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Don Cordite
17-05-2009, 14:18
I have an old Egrimm Chaos Dragon and several options as far as which rider to slap on him. I have this horrible vision of a 600+ point Khorne Lord being led around the battlefield by a fast Cavalry unit run by a decent opponent.

My silly, rules-lawyerish, gonna get flamed for even asking this question is: BRB pg 68 says that you "may chose to fly OR move along the ground, but not both in the same move." Do I HAVE measure charge range for a frenzied flyer utilizing the 20" movement capability or my I choose to say "I'm on the ground this phase" as long as I keep him on foot (measure using a 12" range) that phase (ie: can't say I'm grounded for measuring purposes and then fly away towards a juicier target)?

I know it's a rather rules lawyery question and might be considered cheesy, but I can see myself being rather perturbed by a Khorne Lord doing NASCAR laps around one of the flanks on a neverending chase of a 120 point fast cav unit.

Or should I shut up and color by putting a Wizard Lord on the Dragon like the rest of the universe (sighing every time I put him down on the table)?

Thanks in Advance,

17-05-2009, 14:28
You must use your maximum charge reach, ie 20"

17-05-2009, 15:01
Remember that being frenzied doesnt mean you have to charge the nearest enemy unit.
Merely that you must charge an enemy unit that is in range.

Generally speaking, if you haven't successfully baited the enemy frenzied flying large target by the end of turn 1 you arent going to.

Simply as 20" is a long way, you cannot force him to charge specific units as he can see over everyone so is going to have loads of choice in who he feels most like charging after he's just flown 20" towards the enemy lines.
Deploy him facing right or left edge of the table if you dont feel like deploying him with his back turned to the enemy (almost as if he's playing hide and seek, or giving the enemy a chance to run away as he counts to 10!).

17-05-2009, 15:23
Or you can do the pathetic flying backward thing.

17-05-2009, 21:23
You must use your maximum charge reach, ie 20"

To be more specific: You have to charge if there is an enemy unit within range. This means that if you can reach the target then you must charge. This requires that you run through the options to see if you are required to charge.

Remember that if you cannot get into close combat with the target then you are not obliged to charge it. E.g.: A character mounted on a monster cannot fight units in buildings, and you can't use flying movement to move into forests.

You may find that a unit in a forest can be reached only if you use ground movement, and a more distant unit can be reached only if you use flying movement. In these cases the mode of movement will depend on the target you chose to charge.

Notice, however, that if you charge a unit that can be reached either way you should still be able to choose the mode of movement. E.g.: If you decide to charge a unit 5" away in open terrain you can decide to use ground movement or flying movement since both are sufficient to reach the target.

This last bit is just my opinion: The rules for frenzy doesn't take into account the possibility that you can reach the target with different modes of movement.

You should of course use the option that gives you the best opportunity to destroy the target unit. That is, after all, what the character wants. :)


18-05-2009, 05:05
Deploy facing backwards in case you lose the first turn (don't want to chase doggies in your first turn).
Fly right up the flank of the enemy line and turn to face them.
Next turn you should have about half his army to choose from and you get to premeasure all charges before frenzy forces you to charge, so you know what you can hit, what's likely to escape and what you can 'enemy in the way' if something flees...

Frenzy need not be a bad thing for your hugely expensive cannon magnet after the first movement phase.