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17-05-2009, 16:14
I thought I might add to my dwarfs as havn't used them since the 6th ed and wanted to work towards a more combat orientated army. I'm aware they aren't the most competitive but I refuse to use a gunline and not keen on special characters either.
Heres what I came up with.

Runelord- gromil armour, shield, master rune of spell breaking, anvil of doom= 343
Never tried a runelord before and seem like a must for a combat dwarf army
Thane- gromil armour, r.stone, r. Challenge, m.r. kragg the grim, r. Swiftness, oath stone=150
My army general and all round character
Thane bsb-gromil armour, r. Stone, r. Resistance, r. Cleaving, r.warding= 155
I looked at the banners and none of them appealed to me over the equipment here.
Dragon slayer=50
Cheap flanker
3 X 20 dwarf warriors- heavy armour, shields, full command=615
Im tempted to drop one of the warrior units for a gyrocopter and something else but not sure what it could be?
15 Longbeards rangers- heavy armour, great weapons-full command=235
Loosing the woodland ability,rangers don't seem as good as they use to be but I love the idea of having a scouting unit of veterans and fits with the army style
19 hammerers- heavy armour, great weapons, shield- full command- r. Courage =307
Generals unit. Hopefully with the oathstone they wont be running.
8 miners= 88
Is this enough for the unit?
14 slayers- inc 1 giant slayer= 169
Slayers are one of my favourite units fluff wise and would be useful at protecting my flanks
bolt thrower=45
Bolt thrower- r penetrating, r. Fire- engineer= 90
I thought I'd need some warmachines to take out big monsters and the bolt throwers are nice and reliable.

Not entirely sure on the 3 warrior blocks but I really dont want to have too many more missle troops/warmachines.
Any suggestions and tactics much appreciated.

17-05-2009, 16:54
The Anvil of Doom takes up a hero slot all its own so you're gonna have to drop a hero to accommodate it.

I agree with your idea to replace a Warrior unit with a Gyrocopter. You should find its march-blocking abilities particularly useful. Perhaps pick up a second Bolt Thrower with the remaining points and stick it on the other flank for a crossfire. Either that or make room for an Organ Gun to protect your combat line's rear.

8 Miners is generally seen to be a good size for a sacrificial unit. Any larger and you may as well give them the steam drill to ensure they don't waste too many points.

Strollaz's Rune will also help you get across the board that much faster, but of course it'll have to go on your BSB.

It's nice to see Rangers and Slayers, I applaud those choices.

19-05-2009, 16:53
Ah yes didnt see that small point. Bummer.
That leaves me with an extra 115 points if I replace one of the blocks with a gyropcopter. Ive already got two bolt throwers and no more special slots so looks like Ill have to either beef up the units already or get a cheap throw away unit of normal warriors, any suggestions?
They probably arent the strongest choice but the longbeard models look awsome and I would miss not having my rangers.

19-05-2009, 23:32
8 Miners is generally seen to be a good size for a sacrificial unit. Any larger and you may as well give them the steam drill to ensure they don't waste too many points.

May just be me and fluff but i don't really like the idea of making a unit just to be sacrificed, even though tactically its a very sound idea.

I have made a very similar list based on the idea of a mining force, though i tend to include a unit of thunderers for the purpose of clearing the pesky tunnel swarming gobbos (again this is all fluff) and an organ gun would work in a very similar way i would imagine.