View Full Version : 2k Lizardmen list, need help

15-05-2009, 22:31
yo heres my list, im currently 52 points short from 2000 so any ideas please tell

Slann (Focused rumination, Becalming Cognation, Rod of Storm, Bane head, Battle Standard, Sun Standard)

Skink Priest (Scroll)

Skink Priest (scroll)


24x Warriors

24x Warriors

15x Temple Guard

10x Skinks

10x Skinks

Basically chakax and slann go with the guard (simply enough). the skinks protect the flank and the warriors (6 wide) will provide defence/support for the guards.

i usually play against VC, WE and BoC as well as a fanatics army, Ogres and Skaven.

4x4 Table (woop) with plenty of wood terrain for the skinks.

16-05-2009, 11:46
chakax isnt worth his points, but if you like him then by all means play him. just dont expect him to make his points back.

24 warrios is to many, 18 is ideal for 6x3. but all saurus should have spears for the extra 12 attacks from the 2nd rank. its only 1 point which is a steal.

you have 3 anvil units, and not a single hammer for flanking. youd be better off dropping a unit of warriors and getting a unit of cold one riders, or a steg or something that can hit hard on the flanks. even a unit of skinks /w krox would work.

id also make the skink units skirmishers to screen your infantry blocks.

16-05-2009, 20:41
point for point i know chakax isnt worth it but strategically he is, i used him today and he did work very well (taking out all vampires in one VC army) and against the other VC army i played today he helped temendously by making the temple guard unbreakable (they were charged by 2 units of skeletons, a unit of zombies, 2 units of grave guard, vlad, isabella and another vampire. and held them all for 5 turns.

also i have been reading on forum and alot have said use only 18 warriors, why is this? i find it strange as i have usually gone for the full 20 block for full rank bonus lol.

i could drop one unit of warriors down to 18 wipe the other out that gives me enough for 2 units of 5 cavalry, or an ancient stegadon/EoG.

any ideas?

17-05-2009, 14:00
18 is ideal because saurus with spears are typically best 6 wide, 3 deep. 6 wide gives them 24 str 4 attacks with spears, which is huge. if you run em 7 wide they get much harder to move around. if your fighting something shooty then 20 or so would be fine to help keep your rank bonus from shooting deaths, but with T4 and a 4+ save they handle str 3 shooting pretty well.

i dunno if you have the points for it but id go with an ancient steg with skink chief and a war spear. or if your points allow a ancient steg and then a unit of skinks/krox for a cheap and fast flanker.

17-05-2009, 14:38
ah i get ya, i wouldnt be able to use chief on steg due to 4 chars already. i could use a unit of 5-6 cavalry with totem of huanchi for extra movement?