View Full Version : New Years Resolutions?

Rabid Bunny 666
24-12-2005, 14:43
so did you keep yours?

well for me, not entirely

get a girlfriend : nope ruddy shyness and doggedly bad luck
lose weight: nope, but i've grown enough to kind of half aresedly pull it off
study more: nope, third year lucky ;)

so how about all the other warseers out there?

24-12-2005, 14:51
I can't even remember what mine were. If I had to guess, they were along the lines of "Get a life, get a job, and get in good shape."

None of which I have done.

24-12-2005, 14:56
I didn't make one last year, might have to this year though.
With what I've been like these last 6 months they will be along the lines of "stop being such a glum bastard" and "have more fun."

24-12-2005, 15:30
i'm sure i probably had one last year but i'll be dammned if i can remember what it was. probably involved girls and money. either way i failed.

Lukes new years resolution 2006
first draught:

1: get a GF
2: get full time work at a gym

Emperor's Light
24-12-2005, 17:39
Irradiate myself with a cell phone and acquire mutant super powers: no :(

24-12-2005, 17:40
I'll find out if I've stuck to mine in a few weeks time;

never make any more resolutions.

24-12-2005, 18:11
Never made them.:shrugs: Jan 1st doesn't have any special significance to me, other than the holidays are almost over and things start happening again.

The boyz
24-12-2005, 18:34
My New Years resolutions would have to be, lose another stone in weight and try alot harder at Uni I think.

24-12-2005, 18:34
no no no, although i do not have much general interest in most holidays and events, i do quite fancy the idea of a "fresh slate"

i love order, and a whole new year from page #1 to play with is very appealing to my simple mind.

i thought of a 3rd resolution but i couldnt say it on a pg 13 website as it may be illegal and self destructive. :rolleyes:

but fun!

24-12-2005, 19:12
I have the same resolution that I've always had: Don't get set on fire.

25-12-2005, 01:50
One of my resolutions was to ramble less. I'm the owner of a business and my workers requested that I get to the point rather than go off on a twenty minute visionary tirade.

Mission accomplished. I get to the point quite well now.

Shawn G.

25-12-2005, 04:02
As I recall, and as it has been for the last few years if I'm correct: It's to just 'be a nicer person'. Seems a bit wishy washy, and not really something I can judge, but generally being a bit more 'nice' to people, giving third and fourth 'chances as opposed to only seconds. Y'know, not being as sarcy as much as I could be, simply trying to be a bit more pleasant and such.

Unfortunately I think it went downhill a bit towards the end of the year, but hopefully this year I can keep it going and improve a bit more again. Maybe on time it'll work all year round then a few years after that I'll turn into Yoda.

I doubt it though, so simply trying to be a darnsight nicer should be a decent enough objective.


Yog Sogoth
25-12-2005, 07:24
I made a resolution a couple years back to not make any resolutions and I keep my resolutions!

Ass Goblin
25-12-2005, 07:35
My resolution is to be out of home by the end of the year.

I'm half way there!

25-12-2005, 16:07
My resolution was to quit smoking, and I managed it. Four times.

25-12-2005, 16:52
i cannot even remember most of my resolution's, which probably means that i broke them really early on in the year.

one i know i broke 47 minutes into the new year :)

Kargos Bloodspit
26-12-2005, 00:55
I never seem to be able to keep them, so I always gave up setting them, but I think i'll give it a really good go this year.

1. Lose Weight; This is a must...
2. Get a Girlfriend (I dunno why the rest of you want Guardian Forces, i dunno :p, oh come on, thats the risk you have when you turn it into GF :p)

26-12-2005, 01:21
I'm sure mine will end up being stuff like "Do better at school" and "get a damn social life" and whatnot. Though I like the "don't catch on fire" one mentioned above.

26-12-2005, 02:04
Let's see, what did I resolve to do?

Lose Weight: SUCCESS I lost around 30 pounds, mostly thanks to staving due to college work.
Finish painting my Iron Hands: FAILURE Hahahaha... haven't painted in MONTHS.
Get a girlfriend: MAJOR SUCCESS!! been together near on 9 months, love her more than I thought possible!
Kick ass: SUCCESS I just kick ass.

