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16-05-2009, 20:40
I thought this time i would make an arnor force around the time of the second- early third age:


Royal guard of arnor
6 companies
malbeth and arvedui

warriors of arnor
6 companies

Osgiliath veterans (counts as arnor veterans)
3 companies

rangers of arnor
3 companies

The dunedain of arnor
4 companies

The white council-500

The blessing of galadriel-50

That comes upto 1970 points

i was thinking about adding some hobbit archers butcant spend any more on allies,speaking of allies would the white council be around at this time,as i know the istari arrived in third age 1000.

theres a bit fair bit of time difference between king arvedui and isildur and elendil but i really wanted them in the list.

I'm definatley going to miss the court of the dead kin,which i usuall take,especially if i come up against any monsters.

any ideas or comments


18-05-2009, 05:41
I think that you list are quite nice. :)

I would use a mix of Warriors of Arnor and Rangers for my Osgiliath Veterans... that would look pretty nice. ;)

As for the White council, the Istari was not around by the time of the fall of Arnor, as far as I know. But I would not bother that much... simply treat the council as a powerful entity of elves and men with magical powers.

I have also suggested before to others that you might as well replace Malbeth and Arvedui with the profiles of other Epic Heroes, thus you would not need Elendil and Isildurs models. The formation would just be regular Warriors of Arnor.
I suggest to replace Malbeth the Seer with Cirdans profile and Arvedui with Isildur or Faramirs profile.
You could also add Aragorns profile as instead of the captain in the Rangers to replace Elendil. That could be some powerful hero of that time instead.
There really are many ways you could change the list, but all in all I think that it works well as you have presented it. Though I think that the white council are too expensive for only a 2000p army. I would perhaps add an Ent or two instead together with some hobbit archers.

18-05-2009, 13:53
i do really like the models for the king and seer although i did think they were out of place (along with the white council),being that they were around 1000 years before the time of aragorn where as isildur and elindil were hanging about 2500 years before.