View Full Version : Wood Elf Warband List

Vengeful Turtle
15-05-2009, 22:06
My group is planning to start an escalating warband campaign and I've decided to go with Wood Elves as my army. Here is my 200 point starter list:

5 Glade Guard 60
- Musician 6
4 Glade Guard 48
6 Dryad 72
- Branchwraith 12

Total: 198

I'm starting off with a battalion box and plan to buy another box of dryads soon. The armies I'll be facing are an all skink Lizardmen force, shooty Dwarves, Bretonnians (I'm not sure of his theme), Dark Elves (All I know at the moment is that he's going with a lot of Dark Riders), and possibly another Dwarf list. Is this a decent start? How do my matchups look from the beginning?

16-05-2009, 00:41
You need to have the minimum requirements for the unit if you're going to take champions.
Just take out 2 glade guard.