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19-05-2009, 07:54
I got bored today and decided I'd make an army that uses my favorite units in war hammer, big gribbly monsters. The list is meant for a casual environment with my group of friends. I know the first thing most people will say is that the army is anything but friendly, but it's a pretty typical list for my friends and I. We all like to build powerful armies and enjoy the challenge of seeing who comes out on top.

Without any further ado, the army:

Dreadlord- 564pts
Black Dragon
Sea Dragon Cloak
Death Piercer
Armor of Eternal Servitude
Pendant of Khaeleth

Master- 330pts
Crimson Death
Armor of Darkness

Dark Riders x5- 92pts

Dark Riders x5- 92pts

Dark Riders x5-92pts

Harpies x5- 55pts

Harpies x5- 55pts

Cold One Knights x5- 200pts
Full Command
Banner of Murder

Cold One Knights x5- 235pts
Full Command
Ring of Hotek
Standard of Slaughter

Shades x5- 90pts
Great Weapons

Shades x5- 90pts
Great Weapons

Hydra- 175pts

Hydra- 175Pts

That is the army as I have of now. I've got a little over 100 points to play around with and I'm wondering where to spend them. Another unit of dark riders comes to mind, or a pair of harpy units to help with war machine hunting.

So, this is the part where all of you come in. I'd love some opinions on what to spend the remaining points on and how to improve the list in general. Thanks.

19-05-2009, 11:43
Nice! Would look great on the battlefield! The harpies are the right pick imho.

Don't think this list would be great fun with my BoC though......

I'd still play it, I just think setting up would take longer than the game!!

19-05-2009, 16:30
Now that's just plain wrong...

That army is downright evil.
With the extra 100pts however, i'd suggest a lv1 sorc, try and give her as many dispel scrolls as you can fit (personally i'd say drop the RxBs from the dark riders, they never do much, and charging in with WS4 hatred S4 on flanks is more useful). Do the CoK really need full command by the way? I'd say at least one unit could drop
musician and champion to get Banner of Murder, for 1pt more. WS5 Hatred S6 Armour Piercing attacks really hurt. Or you could try dropping another 10pts to get Banner of Slaughter.

19-05-2009, 19:51
Ddddddddd do the monster mash!

scroll caddy is 150 for De though!

20-05-2009, 04:45
Thanks for the tips! I like quite a few of the suggestions, especially banner of murder on CoK, makes them real heavy cavalry shredders. I'll revise the list and post it again when I'm finished with it.

20-05-2009, 05:14
Drop the xbows, use the spare points for a scroll caddy maybe.

20-05-2009, 05:50
Okay, I've edited the list in the first post to account for the advice given. Dropped the RxB from the dark riders and used the points to add in the banner of murder and standard of slaughter for the CoK units. Also used two harpy units to fill in the remaining points. Alternatively, I could drop the harpies and standard of slaughter for a scroll caddy. This will probably be the final version of the army, thoughts?

20-05-2009, 06:07
Don't need the sea dragon cloak on the dreadlord, remove one squad of shades and one harpies to get lvl 1 sorc with 2 scrolls. See if you get her to lvl 2 for more spells - maybe the champ and mus on the COK without ring? Otheriwse, i would say that it is very comepetitive

22-05-2009, 06:19
50 models at 2250 pts?

Really... wow... just wow.

This is definitely a power game list. You'd be blatantly banned from playing in my group of friends with this list. Rule of thumb is you need core (with rank and file type troops)..
Which brings me to the next point.. You have no Static Res for ANY of your troop choices. This list will fall short against armies that can stick it.. Meaning Dwarves or Brets.. They can stick with your charge and wear you down after the fact. You'll be losing combats left and right. Except of course on your charge where you should win.. but by only a few... With a bsb they can stick it out then you are in trouble. That's my toughts on it.

22-05-2009, 06:54
So your friends don't appreciate a challenge? That's fine, mine do.

As far as static res being an issue, I don't need any. The sheer maneuverability of a list like this means I can pick and choose my charges as I please. It's pretty easy to throw two or three of my units at a single enemy unit at a time to negate any rank bonus they might have or possibly even out number them thanks to the high unit strength of cavalry. Not to mention that four terror causers on the board can make a mockery of the best enemy battle line with a failed check or two.

In short, if you think a lack of static res is going to slow this army down, you've more than likely missed it's point entirely

23-05-2009, 07:40
The point is this is a cheese list. It's like the 17 chariot list for Beastmen. It's like an Empire Army with 2 Stanks, 4 cannons, Karl Franz, and rest all knights. These armies are just not any fun to play against. And yes, you'd be a goner vs. Undead. Spam cast the 3+ raise dead with 17 PD on one die at a time.. So much for your Ring of Hotek under those circumstances. So, you kill 30 zombies every turn.. who cares. He'll raise 60 next magic phase without a miscast. Now your army is tarpitted and vulnerable to his units that can do harm. Oh.. yeah and those 4 terror causers.. so so so scarry to the ITP undead. Wow, that was a real challenge to figure out how to beat this list. It took me all of about 1 minute to figure it out. And you may be hitting zombies on a 4+... Yes, you get hatred first round but after that you're missing 1/2 the time.

Really the point is that, my group despises power list... If you don't come with a "balanced" list then you're a goner. We may have as a once a year thing - list for which you have made. But it's really a prankster list and we see what the sickest list you can make. Daemons now take the cake in that department. So.. back to you my friend.