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18-05-2009, 06:57
So, our local MM player picked up a balrog, and I've been spending the odd moment or two figuring out effective/semi-effective ways to deal with it. There is, of course, the Fortune that forces an auto-fail Terror, and then dueling it, but that only works for Good, and, unless you've forced the Balrog to burn through its Might, is only partially effective. I play Mordor, so I've been focusing my thoughts on that angle. The first one I had was artillery- while possible, this isn't amazingly effective though. Then, I was struck by a realization that provided a more subtle solution- the Balrog is already S10. Strength through Corruption, while always a gamble when used offensively, has no drawback on a Balrog- if you roll at least a 2 for the D6 auto-hits, you get a roll on the chart, and the Balrog cannot go above S10. Now, if the Balrog responds by burning Might to resist, this has an added benefit- you've cost the Balrog a Heroic action, or a modification of a roll. If it fails to resist, you've got the best of both worlds. Just thought I should share this.

18-05-2009, 10:26
Ringwraiths can burn his courage and might out very quickly with spells. I'd say those are your best bet on all fronts, not just for the corruption idea.

Dealing with him will (and rightly should) take a couple of turns. He's 500 points, and is designed to take a good portion of his own points with him before falling over.

I would shift a large block of orcs into his path, and throw the full spectrum of abilities towards him. Cause any offencive damage possible, eat up his courage and get terror onto your formation. I would likely get StC onto the orcs too, and just go rough him up. Fighting a balrog is like nuclear war so far as I've seen in game. You throw EVERYTHING at it as hard as you can, or it will wade through your army piecemeal.

19-05-2009, 14:40
Black Breath and Black Dart really help to even the score. One lets you duel him easily or cause him to not charge off that terror test. The other helps to drain his might. Both also have the potential for more hits. Back that up with the dwimmerlaik to help drain his might (he's been doing really well for me lately, especially when on a fell beast) or the betrayer in a great weapon orc unit and it shouldn't be hard to get him (especially if you have gothmog nearby. Have the betrayer use epic strike, then have gothmog call out a duel with the betrayer and balrog.)

19-05-2009, 16:25
If you want to be evil and funny I would suggest as a Good player take the Wizard Council. Yes you need big games to use it but when you can spam 10 spells potentially a turn from every magic as well as Bane against everything and 6 range unlimited strength 10 attacks you might as well laugh at the Balrog. Other than this the suggested evil drain courage/make him a poor fighter and lol at him is the best way to go. "I am the Balrog and I am...fight 1......oh crap" Black Guard Captain to the face "Ha I am winning by 6 before we even fight....I think I win". He is a psycological big bugger and just there to scare you. Just be smart and weaken him down with magic before going for the final punch.

P.S since your Mordor just to be a pain take the 9 are Abroad. Lets see the Balrog facign Strength 10 Ringwraiths with rerolls to wound.

Nu Fenix
19-05-2009, 16:39
Morgul Blades, whilst expensive, on a 9 strong block of Orcs will hurt, alot!

Assuming 2 companies die due to combat and other hits, that is still 20 attacks against it, hitting on a fixed 4+. Combine it with someone like The Betrayer to give you approximately 75% hit rate, and that is 15 hits on a Balrog, causing 7 rolls on the Extremely Hard to Kill chart.

Alternatively, combining Orcs with Two-Handed Weapons and the Knight of Umbar to copy his Strength means you are hitting it on a 2+, which with the same number of attacks, is approximatly 83% or 17 hits [rounded up].

20-05-2009, 05:41
Spirit Grasp + command reducing spells and a buttload of attacks... That's how my squishy got deadded... poor squishy...

Mind you, I've never seen so many 1's and 2's in a row for the Extremely Hard To Kill rolls... Squishy Balrog got up to 11+ wounds before he finally fell down... and he only wanted a hug...

20-05-2009, 06:19
Yeah. Unfortunately just about every normal army build will usually have something to easily deal with a balrog. Massed troops can do the job fine, don't cost 500 pts usually, and can also deal with almost any other threat as well.

20-05-2009, 11:34
A Balrog is powerful, but come on... it is the same cost as 20 Minas Tirith Warrior companies. It should be hard to kill, but in my opinion is not worth it's points in games below 3000p becasue they are a huge point sink and there are so many combination that could easily kill them and still be useful against other troops as well.

An opponent that knows he will be up against a Balrog will kill it quite easily and for allot less than 500p. I would say that the White Counsel are allot scarier than the Balrog because it has so much more potential and flexibility. But I wouldn't take that in any game less than 3000p as well.

20-05-2009, 18:33
It's the same with most other monstrous creatures. Hard to Kill is really not hard to kill.

Lord Asuryan
21-05-2009, 15:50
I'd be more scared of the nine are abroad...

Sarah S
22-05-2009, 14:01
Balrogs are not hard to kill at all. I have seen him go down to a moderate amount of bow fire and a determined charge.

Monsters are very fragile in this game - but then so is everything else too!

Da Black Gobbo
29-05-2009, 19:28
Balrogs are not hard to kill at all. I have seen him go down to a moderate amount of bow fire and a determined charge.

Monsters are very fragile in this game - but then so is everything else too!

I agree, first i saw it i thought, damm! this thing is frakin' hard to beat, but then i saw it wasn't that terrible i managed to kill it with the following combo: The Destiny Inner glory (i think its the name of the destiny that makes anyone fail a terror check)+King's champion charge, i charged the 'rog, use the destiny, claim an epic duel, i got a 6 he got a 2 so i had to do 15 rolls in the dueling table= balrog creamy pie .

29-05-2009, 20:21
The Balrog originally made me want to play MM, as I loved the lore surrounding Balrogs and the look and all that.

Then I got to play around with it a bit, and I realized that really only unskilled players or unbalanced lists will have any difficulty with a Balrog on board. Sucks, as I now have this sizeable Misty Mountains force and the model that made me want to start the force is the weakest link in the army.