3/4, much better than any other year in my 20 consecutive years of life!

26-12-2005, 07:10
- Lose weight (I want to get rid of what's left of this belly. I already lost around 55-60lbs)

- Get into college (waiting for letter from one college already!)

- Sell all my legos except for some Technic and of course my beloved Castle sets

Possible? All are, but the first will be the hardest.

26-12-2005, 20:58
Don't make them. Never saw any real point in them, mainly as every-one I know who made them ended up forgetting them after five minutes.

26-12-2005, 21:35
Well I don't actually remember making any specific resolutions last year but 2005 was certainly pretty interesting.

I changed jobs, this was a pretty big step as I had been at my last place for 6 years. Sadly it was starting to go down the tubes and I wanted to jump rather than fall.

I became a dad! This was my big accomplishment of the year (although Mrs Karhedron assures me that I got the easy side of the arrangement ;)). This made the new job rather important since I am now the sole earner. :eek:

I guess my resolution for 2006 will be to try and be a good dad. Kids have a funny effect on you of helping to put everything else into perspective. Once you have gone through the miracle of helping to bring a new life into the world, little things bother you a lot less than they used to.

I hardly miss getting a good night's sleep at all now. :p

26-12-2005, 22:36
Lets see...

1. Spam new forum previously not thought up last year that only came about after unforseen unfortunate circumstances check
2. Befriend a squirrel, become an overnight sensation in Bolivia and retire to a life of luxury check
3. Eat my way out a of a room slowly filling with beans, then use the noxious vapours to kill my evil arch-nemisis check
4. Get kidnapped from my own birthday party by suspected-dead arch-nemisis check
5. Escape in suitably scottish-yet-stylish manner check
6. Meet the mayor of my local town, get key to city, get girl, drive away into sunset check, check double check
7. Be made into popular-with-children cartoon series check
8. Design and market own range of towels and bathroom slippers check
9. Add to range of designer towels and bathroom slippers, further accesories for "gents that dare" check
10. Be named "Campest man in the universe" check
11. Be unnoticed by nations for making the poor richer and the rich richer respectively check
12. Use aforementioned befriended squirrel to gnaw through ropes after being captured by arch-nemisis, second campest man in the universe, Jonathan Ross check
13. Have aforementioned squirrel accidentally exposed to radiation check
14. Use squirrel (now with judo-chop action) take out Jonathan Ross, only to have it unfortunately embroiled in sex-scandel check
15. Visiously deny having anything to do with "Squirrel Brothel" secretly running in one of my many gentlemen's clubs check
16. Lose money through liable, after squirrel(now with chopping action)'s mob connections come to light check
17. Go back to live with family, having narrowly avoided jail through a series of blackmailing and bribing bent judges check
18. Discovered by The Sun to be a recovering alcoholic, by having unfortunate pictures of me taken shaking Robert Mugabe's hand with a half-empty bottle of carefully disguised calpol in other hand check
19. Live for several months as hermit, having avoided time from "her majesty's", but still being hounded by the media check
20. Give exclusive story to the guardian, in exchange for an internet connection, and wiped memory check

Well, I managed all of mine, apart from the weight loss one, but I thought that was unrealistic anyway.


Kargos Bloodspit
27-12-2005, 02:02
Well, I managed all of mine, apart from the weight loss one, but I thought that was unrealistic anyway.

I reckon 2-20 are fake, Number 1 though is true... for definite :p

not joking neither ...:rolleyes:

Apple Dave
27-12-2005, 09:40
Cant remember what mine were from last year but this years will be: Get a gf by xmas 2006 so she can wrap the damn presents up.

I am the master of using too much paper to wrap presents with, oo much paper too much tape.

27-12-2005, 09:44
i have decided not to put "lose weight" as one of my resolutions as i know i can lose my excess 8 lbs in about 2 weeks and tone up fully in about 4. so i will ommit that particular one.

