View Full Version : [WOTR] Defenders of Cirith Ungol - 1000 pts

Mad Makz
16-05-2009, 08:57
I've got an existing SBG force, and am looking at expanding it to WOTR, at least a smaller size. The following list is what I'm currently looking at. It's mostly designed around three factors:
A) Models I already own.
B) Models I like
C) Background

As such it's possibly not the most tactically sound as a build, but comments on how the army could be used, and improved with slight changes, and expanded upon, would be greatly appreciated.

The list is

Shagrat's Tower Guard - 3 Companies
Gorbag's Morgul Rats - 3 Companies


5 Companies Mordor Orcs, Captain

2 Companies Mordor Orcs, Bows

3 Companies Easterling Cohorts, Dragon Knight, Banner Bearer, Easterling Drummer.

Fate: Watcher in the Shadows.

The makeup of the list is pretty obviously influenced by the events in Lord of the Rings at the Tower of Cirith Ungol, the exception to this being the addition of the Easterlings, which are in because A) I've brought them, B) I like the models a lot and think it's not too far a stretch that Easterlings could be brought in as reinforcements to protect Cirith Ungol if it was somehow besieged, and C) I REALLY like the models.

General tactics will probably include using Shagrat's ability to move on the double to quickly put support in place to help out Shelob, when she ambushes her prey. Shelob is very expensive and somewhat fragile, with only a resistance of 2 and the regular hard to kill table, so I will need to consider how I use her carefully, but the combination of getting +D6 attacks on the charge, Fight 7, Terror, and re-roll all failed hits and Prowler means that she should fairly reliably be able to rack up 8-10 hits on the charge versus all but the most stalwart companies. Combined with support from Gorbag's morgul Rats I would predict this to cause a bit of carnage, especially against Cavalry, who may not underestimate Shelob's and Gorbag's potential striking distance.

Shagrat's Tower Guard operates With the regular Mordor Orcs as the central base, both capable of taking objectives, and the Easterling Cohorts would anchor whatever flank Gorbag and Shelob aren't on and would be supported by the Orc archers.

The fate - Watcher in the Shadows - is mostly there for fluff reasons but can provide a little bit of extra punch to Shelob's Terror