúl in an effort used his Essence leech ability to give him an extra attack to no avail and to took 2 wounds and being forced to use up all of his might and fate to stay alive.

Turn 6
With evil gain priority gain the Troll and 1 of the nazgul arrive. The nazgul immediately casting transfix at Glorfindel. He resists but he now must rely on his armour for magic from now on. Only 1 hero for good this turn as Thranduil charged over the hill straight for the Necromancer. Things went bad for Evil in combat however with Erestor killing a spider and the Necromancer just avoiding a wound. But the newly arrived nazgul was killed outright by Glorfindel who with aid of might scored 3 wounds on it which the Nazgul failed 1 fate roll so was banished as so and he was summoned.

Turn 7
Good gaining priority called forth Galadriel signalling the last of there reinforcements. Meanwhile Arwen manages to blast the Troll and Khamúl of their feet and then she sets upon Khamúl on her own. Evil with some good luck at last roll a 6 for reinforcements and get another Castellan and 2 more Nazgul. The newly arrived nazgul compel the now isolated Cirdan into combat with a Castellan hoping for the end to his aura of command. However things went even worse for evil in the combat phase (again). Legolas called a heroic combat and dispatched the last Spider to then charge the necromancer. The Necromancer feeling overwhelmed by 3 elves and Saruman was wounded by his future servant but thanks to a point of will he was saved. Meanwhile both Celeborn and Radagast beat back there Castellan foes and wounded them both using 2 points of will to stay standing. Meanwhile Elrond dispatched the Troll. Cirdan looked certain to die after losing his combat and a Morgul blade thrusting towards him only for the Castellan to roll snake eyes to wound him. However that was at least 1 good point to the Evil combat as Khamúl managed to force Arwen of him and get to his feet.

Turn 8
With good having priority again Arwen tried to blast Khamúl of his feet again but she failed using up her last bit of will. Saruman having a good bit of luck managed to immobilised the Necromancer. During the evil move another Castellan and nazgul arrived to lend their aid with Cirdan finding himself a victim of another compel into a Castellan. Another bad combat phase for evil followed with Celeborn wounding the castellan again who saved with 1 will. Elsewhere Glorfindel proved that he was a nazgul slayer and dished out 2 wounds on another nazgul. This time it survived but with no fate left it was a question of for how long. However it was not all sad story for evil as a Castellan man edged to wound Gandalf who was saved thanks to his ring of power. However a disaster happened as the Necromancer was wounded twice and spent 2 will and a point of might to save himself. However the good force was not done dishing out punishment yet as Galadriel killed a Castellan that she was fighting forcing the evil force to braking point.

Turn 9
With Evil force having priority it now had to deal with being broken. However every one stayed to fight (Expected when the lowest courage is a 6). The Evil force immediately set about on revenge. The last nazgul arrived and transfixed the wraith killer Glorfindel with his armour failing him. They also transfixed Galadriel as pay back for killing that Castellan. Thinks started to look up for evil as a Castellan wounded Legolas forcing him you use all 3 points of fate to save it as well as a Castellan wounded Gandalf again with that pesky Elven ring saving him again. However things quickly went back the way they were. Elrond now taking over the role of wraith slayer wounded a nazgul forcing it to use up both points of fate it had. Meanwhile Radagast wounded another nazgul forcing another point of fate to be used. But the most eyes were on Khamúl as he was fighting Arwen with only 1 will left. Knowing that Khamúl would die soon anyway he tried to take Arwen. Only for Arwen to thrust her blade though his face killing him (I wonder if no man can kill him too).

Turn 10
Evil got priority for this turn but was not that useful. No wounded where sustained at all during this turn and with no shooting this turn ended quickly. However evil could avoid its bad luck as the Necromancer was wounded but a point of will saved him again.

Turn 11
With Evil having priority Erestor calls a heroic move against the Necromancer and wins the roll of can charges. Evil was doomed this turn as Elrond and Glorfindel kill a Nazgul each while Celeborn wounds another who saves himself with fate. Also Arwen puts to the sword a Castellan. However the Necromancer is banished as he uses up all his will to survive only to lose it for fighting.

Good Victory

Man of the match
Good – I would have to say Glorfindel and the slayed 2 nazgul and thanks to him also helped to kill the Troll chieftain. However Saruman gets an honourable mention as he fought with the Necromancer for most of the game holding him up while the rest of the hero finished off him minions.
Evil – I think the Castellans get this as they came the closes to killing a hero and did hold up allot of the army for a long time.

Waste of points
Good – For good it’s rather hard as I think I needed everyone but since I have to choice 1 then it would be Erestor as he failed every courage test he need to take.
Evil – That poor Nazgul gets it for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Appearing only to get cut in half. Now that's bad luck.

In all it was a very one sided match. Good seemed to win almost every combat and evil just had poor rolls with the reinforcements. If more men had arrived sooner it may have gone differently.
I'll leave you with a few other pitcures.
Saruman fights the Necromancer
Khamúl meets his end
Glorfindel kills his second nazgul of the day
The Necromacer meets his end

22-07-2009, 09:45
Very good battle report Jaws!!!:D

I enjoyed it thoroughly!