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25-12-2005, 05:33
Well, one of da yoofs asked for a taste of the 2ed Orky goodness, so I decided to start this thread for those who want to see old style Orky gear in 4ed.
I want to post a description of each old item that had random amusement to it and a suggested re-write for this edition.
Using Achilles' suggestion, the standard misfire rule for Ork gunz is: When these weapons roll a 1 to hit, roll on the following chart:
4-6: jam - the weapon fails to fire and the Ork spends the round clearing the barrel(s).
2-3: misfire - the weapon fires badly, resolve its attack on the firing unit.
1: self-destruct - the weapon explodes, resolve its attack on the firing model, and the weapon is removed from the game.

25-12-2005, 05:45
All jump packs scattered a little in 2ed, but Orky packs scattered a lot. Because of the dice they used for distance, there was also the chance that something had gone wrong with their packs. A misfire roll resulted in packs exploding, driving into the ground instead of landing, and failing to shut off (the poor boy flew far away from the battle).

In 4ed, add the following rule to Stormboyz -
Unreliable Rockets: when the mob uses their jump packs, roll the scatter dice and a D3 after landing. Move the unit the that number of inches in the distance indicated. If a HIT is rolled on the scatter dice you may pick the direction, but one of the packs has malfunctioned. Remove one model from the unit as a casualty.

25-12-2005, 06:22
Kustom Kombi-Weapons were the most Orky of all gunz. The wildest creations of mekboyz, these weapons were a bunch of modified ork gunz bolted/welded/taped together. They had a random range, a random strength, and (of course) a chance of blowing up in their owners' hands. Who doesn't want such a great toy?

In 4ed they could look something like this -
Range =*, Str =*, AP =*, type = heavy 1, misfire
KKWs must roll over the distance to the target divided by 10 to hit (1-19" is 2+, 20-29" is 3+...). For each hit, roll on the following chart to determine the shot's effect.

6: Rokkit - S8, AP3
5: Mega-Blast - S7, AP2, Blast
4: Tankbusta Shell - S6, AP4, 6 + d6x2 AP
3: Skorcha burst - S5, AP4, Blast
2: Big Shoota Round - S5, AP5
1: Frag Stikkbomb - S3, AP6, Blast

25-12-2005, 20:51
I'm loving these, though the KKW would need to be priced pretty highly for an Ork gun that hits on a 2+...one idea might be that for the stikbom shot, if the ork assaults then he counts as having frag stikbomz for that turn. I'd also say assault 1 would be better, I don't see many ork weapons as being heavy, especially one that would most likely be lugged around by a Warboss, who would be heading right for the enemies lines.

Another idea for the storm boyz is that if you roll a "malfunction", then the unfortunate boy scatters D6", and if any squad gets in his way they take D3 st3 hits. It might slow the game down a bit, but it could add some intresting flavor to the unit. Its not likely to do much damage, but imagine the hilarity when a terminator falls to an out-of-control ork strapped to an oversized firework!

Shokk Atak Gunz now, please!

26-12-2005, 02:21
3+ large gunz stuck together is a heavy weapon for even an Ork! This also counteracts it's ability to hit easily at shorter ranges. KKWs weren't available to warbosses, and are more for the less CC-oriented klans.

Scattering and exploding was on the old chart, but these rules are meant to be as simple as possible while retaining their Orkyness. Feel free to modify anything you want, I'm shooting for quick-playing yet unreliable.

26-12-2005, 02:41
Shokk attack gunz were actually a small wormhole generator for the Orks. While no Ork or grot would willingly travel through a warp-tunnel, they tricked foolish little snotlings (smaller, dumber cousins of the gretchin) into running through the portal.
Such a trip drove them out of their tiny minds and into a rabid frenzy. Also, there was a chance that some of the snotlings would materialize inside of people/equipment/vehicle parts…
There is literally a page full of tables in the 2ed ‘dex on what happens to which models when hit by this gun.

A shock attack gun could become a squiggyporta, and be something like:
Range = 48, Str = 4, AP = -, Special = Blast, Rending.
The Squiggyporta is fired in the same manner as ordinance. If a 6 is rolled for the distance, it misfires instead. Roll on the misfire chart. When the Squiggyporta hits a vehicle, it inflicts 1 automatic glancing hit instead of rolling to penetrate the armor.
To really get the feel of this weapon, the Ork player would have to buy bases of “squigs” as ammo, and would be able to send more than 1 base through in a round. Each base would cause 1 hit on every model under the template. “Squig” bases would have stats like –
WS =1, BS=0, S=1, T=1, W=3, I=3, A=3, LD=3, SV = -
SPECIAL: Swarms, Immune to Instant Death (a base is like 6 of ‘em), Gretchin Mobs (use the same rules for mobs that fail a morale check)