27-12-2005, 10:12
my resolutions
Get into a high level football team:DONE
Decent Result for HSC subjects: DONE

27-12-2005, 10:56
I reckon 2-20 are fake, Number 1 though is true... for definite :p

not joking neither ... :rolleyes:
You clearly weren't in Bolivia early last year then ;).

And don't like what that last smilie's saying about me, I recon my posting has been kept pretty much spam free since our earliest encounters in "the future of warseer".



27-12-2005, 15:49
Anyone with over 3000 posts in 7 months = spammer :p

I didn't make any last year but this year I'm going with:
Reduce smoking levels (would say quit but ain't gonna happen)
Get girlfriend, dump girlfriend before I go away on holiday/Reading Festival (unless said GF comes with)
Work my **** off reading
Decide University course and choose where to apply, wel where to apply other than my first two choices as I've known those for a while
Best grades possible for AS levels
Learn my weekly words for my German AS

07-01-2006, 22:55
well as its the new year, its about time something changed....

so i have changed my avatar... anyone else doing anything as its the new year... probably more adventuous... but hey, i have to start somewhere...

[yes pic is Genevieve...]

07-01-2006, 23:42
Well I have changed my Avatar too:
www.warseer.com (http://www.warseer.com)
Actually, it appears to say:

www.warseer.com (http://www.warseer.com/)

I will not be marking the fact that a new year has begun, because it's only happened due to our arbitrary calender. It's just a good excuse for more binge drinking.

08-01-2006, 00:19
There's a new year!? Why did no one say?
Man, what happened to 2004?

Alright, i resolve to stop calling Davina McCall a transexual.

08-01-2006, 09:54
Man, what happened to 2004?
The only way you can have lost track of that much time is if you've either been drunk day and night or in a coma. I think the former sounds more likely.;)

I resolve to try and drink less. I also resolve to not spend any more money on Warhammer unless it is AB's or novels, because my wallet can't afford the hobby right now.

Yin - Yang
08-01-2006, 10:38
Let's see...last year's resolutions...

1: Get a girlfriend: Horrendous Failure
2.Lose Weight: Huge Success!
3."Stop being such a miserable bastard" - Semi - Failure

This years resolutions...

1. Get a girlfriend
2. Pass my exams
3. Start busking with my Saxophone XD


08-01-2006, 10:46
I was sat with my girlf. last night going over emails i'd sent her last year - one listed my new years resolutions and i seemed to have utterly failed all of them!!!!! :( Some involved getting back into martial arts training, another involved teaching myself the guitar - i guess things changed during the year and my focus shifted to other things.

This year, personal ones center on writing and painting but i've also set a goal of starting (and completing!) studying for my Sgts exam and also saving money for what is increasingly turning out to be an expensive wedding in 2007!!

08-01-2006, 13:37
My new ones:

1. Stop thinking "Oh, I can do that tomorrow". Do it today.
2. Start boxing.
3. Get a grip.

08-01-2006, 14:35
Spending less time rotting my already fragile cerebellum on Warseer isn't going too well. But drinking less am I. Don't make resolutions - ever.

08-01-2006, 15:08
well my main resulution is to get involved with things..

as there is no reason not too!

Rider of the lightning
08-01-2006, 15:51
The same resolutions like last year:
1. get a girlsfriend
2. lose weight (I still lost about 15 kilo)
3. stop being such a bastard

1. check
2. check (well, one or two kilo)
3. ...hopless...;)

08-01-2006, 22:40
1. Get a G/F.
2. Drink more. (I'm 13.)
3. No more Resolutions.

1.Sucess, then failure, then sucess, then failure

New Resolutions:
Same as last year.

The pestilent 1
08-01-2006, 22:42
This year;
1: Do the bloody assignment thats due in eight hours.
(OR; Stop the procastination)

2: Immortality.
(Cant say ive ever failed, i havent died anyway -well, stayed dead)

3: Stop being such an egotystical jerk and get a Girlfriend.

08-01-2006, 22:47
to never make resolutions...........the same as it always has been

The pestilent 1
08-01-2006, 22:49
to never make resolutions...........the same as it always has been

I love irony :p