View Full Version : White Dwarf gift?

Brother Muninn
25-12-2005, 17:04
My folks got me a subscription for White Dwarf for Christmas, which is fantastic.

My mom mentioned that the service guy offered to send one of a number of gifts along with the first issue, but she can't remember any of the things the guy said. He said it was compatible with 40k, but that doesn't exactly narrow it down.

What were the gifts they were offering this season?


25-12-2005, 19:01
I have no idea what it could be but it might help if you posted what version of the WD you're reading (UK, German, Italian, .....)?

25-12-2005, 19:14
In Canada it was a BT Captain, if memory serves.

Brother Muninn
25-12-2005, 19:23
US White Dwarf

They were doing a promotional where you get upwards of a $20 gift.

I had three armies on my wish list, so one of them must've fit. Space Marines, Tau, & Tyranids

25-12-2005, 21:40
Wow I've had a subscription for like 4 years now and I never got any gifts, I guess I should just buy a new subscription every christmas rather than renew my old one.

25-12-2005, 21:45
Sadly GW has it backwards in their heads (compared to normal business operations) and they treat new customers better than existing ones.:(

25-12-2005, 21:48
Actually, it's not a Christmas thing, the offer has been going on for some time.

For the US, it's a random gift, you give three armies as a suggestion, and they try to give you something that will be useful. Doesn't always work out though, from what I've heard.

I ordered my subscription about a month ago, online. I believe I sent them Space Marines, Tau, and Grey Knights or something, and specifically asked for a HQ of some kind, as I don't have one yet.

I was surprised to recieve my copy of WD a couple days ago, still havn't gotten the gift.

26-12-2005, 04:28
It was for re-subscribing also. Even got my $5 dollars off to re-sub. Havent gotten the gift yet, but I found out that they are trying to get rid of old stock. They werent offering some of the newer armies. I went with SM's, BFG (Necron or Imperial), and Warmaster (Chaos).