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16-05-2009, 09:25
Being new to Warhammer, it's hard making the leap into an army as theyre all so diverse and interesting in their own ways.

After some proxy 1k point games, i've decided (after my goblin army running off the board, why did i expect any less) to go with High Elves.

Being a veteran 40k player, i realise there may be some armies/army combo's that are concidered plain cheating! I hope High elves aren't one even though they seem to be particularly hard in terms of combat prowess. What im more worried about is: have i got the right idea?

Here goes: 2000 points, wrote the army list this morning but don't have it to hand. Magic item name proxies!

Prince - 270 Dragon, Vambraces of Defence, GreatW, HandW, Shield, Dragon Armour, Magic Banner (+D6 resolution cant remember name). This guy is more scare mongering then anything else, i've also always wanted a dragon, and although you can fit one in 1k points, i thought i'd wait until 2k and thin out the wiff of cheese.

Mage - Level1 - 2x Scrolls.

Mage - Level1 - 2x Scrolls. These 2 guys will be trying to get Drain Magic off ASAP, they are the key to my anti magic bombardment.

Noble - GreatW, Dragon Armour, HandW, Shield, Battle Banner(+1 resolution)

15 Swordmasters - Musician, Standard

14 Swordmasters - Musician, Standard - Noble sits here offering his LD to main core of units.

10 Archers

10 Archers

18 Spearmen - Musician, Standard

Bolt Thrower

2 Great Eagles - Standard warmachine killers.

7 Shadow Warriors

16-05-2009, 12:36
Only a BSB or units that state it can take Magic Banners so your Prince is not legal.

Your list is really different than mine so I can't really give advice, sorry.

16-05-2009, 13:04
Perhaps you can tell me what units/hero's you take and why the combinations work for you?

16-05-2009, 13:34
Well, I think you've gone a little overboard with the scrolls. I find that taking two is more than sufficient at 2000pts and often take less. Also, with only 2 dice each to cast Drain Magic, and even then having to get a 7+, I wouldn't count on getting it off against anything but armies with very little magic, which kind of defeats the point :D.

Concerning magic defence, I think you're much better off spending a few more points (70, upgrade to lvl 2 on each mage) to really boost your own offence. Aside from making your own magic phase more worthwhile, it can seriously hamper your opponent in his own phase. For example, if you can manage to cast some remains in play spells, Flames of the Phoenix being an excellent choice, then your opponent will be forced to use his power dice to dispel, and even then he might fail.

For magic, I usually go with the following:

Lvl 2, Power Stone, Silver Wand, Dispel Scroll (Lore of Light usually)
Lvl 2, Ring of Fury (Lore of High)

The Ring of Fury draws out at least one dice from your opponents pool. Even then, you'll sometimes get it through, and it's a good spell!

The power stone almost guarantees you can get the right spell off when you need to. This is best used last in the phase, when miscasts won't ruin everything and when your opponent will have budgeted his dice on how many dice he thinks you have left. Using this, a well timed Cleansing Flare has often tipped the game my way!

I find that it's always worth taking High magic on the mage with the Ring of Fury as the default spell and drain magic are always worth casting, and can be cast using only his two dice if necessary.

On the rest, I don't really see that many problems, but I'd get some champions in the units. I'd also bump the spearmen up to 20-24 and probably swap some swordmasters for Dragon Princes so you can start putting pressure on your opponent early on.

Also, so you know, as the Noble isn't your general his leadership cannot be used by nearby units, only the unit he is in. Oh, and your Prince can't take a magic banner.