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24-12-2005, 22:08
Hey, I'm not too sure if this is the right place for this. If not, can a mod move it.

I'm going to start Battlefleet Gothic, and get a Chaos fleet. I was wondering what you would reccomend I get. I've already decided I'll take a Repulsive Grand Cruiser as my flagship, rather than a battleship, btu aside form that, I don't know how many points to go for, what to get, etc.

Any advice?

24-12-2005, 22:33
Yup, this is the right place.

Get cruisers! Don't bother with escorts unless you like the idea of them.

Carnages and Devastations should be your staples.
Slaughters, Murders, and Hades are ok.
People seem to dislike Acherons, though I like them personally.
Stay away from the Styx.

How many points to go for depends on how many points your opponents can field.:evilgrin:

24-12-2005, 23:15
So is there any point in getting much ordanance, or would you advise to go for more cruisers instead?

thieves of time
24-12-2005, 23:31
ordnance comes with certain ships.. use the markers, so don;t bother actually buying them.. and as the others have said load up on cruisers with chaos.. and the torp escort iconoclast??

25-12-2005, 01:16
I wouldn't worry so much about torpedoes, but definitely take a good contingent of attack craft. Devastations make capable carriers. In bigger games, squadroning them will let you launch 8-strong waves, and also let you have a higher leadership for reloading. Don't forget that all chaos carriers get assault boats for free!

25-12-2005, 15:35
How does this look:

1 Repulsive class Grand Cruiser (230), 45cm dorsal lance (10) Chaos Warmaster (50)

1 Hades class Heavy Cruiser (200), Chaos Lord (50)

1 Hades class Heavy Cruiser (200)

2 Carnage class cruisers (180 each)

2 Devestation class cruisers (190 each)

That comes to 1480, maybe give one of the chaos lords the Mark of Khorne, or replace the upgraded lances with a re-roll?

25-12-2005, 21:53
If you pay 15 points and put the Repulsive on a large base, you can give it a third shield (I forget what book that addendum is in). Well worth it IMO.

The rest looks fine to me.

Strictly Commercial
26-12-2005, 07:10
1500 points is probably the best goal for point value simply because that's the value upon which most campaigns are built. I agree with the suggestion to avoid escorts as well. They have a bad track record for most players and will cause a large number of blast markers to impede your own ships. Cruisers and Battleships and anything large is the best bet, although there is a maneuverability advantage to smaller craft (however slight the advantage it is there).

A few big ships will be easy to paint and a blackstone or planet killer for big games will probably suffice. One thing to keep in mind with gothic is that leadership, speed, and maneuverability are equal in importance to firepower and numbers of hits, so advantages there are not to be disregarded. In fact, when you become a more experienced admiral, you will be able to get more mileage out of those things than out of big guns. Try to keep that in mind, good luck, happy painting, and godspeed.

29-12-2005, 17:08
I'll bear that 3 sheild thing in mind.

For expanding to 2000, I think I'm gonna try to add in another Repulsive and some more Devestators.

I don't have the boxset yet (I'm getting it sometime in the holidays). Can someone tell me how you know how wide Torpedo bases should be, depending upon the S of them? I've been playing a couple of practise games proxying some of my LatD as ships.

30-12-2005, 18:37
Personally I would say that the Desolator Class Battleship is a better bet than the Repulsive. the Repulsive is slower than the rest of your fleet and will either get left behind or slow down your cruisers. I have a pair of Relpulsives and although they are quite cost efficient, they've never really done anything of note whenever I've used them. The Desolator is a support ship, providing Long range Lance support to your Gun line and I often find my opponents waste a good deal of fire power on it. It's as tough as any Battleship out there and the more fire it catches the better because as any Chaos Admiral will tell you, it's the crusisers that do the work.

Also, I would recommend the Acheron over the Hades every time with your fleet. The disposition of the Weapons of the Hades is inefficient when the rest of your Fleet majors on broadside Firepower. The Acheron is a touch cheaper and it's weapons have more synergy with the rest of your cruisers.

Finally, I'd put that lord on one of your Devestations, not on a Hades, and give them both the Mark of Tzeentch. You need the boosted Ld to keep churning out fighters.

I think you should take at least some Escorts. The Iconoclast is a handy and cheap gun boat for screening your fleet, so I would take a couple of Squadrons of three or four. I also run an Infidel squadron (the Torpedo boat) and use it them to mug stragglers or break up formations. I wouldn't bother with the Idolator as it's expensive for it's capabilities, although it is a very capable escort hunter.

For expanding the fleet, I'd recommand a pair of Slaughters. They should always work together as they can get isolated easily thanks to their superior speed, but they are just brutal and are deadly Light Cruiser Hunters (in fact they can even take on Battleships, not that I'd recommend this in general).

02-01-2006, 21:55
Torpedo Escorts can be used as a cheap anti-fighter screen if you're opponent tends to load up on ordnance. Keeping them apart and firing a bunch of STR 2 salvos at his fighters is a good way to make an opening for your bomber waves.

But Chaos is already very fast, and they have cheaper cruisers that every one else so they don't really need to invest in escorts like Imperials do.

Spamus Eatus
13-01-2006, 21:50
I'm not a big escort fan myself, but they have proven handy sometimes. I think it's just an attitude thing with them.

I'm also a BIG fan of the Desolator Battleship. Yes, it's a tad undergunned, but it happens to be the fastest, cheapest battleship in the game. 25cm speed means it can keep pace with the rest of the fleet. I like pairing it up with a squadron of Murders. It is excellent for delivering the killing blow to an enemy with locked on, 60cm lances + batteries. A st9 torpedo volley can be a surprise to the unwary as well.

If you take Repulsives, be careful. I take the third shield option as well as the extended lances. This puts it at 255 pts. This is kind of expensive. Also, with 20cm speed, it can lag behind the fleet. Mine also tends to get nova cannoned with depressing regularity. This is due to having a big base + 3 shields. HOWEVER, it can bring an impressive amount of firepower to a fight. Your call really. I use it alot because it's groovy.

13-01-2006, 22:45
actually i would recommend a pair of slaughters for 165 pts each rather than the pair of Hades
the total 70 pts save can be used elsewhere, add in the 50 for the chaos lord and you have an escort squadron
the devastations are excellent attaack carriers
and the carnages provide ranged attack
the slaughters will provide you the spearhead for your close in attack