View Full Version : 2250 WPS comp Tomb Kings

16-05-2009, 15:51
A exprimental list, nothing fancy just dead dudes.


Tomb King: Spear of Antharak, Scorp armour, Cloak of dunes, Shield 268

Tomb Prince: Brooch, GW 129

Liche Priest: (hiero) Steed, Collar of shapesh, Hiretic Jar 173

Liche Priest: Golden Ankhra, Cascet 325


10 x Skeleton Bowmen 80

10 x Skeleton Bowmen 80

25 x Skeleton Warriors: Shields, Light Armour, full cmd 250

3 x Chariots 120

3 x Chariots 120

Tomb Swarm 45


21 x Tomb Guard: Full cmd, Banner of undying legion 307

3 x Carrion 72

Tomb Scorpion 85

Tomb Scorpion 85


Screaming skull catapult: Skulls 110

Total: 2249
Models: 86
Incant: 7 + Cascet + Hiretic.

16-05-2009, 15:54
I like the high number of models... Why 21 Tomb Guard? I can see a 7 x 3 formation, but if your second prince goes there, it leaves one over...

I'm also surprised you don't go with the Cloak of Dunes on your hierophant- any particulr reason?

Personally, I'd drop the TOmb Swarm, the extra TOmb Guard, znd a Skeleton Warrior. Gives you enough points for maybe another 10 archers...

16-05-2009, 22:11

The 21st tomb guard is just there for having US when combat is over, along with king or prince and sometimes the hiero it does the job.

Well i want the king to be able to fly around between units in this list, to use his two incant's when its needed.
With his setup he can with easy hold up a unit alone if needed so.

The tomb swarm is usually the only thing i use it came from below with so its a cheap investment for that.

Dont really feel that i need more archers either.