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17-05-2009, 09:06
i have decided to try out a new kind of army, a peasent themed brettonian army

and here it is:

Lord Guy the humble=238
Virtue of empathy (pays double points)
Sword of the lady’s champion
The grail shield
Grail vow

Jeremy the sympathetic=95
Virtue of empathy (counts as the first to take it, therefore he pays original price)
Bsb- war banner

Rose the fair=150
Lvl 2
Chalice of malfleur
Dispel scroll

Genevieve the spectacular=130
Lvl 2
1 dispel scroll

30 men at arms=177
full command

30 men at arms=177
full command

30 men at arms=177
full command

30 men at arms=177
full command

10 bowmen=60

10 bowmen=60

10 bowmen=70

9 knights of the realm=216
full command

Grail relique=353
15 extra pilgrems

5 yeomen=82

Field trebuchet=90

DD:4 (5 if i dont roll a 1)
model count: 200 + trebuchet and crew

the basic tactics for this army is for the blocks of peasents to deploy in the center with the characters located in the units. the knights will be used as a hammer unit and the bowmen will hopefully get rid of a few ranks. the trebbuchet will be deployed behind my lines and the grail pilgrems will run towards the biggest monster i can find so i get the nice 5+ ward.

any ideas would be great, feel free to criticize (that is why i put the list up:D)

17-05-2009, 09:17
if you could somehow squeeze that 2nd trebbuchet in somehow it would help your cause no end!
i always find that 1 doesnt work - you need 2 in order to balance out luck and therefore be able to rely on them.
plus with 1 misfire you lose your only real chance of causing hurt to high armour save villans - like knights.
otherwise it's a really nice unique themed army!
The only thing is you'll really have to baby those knights - they are about the only effective combat unit you have so use them wisely!!

17-05-2009, 10:57
I truly hope you are a brilliant general b/c flyers will be flanking you by turn 2 and archers/war machines will be scattering your peasants like scrambled eggs at a dinner on sunday morning.

Lord Dan
17-05-2009, 11:27
There's no reason to take the virtue of empathy on your lord. He already generates a 12" leadership bubble, so you're essentially paying 20 points (counting the doubling for multiple virtues) to have him not on a horse.

18-05-2009, 00:48
thanks for the replys so far :D.

i ithink i might drop something for another trebuchet, i didnt think of the misfires :) (i am used to bolt throwers)

and general wise, i would rate myself as good, not great but good. i would think of playing this list because ther are alot of people at my gc whe are new to warhammer (i play gobins at the moment and i win far more than i loose)

and for te virtue of empathy, it is more for thematic reasons more than anything

please keep the replys comming, i will post un updated army soon

Lord Dan
18-05-2009, 00:55
I understand it's for thematic reasons, you just need to find a balance between your theme and an army that is somewhat viable. Considering a barded warhorse is 24 points for a lord and the virtue of empathy (for a lord) only makes it so that you don't have to take a horse, you're paying almost the same amount to not have a horse as you would to have a horse. That's like paying 6 points not to have a great weapon. I recommend you keep him on a horse, and put him in a unit of peasants.

I would also take another units of knights. I understand your theme (my bret army is very peasant heavy) however M@A can't win battles on their own. For the same points as an Empire spearman you're getting infantry with a lower WS, lower I, lower Ld, and no detachment rule.