View Full Version : new we army idea/questions

20-05-2009, 07:42
This is an army I am thinking of making, what do you guys think? Will it be competative at all?

lvl 4 mage with the re-roll dispell wand, moonstone of hidden ways

branchwraith with the extra dispel dice

level 2 caster with the "cast treesinging as many times" and either a scroll or maybe powerstone (if points permit)

noble as either bsb for a eternal guard unit and the regen armor or alter with gw and stuff


2 or 3 units of glade guard of 10 or 12 points permitting

1 unit for sure of glade riders (2 if I don't take wild riders or if I have the points)

1 unit of dryads 8-12 depending on points


1 unit of 3 warhawk riders-I love the idea of these guys and they seem really fun, plus they seem like good mage hunters.

1 unit of 8 wardancers with champ

unsure of if I want EG or another unit of wardancers and a unit of wild riders, so maybe some advice with this. I really like the idea of a big eg unit so *shrug*


6-7 waywatchers

eagle or more way watchers.

So I normally play TK, I do really well with them but I kind of like the idea of having an army that can march (lol) and is fast and shooty =D. My tk list is usually really shooty and solid in CC too but I think woodelves can be really fun with that too-I like the idea of being able to avoid combat, redirect charges of enemies with fancy fleeing fast cav and so on. With TK its pretty much shoot and play "come and get me" and can be kinda, droll!

So any advice on how to make this kind of army work? Or if its too magic heavy? what would make this type of army work and what would be a big problem?