26-12-2005, 06:57
4ed Feral Ork madboyz are a poor recreation of the 2ed fun (not to mention unbalanced, badly pointed…)

A more accurate port of madboyz would be –
0-1 Madboyz mob as Troops choice, cost 11 pts per model, stats as slugga boyz, armed with slugga and choppa OR shoota (may mix in the unit).
No Independent Characters may join this unit, and madboyz may never be involved in mobbing up.
Madness – The mob begins play with one Mad behavior from the Mad Behavior table. Roll 1d6 to determine the initial madness. On each Ork turn, roll 2d6. If the result is a double, change to the corresponding behavior. When madboyz rally, they roll a new behavior (1D6).

1: Terror – must pass a LD test to assault an enemy unit.
2: Confusion – must pass a LD test to move or shoot, but not to assault
3: Favored Enemy (opposing army)
4: Fearless
5: Furious Charge
6: Blood Rage – Fearless and make attacks at +1 Strength

26-12-2005, 19:02
I notice that none of these rules make orks any more competitive, and quite a few of them hamstring us even more than we already are...

I guess "ork humor" must mean orks getting blown up by their own ****... "my tank explodes, catching 9 of your orks in the blast, killing them... haha"

How about more "red paint job" type rules? Like amusing and effective psychic powers? Or the above madboy powers, but a little bit cheaper?

26-12-2005, 21:02
I hate to say this, but these rules aren't meant to make Orks more competitive. They are, imo, translations of 2ed Ork rules to 4ed for players who want the unpredictable feel of the Orks back. I'm literally opening up my 2ed Ork Codex and trying to offer a fair recreation of the random stuff in 4ed rules.
As far as hamstringing the Orks and poor Ork humor goes, the dice must HATE you for these rules to seem like just ways for Orks to blow themselves up. Most of the time these things should work moderately-very well.
Orky jump packs have as much chance of moving you closer as they do away, KKWs almost always hit at closer ranges and usually hit pretty well, the Shokk Attack Gun usually hits and has a chance of killing most things, and madboyz are going to have a beneficial madness 2/3 of the time.
That said, I'm thinking of giving a proper version of Wierdboyz and Warpheadz soon. Fair warning, they were random in 2ed too.

Zark the Damned
27-12-2005, 23:32
I like where you're going with these, IncubiLord. Mind if I join in?

Bioniks - In the original Ork books (In RT days) you could buy Bioniks for Ork characters. You didn't know what the Bioniks were, however, you just spent some points for a roll on the 'bioniks chart'. This varied from useful stuff like a Respirator Mouth or Steel Skull (which had a %chance of unlocking letent psychic powers!) to bad stuff like Hook Hands and Lobotomies.

Now, I'm not saying to go back to those days, but I'd love to see more variety with Ork Bioniks instead of just the Bionik Arm, Bionik Bonce and Cybork Body.

So here's some possible new Bionik Bitz!

Super Delux Kicking Legs
The Ork gains the ability to make an additional attack at it's base strength, hitting at it's normal initiative (regardless of bonus for power of the waagh or if it's using a power claw

Fungus Brew Injector
The Ork has a big red button. When pressed, this button injects the Ork with a cocktail of drugs which increase it's aggressive urges. (treat this like Dark Eldar combat drugs but limit the available selection of options).

Force Field Head
The Ork has a miniature force field generator built into his skull. Whenever the Ork is hit with a shooting attack, roll a D6. On a 2-6, reduce the strength of the shot by that much. On a 1, the Force Field has a power surge! The shot is stopped altogether, but the Ork takes an automatic wound (no saves allowed) from the hypervolts shooting through it's brain.

28-12-2005, 00:35
By all means, join the party!
It's a bit of a nostalgia thread for me, opening the old book and trying to tell "da yoofs" how it was back in "da gud dayz." (in current terms)
Since the FB Injector is only one button, I'd make it either a random drug or a set batch though...

Zark the Damned
28-12-2005, 15:23
Yeah, set batch is probably best. Have it 'programmed' at the start of the game with 3 results. E.g. 1: +1A. 2: +1WS. 3: +1S. You can choose whether to use 1,2 or 3 results (it depends on how many times the Ork slams the button!) but they always go in the same order.

More fun: Explosive Cranium
The Ork has a Bionik Head. With a massive bomb inside! When the Ork dies, the bomb explodes. This explosion counts as a Strength 5 weapon with the small blast template, centered on the Ork.